Limited Offers

Available Level Cost Detail tab
Industrial Iron Mine 24+ Gems x 1095 This ultra-modern building is very efficient, and allows one single worker to extract all ore from the deposit in short time.
Stones x 100
1+ Gems x 37 High quality stones. Carved from a rock solid mountain with diligence and affection.
Pinewood x 100
1+ Gems x 14 The last whirlwind that swept over the land destroyed nearly all the woodcutter huts in your land, but this smart salesman has made a virtue of necessity and now sells the ruined huts as high quality pinewood for low budgets.
Copper Ore
Copper Ore x 500
9+ Gems x 47 This copper is sold as a heap of tiny pellets. It looks like the seller painstakingly picked it out of our mines’ waste.
Loose Sheets
Simple Paper x 100
14+ Gems x 42 A good book can start with just a few rough scribbles on a napkin. To ensure your creatives always have said napkin on them, you should provide them with some Simple Paper.
Arabian Palace 5+ Gems x 9990 A glorious Arabian-style palace with both golden and colorful domes. Its many luxurious towers can house a small village’s worth of settlers.
Bronze Swords
Bronze Swords x 4000
14+ Gems x 95 The perfect weapons for new recruits. While useful in combat, these swords are designed to help their wielders adjust to the weight of a blade before transitioning to more powerful ones.
Brew x 100
13+ Gems x 19 One of your farmers prides himself on having the most fertile wheatfields. All these years he has been ridiculed by his neighbors, but this year he was either lucky or — finally — right. He’s offering a huge amount of his finest brew for sale.
Mercenary Recruits 26+ Gems x 99 Some of them look a bit old and thin. But as long as they can fight… Who cares?
Construction Pack 1
Pinewood Planks x 200
Stones x 200
Tools x 100
1+ Gems x 165 Lacking resources to construct or upgrade an important building? This bundle includes enough resources to construct almost any basic or intermediate building.
Watermill 10+ Gems x 355 This is the construction plan for a new, experimental building, which magically produces unlimited water. The inventor is being accused of witchcraft.
Firewood Stash
Pinewood x 500
1+ Gems x 70 Do you need a lot of pinewood quickly? This large stash was intended as firewood for next winter, but the sheer quantity of it will allow you to use it for any purpose.
Coal x 100
10+ Gems x 30 Because of its usefulness, some people even call it «Black gold». Nearly every weapon needs this resource for production. With this pile of coal your weaponsmiths will never, ever stand still…
Well-worn Volumes
Intermediate Paper x 100
22+ Gems x 160 Not all books turn out to be worth keeping. Sometimes it makes sense just to wipe the slate clean and start over. And frankly, did you ever finish that 1000-pager?
The Frozen Manor 5+ Gems x 4750 This elegant mansion is encased in eternal snow and ice, but no one knows why. It has plenty of room for settlers who don’t mind the cold.
Iron Swords
Iron Swords x 2100
21+ Gems x 295 Basic swords, the likes of which are generally handed out to militia in times of need. They can be efficiently wielded with little to no training.
Brew Barrel
Brew x 500
13+ Gems x 95 What better way to motivate eager young men to join your glorious army? A shiny barrel of the most delicious brew in the whole kingdom.
Mercenary Bowmen 26+ Gems x 119 Is your army lacking in the archery department? These bowmen will agree to help you out for a little while — for a little pay, of course.
Construction Pack 2
Hardwood Planks x 600
Marble x 400
Tools x 400
14+ Gems x 695 Are you ready to move on to more expensive building projects? This bundle includes plenty of important resources for advanced construction projects.
Village School Gems x 300 The village school is filled with the very best teachers, who’ll teach the kids how to become fine settlers.
Landslide Leftovers
Stones x 500
1+ Gems x 185 Not long ago, a horrible earthquake brought fear and trepidation to all your inhabitants. Maybe you could still look for the silver lining in this act of God.
Marble x 100
14+ Gems x 62 White and shimmering. High class marble blocks, ready for transport to your storage.
Pinewood Planks x 100
1+ Gems x 32 Essential for the ambitious builder — a bountiful package of handy planks.
Coal x 500
10+ Gems x 150 While working in one of your woods, a woodcutter has fallen into a hole and found a lot of coal in there. Now he’s selling the coal for a small finder’s reward and enough to offset his pain and suffering.
Tidy Staples
Advanced Paper x 100
37+ Gems x 345 Finally the complaints of your scribes have been heard — here’s some paper that doesn’t irritate your palm when writing. In fact it’s so comfortable that many have been found face down asleep on it.
Nord Residence 5+ Gems x 4750 A classic residence of the nords.
Steel Swords
Steel Swords x 1800
27+ Gems x 495 Standard-issue military swords. Forged from high-quality steel, these reliable blades will please every soldier trained in their use.
Water Barrel
Water x 500
14+ Gems x 14 It may not look like much, but on an island like this, it’s hard to find large quantities of fresh water, yet easy to find plenty of uses for it.
Mercenary Militia 26+ Gems x 199 If you need an urgent supply of well equipped units, these militia seem be perfect for you. Not particularly cheap, but reliable.
Food and Drink
Brew x 250
Bread x 250
13+ Gems x 245 Only the best for your settlers! Our bakers and brewers prepared this pack for you — brew for your soldiers, and bread to make sandwiches for your workers.
Improved Watermill 10+ Gems x 790 Whether by witchcraft or science, the engineer behind the watermill has managed to enhance his already impressive invention.
It still generates water from nothing, but is even more efficient than the original.
Marble x 500
14+ Gems x 310 A shady guy is selling a huge amount of marble in a side street of the market. Do not ask him where he got it from. There is talk that the nearby mason and his crew are missing some marble.
Old Wooden Floor
Pinewood Planks x 500
1+ Gems x 160 After the refurbishment of all your residences, the good old wooden floor was replaced by a stone floor. So now there’s a huge amount of planks in good merchantable quality and condition looking for a new owner. Can you find them a new home?
Iron Ore
Iron Ore x 500
20+ Gems x 145 An overseas mining company is selling large amounts of iron ore. You’ve never heard of them before, but they appear to be professional and trustworthy.
Nib x 100
14+ Gems x 100 For extensive writing exercises you will need a fair amount of these. Don’t be stingy here — developed handwriting requires some effort. And remember to keep your wrist relaxed.
Angel Gate 1+ Gems x 4750 This massive monument, in the shape of a gate, is adorned by a huge angel statue. The pretty park surrounding it looks ever so inviting.
Damascene Swords
Damascene Sword x 430
41+ Gems x 695 These swords are not made from ordinary titanium, but from titanium-based Damascus steel. Its tell-tale flowing patterns show both the sword’s beauty, and its incredible durability and sharpness.
Fish Basket
Fish x 100
7+ Gems x 14 Finest fish from Lutetia. You can smell them a mile away. Which doesn’t mean the fish is stale, seriously! Just keep in mind that you cannot return the fish once you have bought them.
Mercenary Cavalry 26+ Gems x 129 This band of mercenary cavalry is well known for their swift attacks on unsuspecting targets. Hiring them may help you take down key opponents before they can retaliate.
Exotic Fruit Basket 1+ Gems x 49 This basket is filled with the most exotic fruit from all over the world. You can marvel at the numerous different tastes, and forget all your stress. With this fruit your workers just can’t stop working.
Silo 13+ Gems x 300 A lazy settler, who doesn’t want to build wheat fields anymore, has had a great idea. He’ll build a silo, which collects surplus grain and uses it to refill the wheat fields.
Granite x 500
19+ Gems x 497 The stone of the upper class has made its way onto your market stalls. Hard, precious and very rare. But this blank-faced companion seems not to know about the real worth of this resource.
Hardwood x 100
14+ Gems x 32 A storm has hit your island and demolished some trees. The forester has collected the branches and given them to the local merchant.
Gold Ore
Gold Ore x 500
24+ Gems x 245 A pirate crew wants to sell you a «treasure of gold». When you open one of the chests to reveal gold ore instead of the expected coins, they just shrug.
Printing Press Letter x 100
22+ Gems x 270 For all who want to produce serial pamphlets rather than fancy poetry books. No time for squiggly scrawling — here’s how you can produce those piles of documents before tonight’s deadline.
Witch Tower 5+ Gems x 2450 Two gargoyles loom over the entrance to this creepy tower. Perhaps one of its many inhabitants might actually be a proper witch!
Bows x 4400
17+ Gems x 195 A rack of most-basic bows. While not exactly easy to use, inexperienced bowmen are advised to learn how to use these before moving up to a longbow.
Catch of the Day
Fish x 500
7+ Gems x 70 Today’s complete haul from a large fishing vessel. Who cares about fancy Lutetia when regional fish tastes twice as good — and only smells half as strong?
Mercenary Longbowmen 26+ Gems x 175 Mercenary longbowmen available for hire! Consider contracting them if you want to dish out more damage in combat.
Improved Silo 13+ Gems x 655 Have you always wanted a way to refill your wheat fields more effectively? Then your wish just came true! This new silo refills your fields in the blink of an eye!
Grout x 200
1+ Gems x 300 Grout is our masons’ latest invention. It helps make our buildings’ structure more solid, and allows us to upgrade them to higher levels.
Fresh Hardwood
Hardwood x 500
14+ Gems x 160 On an island next to yours a new settlement is going to be built. The settlers have to deforest the area and you can buy the resulting wood now.
Deck of Titanium
Titanium Ore x 500
33+ Gems x 245 This deck of titanium shines bright as the sun and would look very good in your storehouse.
Book Finish
Book Fitting x 100
37+ Gems x 440 Of course nobody judges a book by its cover, but there’s no denying that a nicely decorated book just looks so much more intellectual. This bag of ornaments will greatly help you make your eternal wisdom look even wiser.
Hospitable Bone Church 5+ Gems x 2450 A residence fashioned after a church-like place of ritual of a dark cult. The rough walls and peculiar colors give off an ominous vibe.
Longbows x 2600
25+ Gems x 295 These exquisite longbows outperform generic bows in both range and penetrating power. While archers need special training to properly use them, they are well worth the effort.
Bread x 500
16+ Gems x 99 A lot of bakers put a lot of effort into making a lot of bread. They’d appreciate your patronage a lot, too.
Mercenary Soldiers 27+ Gems x 345 The frontlines can be such a busy place — good thing there are these supportive fellows. Alleviate a stressful workday by renting some helping iron-gloved hands.
Fish Farm 6+ Gems x 335 The home of a passionate and nature-loving fisherman who loves to fish, but takes great care not to over-fish the wild stocks. He’s known for his great knowledge of how to breed fish in large numbers.
Hardwood Planks
Hardwood Planks x 100
14+ Gems x 50 Higher class building materials in one convenient package. Weighs nearly nothing and can be transported to a storehouse near you immediately.
Saltpeter x 500
47+ Gems x 745 This supply of saltpeter was artificially created by distinguished alchemists. You have very high expectations for its purity, and the samples do not disappoint.
Jungle Residence 5+ Gems x 2450 Increases the population limit.
Crossbows x 520
36+ Gems x 995 Crossbows are both powerful and easy to use compared to traditional bows. Being slow to reload however, crossbowmen still need to bring a lot of expertise with them, because every shot counts.
Sausages x 100
14+ Gems x 75 A diligent settler has cooked some sausages for your busy workers. In return, she asks only for a little money to pay for the source materials.
Mercenary Crossbowmen 36+ Gems x 899 A rowdy bunch of mercenaries shares a hearty chuckle at the bows and longbows your troops are equipped with. They offer you a good deal on contracting some crossbowmen to demonstrate their power.
Recycling Manufactory Gems x 395 This new building is really amazing. Here, wood leftovers can rapidly be processed into coal, giving you an inexhaustible coal supply.
Hardwood Planks
Hardwood Planks x 500
14+ Gems x 250 A settler has overestimated the building materials needed for his residence and has a lot of hardwood planks left over. He’d like to sell them as quickly as possible.
Platinum Ore
Platinum Ore x 500
54+ Gems x 397 Platinum is a very rare metal. It can only be obtained in an exotic area.
Arabian Residence 5+ Gems x 2450 Increases the population limit.
Horse x 5500
23+ Gems x 95 These strong and swift horses are trained to endure the sights, sounds and smells of battle. Since they are not bread for endurance however, cavaliers rely on rotating multiple horses for training and battle.
Sausage Chain
Sausages x 500
14+ Gems x 375 500 delicious sausages in one insanely long chain! Just think of all the buffs these could be used for!
Mercenary Elite Soldiers 41+ Gems x 745 These guys sure look tough! Better yet, despite being mercenaries, they will loyally protect your personal troops with their lives.
Improved Storehouse 5+ Gems x 245 Are your storehouses full to bursting point? Are you struggling to find somewhere to put all your resources?
Then you probably need the improved storehouse! It provides three times the space of a normal storehouse.
Exotic Wood
Exotic Wood x 500
19+ Gems x 247 This rare and exotic wood puts the cat among the pigeons at the weekly farmer’s market. All visitors want to sneak a peak at this strange looking building material. Fortunately, you are the only one amongst the masses who has the necessary wealth for this rare resource…
Oasis Residence 5+ Gems x 1950 Increases the population limit.
Cannons x 180
48+ Gems x 995 Defeat bandits and other evildoers with a bang! These cannons sure pack a punch. While they’re unwieldy and slow, good cannoneers can wipe out entire armies with just a few shots.
Golden Wheat
Wheat x 500
13+ Gems x 49 Carts full of wheat, waiting to be made into the best brew and bread. They glisten golden in the sun.
Mercenary Cannoneers 48+ Gems x 999 Trained cannoneer crews for hire. Their cannons are easily the most destructive weapons among standard troops.
Noble Residence Deed 5+ Gems x 47 A large residence, offering all the comfort and luxury a noble expects. Furthermore, this residence is very spacious, so a lot of people can live here.
Exotic Wood Planks
Exotic Wood Planks x 500
19+ Gems x 397 A merchant from a far away country wants to sell you exotic wood planks. They are very rare and will allow you to construct high-quality buildings.
Arabian Tower 5+ Gems x 1450 Increases the population limit.
Platinum Swords
Platinum Sword x 370
54+ Gems x 595 Considering the rarity of platinum, it comes as no surprise that only the best swords for the most elite swordsmen are forged from it. Their durability is outstanding, and a single sword will not blunt for a lifetime.
Flour x 500
16+ Gems x 72 A good dozen sacks of wheat flour. As fine and pure as it seems to be, you cannot wait to try whatever amazing bread your bakers will make from it!
Mercenary Swordsmen 54+ Gems x 245 You inspect a group of mercenary swordsmen. They look ordinary on first glance, but you quickly realize that they are trained and equipped exceptionally well.
10 Building Licenses Gems x 325 Ten blank building licenses, direct from the high court of the royal palace. These will allow you to construct even more buildings in your marvelous city.
Mahogany Wood
Mahogany Wood x 500
52+ Gems x 397 This unique wood is very robust. Perfectly suitable for building solid constructions that need to stand the test of time.
Dark Castle 5+ Gems x 995 A sinister but grand castle. While it looks scary from the outside, future inhabitants will be surprised by the comfortable interior.
Battle Horses
Battle Horse x 570
55+ Gems x 495 Bred and trained for combat, these battle horses are more comrades than mounts. Platinum barding offers them additional protection to help riders form a lasting bond with their horses.
Meat x 500
22+ Gems x 199 A cook is selling cured meat from his storage. He has more than he can possibly put to use, and it’d be a shame to let quality ingredients go to waste…
Mercenary Knights 55+ Gems x 199 These mercenaries already impress you by staying in the saddles of their ferocious looking horses. After watching them spar, you feel even more compelled to contract them for a while.
Mahogany Planks
Mahogany Planks x 500
52+ Gems x 647 Ready-for-construction planks made of high-quality mahogany. Their durability and beauty make them perfect for any ambitious project.
White Castle 5+ Gems x 995 A replica of Sir Robin’s castle. Unlike the morality of the original’s lord, this keep’s magnificence and firmness are unquestionable.
Arquebuse x 530
56+ Gems x 995 The arquebuse is the pinnacle of ranged warfare! Almost like a hand-held cannon, its sheer power is immense. However, its high production cost and the unique training required to use and maintain it, limit its application to a select few elite marksmen.
Mercenary Marksmen 55+ Gems x 765 You can hear the sounds of the mercenaries’ arquebuses before you can even see their encampment’s training grounds. When you arrive, you find the targets riddled with holes.
White Teepee 5+ Gems x 995 Increases the population limit.
Mortar x 160
57+ Gems x 995 Mortars may be short-ranged and slow, but the explosive power of their projectiles easily outclasses traditional cannons. Because they are somewhat awkward to handle owing to their high arcs of fire, expert besiegers are in high demand.
Mercenary Mounted Swordsmen 48+ Gems x 375 The mercenaries’ armor glistens in the sun as does their horses’ barding. They look almost invincible to you.
Decorated White Teepee 5+ Gems x 995 Increases the population limit.
Mercenary Mounted Marksmen 56+ Gems x 899 While you watch these mounted marksman practice, you cannot help but wonder how well their horses must be trained to not shy from the loud noise. Indeed, as you watch on you confirm that that both riders and horses are at peak capacity.
Colorful Teepee 5+ Gems x 995 Increases the population limit.
Mercenary Armored Marksmen 56+ Gems x 999 These bold mercenaries brag about being adept both at taking out weak targets, and focusing down tough enemies. Will you contract them to see if they can back up their claims?
Decorated Colorful Teepee 5+ Gems x 995 Increases the population limit.
Mercenary Besiegers 57+ Gems x 999 Does your army need more offensive power? These besiegers’ mortars can demolish large targets or groups of enemies equally well. They are a little slow, however, so make sure to protect them until they are ready to fire.
Pirate Residence 5+ Gems x 995 Increases the population limit.
Angel Monument 1+ Gems x 290 A stone statue depicting an angel assisting a collapsed traveler. It forms the centerpiece of a small fenced plaza.
Horseman Statue 1+ Gems x 290 A tarnished bronze statue of a knight on his steed. Ready for battle, it looks like he’s guarding the little park that surrounds him.