Detail tab: Tomb
Decorative object
To reposition buildings: Yes
Hitpoints: 1000
Trade: Yes
Size: 2 x 2
Level: 0

Reward — The percentage of loss

Tomb Raiders 1 15.4 %


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Halloween Event 2017
1+ Pumpkins x 420 This is where you’ll find the dead settlers that didn’t return from battle. If you look very closely, you can see their souls flying around the building.

Productivity Buffs — Tomb

Delete Item Trade Buff Effect Duration Objective
"Serenade of Joy"«Serenade of Joy»
An incomplete notation of the legendary Serenade of Joy. Give it to King Roxy by using it on his tomb.This is a venture buff that’s only usable in a certain venture. It will be deleted when the venture is no longer active.

Page of Sheet Music 4
Production Time 5 m s
Instant Upgrade 15Gems

No No Buildings Adventure Instant Upgrade