Guild Market

Available Level Cost Detail tab
Savage Scout 7+ Guild Coins x 3000 A native inhabitant of these parts. He knows the area like no other and can help you map these parts in no time. You just need someone to translate his strange tongue.
Enhanced Iron Pickaxe
Deposit: Iron Ore + 7500
18+ Guild Coins x 1250 Your iron ore mines are nearly empty and you need backup? With this pickaxe, your settlers can mine from a huge iron ore deposit.
Medipack 16+ Guild Coins x 1500 A buff which can help a defeated general to instantly recover. Guaranteed without side effects!
Ali Baba the Young Woodcutter 51+ Guild Coins x 3500 Help King Schahri on his quest to find his lost wife Scheherazade.
Red Flying Settler 1+ Guild Coins x 600 Rumors talk of a new kind of drink that has made its way into the kingdom. It is said that anyone who drinks it can work non-stop for 24 hours. You might want to consider this…
The Grain Conflict 26+ Guild Coins x 250 Not far from here there lies Grain Island, a small island full of swaying, golden ears, which gave the island its name. On this small piece of land, there are two towns — one producing the most delicious brew in these spheres, the other baking the tastiest bread of all the known kingdoms.
The guilds in both towns used to share the grain.
They would meet in the Grain House — a place where they would negotiate and distribute it equally. But one day, the two guilds started arguing over which product would be the best, and to which guild the most grain should go. Since that day, there have been no more negotiations in the Grain house, as every guild just tries to get as much as they can.
Maybe you can help the two guilds to re-enter negotiations, so our Settlers can feast on the Grain Island’s famous exports again.
Nash Williams 14+ Guild Coins x 1990 A man in strange garments who calls himself Nash Williams has shown up in our lands. Madly babbling about the threat of some dark army, he offers to aid in the training of your troops. If you want him, you’ll have to hire him soon, because he’ll be leaving to find some tome after Halloween.
The Black Knights 42+ Guild Coins x 1250 A claim of sovereignty has arrived at your castle. Hector the Black and his brother Barnabas demand a whole mountain range as their new territory. They have already secretly built black castles and recruited numerous men to defend them. What will you do? Allow this treason to happen? Or will you put an end to this claim once and for all?
Old Ruins 26+ Guild Coins x 450 Dark ruins glowing mystically, changing the appearance of buildings. This is the problem these people have to deal with. They could really do with a hand.