Damascene Sword Damascene Sword

Detail tab: Damascene Sword Damascene Sword
Trade: Yes

Total production time

Titanium x 4 + Coal x 16 Damascene Sword x 1
32 m


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Damascene Swords
Damascene Sword x 430
Limited Offers
41+ Gems x 695 These swords are not made from ordinary titanium, but from titanium-based Damascus steel. Its tell-tale flowing patterns show both the sword’s beauty, and its incredible durability and sharpness.


Duration Cost Reward
Mountain ClimbingEffect +500% recruitment speed
Target Barracks
Duration 4 hours 24 h Brew x 21000
Damascene Sword x 250
Coins x 450
Mountain Climbing x 1
Damascene sword conversionConverts damascene swords into balloons. 1 m 40 s Damascene Sword x 40 Balloons x 40