Valentine’s Event

Available Level Cost Detail tab
Small Flower Package
Valentine Flowers x 100
1+ Gems x 219 A package of beautiful flowers, which can be traded in for unique items during the Valentine’s Event.
Large Flower Package
Valentine Flowers x 1000
1+ Gems x 2190 A package of beautiful flowers, which can be traded in for unique items during the Valentine’s Event.
Flower Farm 16+ Stones x 50
Pinewood Planks x 100
A production building for Valentine Flowers.
Fertilizer Flower Farm 16+ Valentine Flowers x 75 A fertilizer for your flower farms, if they need to be revived.
Oil x 250 13+ Valentine Flowers x 3499 Explorers and geologists don’t always see eye to eye, but some do have the endearing custom of coming together for some well spent quality time during Valentine’s. At least, those who don’t already have a significant other to bewitch…
Wondrous Bundle 13+ Valentine Flowers x 8799 With this special bundle, you’ll have more space for your population in no time. Actually, lots of space!
Military Bundle 13+ Gems x 18199 Your island’s foes never sleep, whether it’s Valentine’s or not. With this bundle, you can help reinforce your island’s defenses with a sizable military boost.
Proof of Love 13+ Gems x 8099 Sometimes even the friendliest, loveliest and most kindhearted of all Settlers gets forgotten, and doesn’t get the gift of a Valentine. So, this is your chance to get that Settler a real token of love. Who is that Setller, you ask?
Well, it’s you!
Get this event-exclusive bundle to prove your love to — ahem — yourself.
Romantic Explorer 27+ Valentine Flowers x 2799 The romantic explorer loves to go on long treasure searches — but once abroad, he always gets distracted chasing love! While that means he takes twice as long to return, the good news is he’ll bring back 12 times the rewards.
Loner General 13+ Valentine Flowers x 2999 The loner general is a rather egotistical character, but fortunately there’s more to him than that he’s an expert in how to lead and attack with offensive units.
Quartermaster Bigheart 7+ Valentine Flowers x 3599 As a people expert, and a very loving person, he’s able to transport a huge amount of units quite quickly, but cannot fight himself.
Keener Explorer 7+ Valentine Flowers x 2899 Has gone through pain again and again for her loved ones, but has never once thought about giving up. On the contrary, all her fights have made her stronger, brighter and keener than any other explorer.
Charming Geologist 4+ Valentine Flowers x 1149 His handsome looks help him gather information about easy to mine deposits.
Lovely Explorer 7+ Valentine Flowers x 2099 Her kind voice helps her gather information about the largest treasures.
Spa 15+ Valentine Flowers x 1599 Sometimes your settlers just want to revive and relax. Make your settlers happy and build this wonderful spa.
Spa 15+ Gems x 3599 Sometimes your settlers just want to revive and relax. Make your settlers happy and build this wonderful spa.
Love Tree 7+ Valentine Flowers x 2195 A beautiful spot filled with the memories of generations gone by. It’s said that even your great grandmother once sat in the shadow of this charming old tree to secretly meet your great grandfather during their break. Tears soon sealed their joyful engagement, as they did for hundreds of others. It’s said the love and energy stored in the tree are transferred to every loving soul who rests a while nearby — which is probably why so many friends and families come here for a picnic.
Wondrous Romantic Residence 15+ Valentine Flowers x 3499 The perfect place to live for any settlers that celebrate love and friendship. Snuggle together and enjoy the view from the most romantic of residences.
Chocolatier 7+ Valentine Flowers x 3295 You’d be surprised at the sweet, useful things a chocolatier can create.
Large River House 7+ Valentine Flowers x 1495 An upgrade for those who love the river life, but aren’t quite so keen on standing shoulder to shoulder with everyone at dinner. The most snugly house that was ever built on water.
Water Mansion 7+ Valentine Flowers x 2249 The snugly, but much fancier way to live the Settler life in peace and harmony.
Scouting Post 26+ Valentine Flowers x 5499 This building comes with a cadre of scouts. They’ll evaluate the situation on any adventures you start, to ensure you get the most out of them.
Love Garden 4+ Valentine Flowers x 1990 A public building starting buffs, which are used as conditions to trigger zone effects and additional content.
Observatory 26+ Valentine Flowers x 3490 An intelligence gathering building that crafts star charts.
Weather Control Station 26+ Valentine Flowers x 3690 Only the wisest and bravest dare to start an adventure in the challenging weather conditions evoked by sprinkling secret powders in the air.
Improved Farm 13+ Valentine Flowers x 899 Who would have guessed that the results of modern agricultural research would look more rural than before? This farm harvests wheat with incredible efficiency, yet exudes nostalgic charm.
Improved Silo 13+ Valentine Flowers x 1095 Have you always wanted a way to refill your wheat fields more effectively? Then your wish just came true! This new silo refills your fields in the blink of an eye!
Decorative Flower Farm 1+ Valentine Flowers x 299 A decorative version of the Flower Farm.
Valentine Pavillion 1+ Valentine Flowers x 399 A pavilion, where your settlers can meet and be together.
Cupid Statue 1+ Valentine Flowers x 149 The patron of love, reminding your settlers of the most valuable thing in the world.
Heart Tree 1+ Valentine Flowers x 149 What a lovely shape for a tree.
Valentine Fountain 1+ Valentine Flowers x 149 Some people say throwing flower petals into the fountain will grant a wish.
Valentine Vegetation 1+ Valentine Flowers x 149 Every town could use some more vegetation…
Valentine Bench 1+ Valentine Flowers x 99 Settlers can relax on this bench, and pass the time.
Heart Flowerbed 1+ Valentine Flowers x 99 The shape of this flower bed is really unique.
Recipe Normal Star Chart 26+ Valentine Flowers x 399 Information about how to add more detail to your star charts.
Recipe Detailed Star Chart 26+ Valentine Flowers x 599 The best you can find, when it comes to creating star charts.
Hugs & Kisses 13+ Valentine Flowers x 249 Hugs & kisses are reminders for every soldier that there’s always someone waiting for them.
Love-crazed 1+ Valentine Flowers x 399 People crazy in love will do everything better if they can infuse their love into it.
Celebration of Love 1+ Valentine Flowers x 199 Fill your town with love! While this buff is active, any buffs will create lovely hearts instead of sparkles.
Flower Rain 1+ Valentine Flowers x 199 Proper mood for celebration.
Bottled Innocence 1+ Valentine Flowers x 29 A potion that is said to make you see the world through the eyes of a child. This sense of wonder may attract fantastic creatures whose existence you grew up to doubt.
Grout x 200
1+ Valentine Flowers x 199 Grout is our masons’ latest invention. It helps make our buildings’ structure more solid, and allows us to upgrade them to higher levels.
Barrel of Oil
Oil x 100
16+ Valentine Flowers x 449 Oil for all your needs. Allows your productions to reach their highest efficiency.