Halloween Events 2017

17.10.2017 — The Halloween Event is here!

08.11.2017 — Last chance to visit the Halloween shop!

14.11.2017 — Completed

The Halloween Event is all about gathering pumpkins. There are many ways to get them, like through adventures, quests or collectibles.
The most common way is from the pumpkin cemetery (1). They can also be bought at the merchant, and come in many different sizes, with different rates of production. Previously, the amount of pumpkins you could get from a field was limited — but now the fields can be refilled! You can obtain refillers for pumpkins by participating in adventures. Keep in mind that if a pumpkin field runs out, it will wither and you will not be able to refill it anymore. So make sure you always keep the fields full of pumpkins, or stop production until you can refill them to avoid this! Please note that the omniseeds will NOT work on the pumpkin field.

Another way of collecting pumpkins is to defeat the golems that spawn on your zone. (2)

To defeat the golems, you’ll have to exploit their weaknesses. For that, you’ll have to produce buffs in your provision house. There is always one specific buff that’s effective against each golem type, and you can find out which one you need by selecting the monster with your mouse.

If you have some buffs left, you can use them to help your friends, or you can redeem them after the Event by using them on the Mayor’s house.

Having defeated your first monster, after a certain period of time, the monster will re-spawn and you can defeat it again. But beware, the more you defeat it, the stronger it will return! Also, based on your level, after defeating it five times, the monster will change type, becoming even stronger. Will you be able to defeat them all?

After gathering pumpkins (3) through adventures, monsters, collectibles, quests and trading, you can spend them on attractive items from the merchant (4). Besides a spooky looking general and some nice new buffs, you can also obtain rare buildings and decorations, not to mention the critically acclaimed «grout» resource with which you can upgrade your buildings to level 6!

So there you have it! Get ready for the best Halloween ever!

Note The following adventures can give you pumpkin refillers for your fields as reward
Split City in Summer, Split City in Fall, Return to the Bandit Nest, Horseback, The Lost Skull, Witch of the Swamp, The Dark Priests, Island of the Pirates, Sleeping Volcano, The Siege, Buccaneer Roundup, Traitors, Outlaws, Stealing from the Rich, Old Friends, Tropical Sun, Sleepy Reef, Lakeside Treasure, Bandit Nest, Gunpowder, Tikki island, Raiding the Raiders, Tomb Raiders, Sons of the Veld, The Nords, Surprise Attack, The Invasion of the Nords, Pirate Life, Bastille Island, Wild Mary, Mother Love, Arctic Explosion, More Secluded Experiments, Whirlwind, Victor the Vicious, Dark Brotherhood, The Black Knights, Secluded Experiments, Roaring Bull, The Valiant Little Tailor, The Clever Little Tailor, Sons of the Little Tailor, Heroic Little Tailor, Betrayed Little Tailor, Storm Recovery, Ali Baba the Young Woodcutter, Ali Baba and the first thief, Ali Baba and the second thief, Ali Baba and the third thief, Ali Baba and the treasure of knowledge, Ali Baba and the treasure of wisdom, Sindbad and the Besieged city, Sindbad and the sea snake, Aladdin and the Oil Lamp, Aladdin and the beautiful princess, and all colony maps.


Halloween Event

Available Level Cost Detail tab
Pumpkins x 50
1 + Gems x 60 This orange vegetable with a cheeky grin can only be harvested once a year. Get it now before they all sell out!
A Basket of Pumpkins
Pumpkins x 300
1 + Gems x 360 A woman farmer has collected a basket of pumpkins, but when one of them started to talk and said that the basket was uncomfortable, the woman decided she’d rather sell the lot as soon as possible! Do you want to buy them?
Halloween Surprise 10 + Gems x 195 A box containing various adventures like «The Nords» or «Island of the Pirates», epic raids like the «The Heroic Little Tailor» or even co-operative ones like «Tomb Raiders».
Small Pumpkin Cemetery 1 + Stones x 50
Pinewood Planks x 100
Everyone knows that pumpkins grow very well in cemeteries. This small one can be built quickly and cheaply, but it will be a long time before you can harvest the first pumpkins.
Common Pumpkin Cemetery 1 + Marble x 150
Hardwood Planks x 200
Everyone knows that pumpkins grow very well in cemeteries, so why not buy an eerily beautiful cemtery from your merchant?
Noble Pumpkin Cemetery 1 + Granite x 10
Exotic Wood Planks x 25
Everyone knows that pumpkins grow very well in cemeteries. This cemetery is built with the most expensive and high quality materials. This means that pumpkins grow much faster there than in common cemeteries.
Improved Bakery 16 + Pumpkins x 1250 Are your plain old bakeries struggling to keep up with your sandwich consumption? Well fear not, as science has the answer to this terrible problem!
This bakery is equipped with optimized ovens and extra-precise hourglasses.
Recipe Platinum Horseshoes 26 + Pumpkins x 795 A blacksmith has come up with a more durable design for horseshoes. While it will require valuable platinum, I’m sure your generals will appreciate the new, sturdier design on their more challenging adventures.
Recipe Efficient Traps 7 + Pumpkins x 560 A clever hunter came up with a new trap design. Not only is it stronger, but it selectively catches only full-grown game, which is less damaging to the island’s ecosystem.
Grim Reaper General 13 + Pumpkins x 1560 It is Halloween and the Grim Reaper is visiting you. He wants to make an offer he will lead your army, and in turn only wants a few pumpkins… and your soul.
Lord Dracul 13 + Pumpkins x 2450 The sinister nobleman introduces himself as Lord Dracul. Thirsty for… battle, he is willing to lead your troops. It seems he does not care for which side he fights; some pumpkins will be all it takes to bring him to you.
Conscientious Geologist 5 + Pumpkins x 375 Young geologists are always looking for that big find, and sometimes miss the forest for the trees. Diligent experts know that checking twice often yields twice the gains.
Improved Deerstalker Hut 13 + Pumpkins x 2850 The hunter that works out of this hut has perfected the use of traps and tricks, to become the most efficient hunter in the land. Nobody can rival him in terms of efficiency and speed. It seems your butchers will be busy while he’s around!
Improved Farm 13 + Pumpkins x 700 Who would have guessed that the results of modern agricultural research would look more rural than before? This farm harvests wheat with incredible efficiency, yet exudes nostalgic charm.
Improved Storehouse 5 + Pumpkins x 600 Are your storehouses full to bursting point, and you’ve got nowhere to keep your resources?
Then you probably need the Improved Storehouse. It provides three times the space of a normal storehouse.
Fish Farm 6 + Pumpkins x 700 The home of a passionate and nature loving fisherman who loves to fish, but does not want to endanger wild fish species. He’s known for his boundless knowledge of how to breed fish in great numbers.
Village School 1 + Pumpkins x 600 The village school is filled with the best teachers who will teach the kids how to become the best settlers out there.
Silo 13 + Pumpkins x 600 A lazy settler, who doesn’t want to build wheat fields anymore, has had a great idea. He’ll build a silo which collects surplus grain, and use it to refill the wheat fields.
iGor 1 + Pumpkins x 56 A creepy fellow who knows how to serve with complete devotion. Your troops could probably learn a lot from him.
Nash Williams 14 + Pumpkins x 48 A man in strange garments who calls himself Nash Williams has shown up in our lands. Madly babbling about the threat of some dark army, he offers to aid in the training of your troops. If you want him, you’ll have to hire him soon, because he’ll be leaving to find some tome after Halloween.
Mr. Myers 14 + Pumpkins x 24 A certain Mr. Myers has offered to train your army. He is supposed to get top performance from recruits. You’ll have to hire him soon though, as he says he’ll only be in the neighborhood for Halloween.
Bucket of Candy 1 + Pumpkins x 125 The sticky and half-molten candy serves as an inspiration to all smelters… or so they claim. They probably just have a sweet tooth.
Zombie 1 + Pumpkins x 96 Some strange laborers want to work in your factories. They reek, and speaking is not their strong suit, but they work fast and need no sleep.
The Headless Horseman 1 + Pumpkins x 45 He may have no head, but this man knows his way around his horses! While he’s usually somewhat less than co-operative, he’s actually surprisingly willing to help tend to our horses.
Grout x 200
1 + Pumpkins x 170 Grout is our masons’ latest invention. It helps make our buildings’ structure more solid, and allows us to upgrade them to higher levels.
Add content to any deposit + 250
1 + Pumpkins x 90 Mysteriously sparkling seeds, fallen from the moon. These can miraculously enrich any deposit to which they are applied. How is this possible, you ask? Well, even Alchemy can’t explain everything.
Frank and Stein
Deposit: Marble + 1000
17 + Pumpkins x 90 A professor named Frank and Stein, famous for his creepy experiments, has found a way to refill almost empty marble deposits. Do you want to hire him?
Miniature Golem Statue 13 + Pumpkins x 375 Prove to everyone that you bested the horrible creatures that threatened your island during Halloween! Nobody’s afraid of golems when you’re around!
Decorative Pumpkin Cemetery 13 + Pumpkins x 325 Why wait for Halloween to have your island populated by pumpkin cemeteries? The ever-lasting elegance of pumpkin breeding can be enjoyed all year round with this replica of the building. Note This building does not produce any pumpkins!
Tomb 1 + Pumpkins x 420 This is where you’ll find the dead settlers that didn’t return from battle. If you look very closely, you can see their souls flying around the building.
Overgrown Ruin 1 + Pumpkins x 264 A forgotten culture constructed this building. No-one knows what purpose it serves. Rumors suggest that the overgrown ruin is haunted.
Collapsed Wall (north) 1 + Pumpkins x 96 This wall hasn’t kept out enemies for a very long time now, but it gives your island a rustic touch (and your bugs a new home).
Collapsed Wall (west) 1 + Pumpkins x 96 This wall hasn’t kept out enemies for a very long time now, but it gives your island a rustic touch (and your bugs a new home).
Zombie Bite 1 + Pumpkins x 45 Be careful with this! One mishap may turn dozens of your settlers into zombies! They may be harmless, but they would surely scare away all the wildlife on our island. Just imagine how scary that would be!
Ouija Board 1 + Pumpkins x 45 An ancient board game… or perhaps it’s something more? Legend has it that this board can be used to talk with the spirits, and bring them to you… Ages 6+, from 2 to 6 players!
Sandman 1 + Pumpkins x 50 Each day a small man offers some strange powder on the marketplace. He swears it has the power to put the sun to sleep.
Fertilizer Small Pumpkin Cemetery 19 + Pumpkins x 75 Did your pumpkin cemetery run out? Don’t worry! This fertilizer will bring it back to full health with 10 pumpkins, so it can continue its production. Just make sure it doesn’t run out again!
NOTE This item only works on the ruins of a small pumpkin cemetery.
Fertilizer Common Pumpkin Cemetery 19 + Pumpkins x 75 Did your pumpkin cemetery run out? Don’t worry! This fertilizer will bring it back to full health with 10 pumpkins, so it can continue its production. Just make sure it doesn’t run out again!
NOTE This item only works on the ruins of a common pumpkin cemetery.
Fertilizer Noble Pumpkin Cemetery 19 + Pumpkins x 75 Did your pumpkin cemetery run out? Don’t worry! This fertilizer will bring it back to full health with 10 pumpkins, so it can continue its production. Just make sure it doesn’t run out again!
NOTE This item only works on the ruins of a noble pumpkin cemetery.


Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017:

Achievements Reward Detail tab
Ooh, Pumpkins!Ooh, Pumpkins! 10 Pumpkins x 25 Click on 50 pumpkin collectibles.
Pumpkin TrackerPumpkin Tracker 15 Pumpkins x 50 Click on 125 pumpkin collectibles.
PumpkingPumpking 20 Pumpkins x 75 Click on 200 pumpkin collectibles.
Ghastly GardenerGhastly Gardener 10 Pumpkins x 25 Refill pumpkin fields with a total of at least 100 pumpkins.
Creepy CaretakerCreepy Caretaker 20 Pumpkins x 50 Refill pumpkin fields with a total of at least 200 pumpkins.
Fearsome FarmerFearsome Farmer 30 Pumpkins x 75 Refill pumpkin fields with a total of at least 300 pumpkins.
HorticultistHorticultist 40 Pumpkins x 100 Refill pumpkin fields with a total of at least 400 pumpkins.
G-g-g-g-g-golem!!!G-g-g-g-g-golem!!! 20 Pumpkins x 25 Defeat 5 golems on your home island.
Golem HunterGolem Hunter 30 Pumpkins x 50 Defeat 5 greater golems on your home island.
Golem SlayerGolem Slayer 40 Pumpkins x 75 Defeat 5 ancient golems on your home island.
Golem VanquisherGolem Vanquisher 50 Pumpkins x 100 Defeat 5 supreme golems on your home island.
Blessed BystanderBlessed Bystander 10 Pumpkins x 25 Use 50 vials of purified water on golems haunting your friends’ home islands.
Blessed AllyBlessed Ally 20 Pumpkins x 50 Use 50 vials of enriched water on greater golems haunting your friends’ home islands.
Blessed DefenderBlessed Defender 30 Pumpkins x 75 Use 50 vials of holy water on ancient golems haunting your friends’ home islands.
Blessed ProtectorBlessed Protector 40 Pumpkins x 100 Use 50 vials of glistening water on supreme golems haunting your friends’ home islands.
RascalRascal 5 Pumpkins x 10 Trick a friend.
Annoying BratAnnoying Brat 10 Pumpkins x 20 Trick your friends 50 times.
Legendary PranksterLegendary Prankster 15 Pumpkins x 30 Trick your friends 100 times.
Give and TakeGive and Take 5 Pumpkins x 10 Use 10 treats on tricked buildings.
Sugar RushSugar Rush 10 Pumpkins x 20 Use 30 treats on tricked buildings.
Dentist BillDentist Bill 15 Pumpkins x 30 Use 50 treats on tricked buildings.
Vice Pumpkin MasterVice Pumpkin Master 20 Pumpkins x 75 Complete Elliot the Pumpkin Master’s quest chain.
The ForgottenThe Forgotten 30 Pumpkins x 100 Solve the mystery surrounding «The Forgotten»

Achievements x 495 + Pumpkins x 1195

New buildings

Image Detail tab Obtaining
Produces bread three times as fast as a regular bakery. Merchant Halloween Event 2017
Pumpkins x 1225
Decorative object Merchant Halloween Event 2017
Pumpkins x 375


Bronze Horseshoes 15% 60 m
Platinum Horseshoes 20% 4 h
Platinum Horseshoes 30% 8 h
Platinum Horseshoes 40% 24 h

Reward Adventures

Deposit: Pumpkins 60% 30% 10%
Aladdin and the Oil LampAladdin and the Oil Lamp 0 7 25
Aladdin and the Beautiful PrincessAladdin and the Beautiful Princess 0 19 34
Ali Baba and the Second ThiefAli Baba and the Second Thief 0 10 35
Ali Baba and the First ThiefAli Baba and the First Thief 0 10 35
Ali Baba and the Treasure of WisdomAli Baba and the Treasure of Wisdom 0 19 34
Ali Baba and the Treasure of KnowledgeAli Baba and the Treasure of Knowledge 0 12 20
Ali Baba and the Third ThiefAli Baba and the Third Thief 0 16 35
Snow WhiteSnow White 0 6 24
TwinsTwins 0 0 0
Witch of the SwampWitch of the Swamp 0 5 8
HorsebackHorseback 0 6 12
Arctic ExplosionArctic Explosion 0 12 18
The WhirlwindThe Whirlwind 0 3 6
Surprise AttackSurprise Attack 0 18 33
Return to the Bandit's NestReturn to the Bandit’s Nest 0 6 12
Storm RecoveryStorm Recovery 0 16 28
The Invasion of the NordsThe Invasion of the Nords 0 42 78
The Pied Piper of HamelinThe Pied Piper of Hamelin 0 6 24
Hansel and GretelHansel and Gretel 0 6 24
Riches of the MountainRiches of the Mountain 0 0 0
Tomb RaidersTomb Raiders 0 9 18
Wild MaryWild Mary 0 6 14
The Dragon's RoostThe Dragon’s Roost 0 4 6
Old RuinsOld Ruins 0 4 12
Garrun the TrapperGarrun the Trapper 0 0 0
Victor The ViciousVictor The Vicious 0 4 8
The End Of The WorldThe End Of The World 0 0 0
Red Riding HoodRed Riding Hood 0 6 24
Small rich colonySmall rich colony 0 8 16
Small promising colonySmall promising colony 0 8 16
Small barren colonySmall barren colony 0 8 16
Motherly LoveMotherly Love 0 2 6
One Step AheadOne Step Ahead 0 6 24
Raid of the NordsRaid of the Nords 0 6 24
Raiding the RaidersRaiding the Raiders 0 3 6
Party CrashersParty Crashers 0 0 0
More Secluded ExperimentsMore Secluded Experiments 0 18 33
Of Songs and CursesOf Songs and Curses 0 4 6
The Buccaneer RoundupThe Buccaneer Roundup 0 2 5
Regular rich colonyRegular rich colony 0 8 16
Regular promising colonyRegular promising colony 0 8 16
Regular barren colonyRegular barren colony 0 8 16
Stealing From The RichStealing From The Rich 0 4 9
Huge rich colonyHuge rich colony 0 8 16
Huge promising colonyHuge promising colony 0 8 16
Huge barren colonyHuge barren colony 0 8 16
The SiegeThe Siege 0 12 27
Bastille IslandBastille Island 0 11 17
Tikki IslandTikki Island 0 4 7
Where Do Easter Eggs Come From?Where Do Easter Eggs Come From? 0 0 0
Bounty HunterBounty Hunter 0 0 0
The Island Of The PiratesThe Island Of The Pirates 0 3 6
Pirate LifePirate Life 0 3 9
GunpowderGunpowder 0 5 9
The Heroic Little TailorThe Heroic Little Tailor 0 5 11
The Lost CityThe Lost City 0 6 24
The Lost SkullThe Lost Skull 0 2 4
The Betrayed Little TailorThe Betrayed Little Tailor 0 5 11
TraitorsTraitors 0 10 16
OutlawsOutlaws 0 36 54
Bandit NestBandit Nest 0 12 18
Roaring BullRoaring Bull 0 4 6
Home IslandHome Island 0 0 0
The Fisherman and his WifeThe Fisherman and his Wife 0 6 24
The NordsThe Nords 0 5 10
Heart of the WoodHeart of the Wood 0 0 0
Sinbad and the Sea SnakeSinbad and the Sea Snake 0 12 20
Sinbad and the Besieged CitySinbad and the Besieged City 0 12 20
Lakeside TreasureLakeside Treasure 0 5 10
Sleepy ReefSleepy Reef 0 5 11
Save the Christmas FeastSave the Christmas Feast 0 0 0
The Sleeping VolcanoThe Sleeping Volcano 0 12 21
The Grain ConflictThe Grain Conflict 0 0 0
Old FriendsOld Friends 0 8 14
The Sons of the Little TailorThe Sons of the Little Tailor 0 5 11
Sons Of The VeldSons Of The Veld 0 21 39
The Dark BrotherhoodThe Dark Brotherhood 0 15 27
The Dark PriestsThe Dark Priests 0 2 6
Tropical SunTropical Sun 0 4 7
The Stolen SleighThe Stolen Sleigh 0 0 0
The clever little TailorThe clever little Tailor 0 5 11
The Valiant Little TailorThe Valiant Little Tailor 0 5 11
Valuable IntelValuable Intel 0 4 6
The Black KnightsThe Black Knights 0 3 6
El ChupacabraEl Chupacabra 0 5 10
The ShamanThe Shaman 0 4 12
Secluded ExperimentsSecluded Experiments 0 15 33
Ali Baba the Young WoodcutterAli Baba the Young Woodcutter 0 16 28