Available Level Cost Detail tab
Sack of Omniseeds
Add content to any deposit + 2500
3+ Gems x 500 We got lucky and secured a huge haul of omniseeds!
It is said that these rare, magical seeds have fallen from the moon. You’d think with the amount we’ve found we could figure out why they work on all kinds of deposits, but it still remains a mystery.
Granite Hammer
Deposit: Granite + 500
60+ Gems x 65 Your settlers can expose more granite using this hammer.
Titan Pickaxe
Deposit: Titanium Ore + 500
61+ Gems x 75 This pickaxe allows your settlers to access more rich titanium deposits.
Salt Enrichment
Deposit: Saltpeter + 500
62+ Gems x 99 Your settlers have found a way to enrich the saltpeter deposits in the mountains. This technology is now available to you.
Enhanced Iron Pickaxe
Deposit: Iron Ore + 7500
18+ Gems x 450 Your iron ore mines are nearly empty and you need backup? With this pickaxe, your settlers can mine from a huge iron ore deposit.
Enhanced Gold Pickaxe
Deposit: Gold Ore + 5000
23+ Gems x 750 With this pickaxe your settlers can mine gold ore more effectively than ever. Simply use it on the mine and be amazed how much gold ore one mine can have.
Add content to any deposit + 250
3+ Gems x 50 Mysteriously sparkling seeds, fallen from the moon. These can miraculously enrich any deposit to which they are applied. How is this possible, you ask? Well, even Alchemy can’t explain everything.
Lady Fish
Deposit: Fish + 2000
5+ Gems x 35 A huge barrel filled with charming female fish. This will solve the spawning problems in your shoals of fish for a long time…
Steel Chisel
Deposit: Stones + 500
3+ Gems x 35 With these improved chisels, your workers can cut even more stones from a single deposit. It is astounding what a difference good tools can make.
Copper Diviner
Deposit: Copper Ore + 500
8+ Gems x 35 Equipped with a confidence-inspiring wooden rod, this specialist will find new reserves in your copper deposits. Trust him. He’s really good.
Very Very Old Wood
Deposit: Coal + 2000
22+ Gems x 35 A great great great great great great grandfather of one of your settlers buried some wood to save it from bandits. The wood has turned into coal and you can recover it now.
Marble Manager
Deposit: Marble + 500
17+ Gems x 45 The potential of a marble deposit is measured by the quality of workforce organization. An intelligent overseer can increase this potential significantly. Really!
Iron Diviner
Deposit: Iron Ore + 750
18+ Gems x 45 Originally he specialized as a water diviner, but the only thing he ever found was iron. So he decided to become an iron diviner!
Rabbit Food
Deposit: Meat + 1000
21+ Gems x 45 Everyone knows that rabbit food is an aphrodisiac. This makes it ideal for increasing the population.
Golden Parrot
Deposit: Gold Ore + 500
23+ Gems x 75 This parrot has been trained by pirates to find gold. If you feed it enough crackers it will lead your workers to new gold reserves deep in the mountains.