1. Everything under control2. Secret trade3. Buffing buildings4. Upgraded farms
5. A little stock of gold ore6. Different adventures7. Effective adventures8. Preparation for coin production
9. The stonecutter competition10. A challenge11. The final preparations12. More woodworm
13. Thrown out of the office14. Enough coal15. Buffs and the economy overview16. To the acid test
17. Adventure reserve18. Where to obtain granite19. The paths to granite20. Crossbows
21. Decoration buildings22. Attractive prices23. The bet24. The exasperating topic - granite
25. The exasperating topic - exotic wood26. The exasperating topic - exotic wood planks27. A good man28. The adventure competition
29. The adventure competition continues30. Too many requests31. Follow-up adventures32. Final round
33. Accusations34. Priceless35. The cannoneers36. The practical test
37. The guilty plea38. Something is still missing

Everything under control27-32
You've really been quite busy with your adventures. Did you lose a lot of units? Producing more always takes some time. How about steel production? Do you already have enough steel in stock to train a solid amount of soldiers?
Well, you seem to have everything under control, even during your adventures. I just wanted to be sure. Very well then, we'll soon be able to begin training the soldiers.
Produce at least 200 Steel.
5 Experience Points
150 Hardwood Planks
150 Marble

Secret trade27-32
Wow, steel swords. They really look strong. Could you allocate some of them to me? I will give you something really useful in return. You had better produce some more to cover those you give me, and make sure no-one gets suspicious.
Cool, thank you. With that I can realize my project. What? Oh, nothing special. I just want to help a village defend itself against constant attacks.
Produce at least 100 Steel Sword(s).
Pay 20 Steel Sword(s) from your storage.
5 Experience Points
200 Coal
100 Iron Ore

Buffing buildings27-37
And how is the goldmine going? You should always try to buff your goldmine as effectively as possible. The more expensive the production of a resource, the more it pays off to buff a building.
Just like that! In doing so you can get way more resources out of the mine. By now, you probably know where to get or produce buffs. The merchant has some more effective ones for sale too.
Use 5 buff(s) on (s).
5 Experience Points
100 Bread
50 Sausages

Upgraded farms28-28
Greetings. I wanted to give you a status report for your farms. Production itself is running well, but some farms would work a bit more effectively if you provided them with some resources for upgrading.
The farmers just told me that your materials have arrived and are already being utilized. Since the machines can work better now, and there is more space, they produce a lot more.
Have at least 4 level 4 building(s) from the following list: .
Produce at least 200 Wheat.
5 Experience Points
200 Water
100 Brew

A little stock of gold ore28-37
Soon we'll be able to begin the second stage of coin production. First though, I would recommend creating a small stock of gold ore, because the gold smelter needs quite a lot of it.
That should suffice. I never thought production would take that long, but gold ore is always very deep in the mountain. That explains why settlers take so long to extract it.
Produce at least 200 Gold Ore.
5 Experience Points
150 Bronze Swords

Different adventures29-29
Pssst… It is me. I've discovered there are a lot of different adventures with differing enemy types and islands. In any case, you should try out multiple ones.
And how did you like them? Experiencing adventures is a lot of fun, isn't it? And you can discover the coolest things during them. Also, you may occasionally find new adventures that even your explorer can't.
Experience at least 5 new Adventure(s).
5 Experience Points
100 Longbows
100 Iron

Effective adventures29-40
However, as always, you should not be satisfied with simply completing them - they consume your resources, so try to use as few units as possible.
Quite difficult, isn't it? But that is how you should always try to do your adventures - consume as little as possible to get the most out of the adventure. Anyway, I have to go before someone spots me.
Complete the "Dark priests" adventure losing less than 500 Recruits.
Complete the "Witch of the Swamp" adventure losing fewer than 500 recruits.
5 Experience Points
400 Bronze Swords

Preparation for coin production30-30
My greetings. Sir Oliver rendezvoused with me a few minutes ago to plan the construction of a gold smelter. You should remember that a gold smelter needs coal to produce gold bars, so you should acquire enough coal mines beforehand.
Don't get me wrong. I just wanted to inform you before you run out of coal, and the other production chains that need it also stop producing. I wish you the best of luck for your coin production.
Find 1 new Coal deposit(s).
Have 3 level 1 (s) on your island.
5 Experience Points
100 Iron Ore
100 Copper Ore

The stonecutter competition31-31
I hope I'm not disturbing you. I have a favor to ask of you. There is an ancient tradition among the stone cutters that requires them to participate in a competition to see who produces marble most effectively. Could you be the adjudicator? We'll produce up to a certain stock capacity and see who has contributed the most.
That was a really exciting competition. Thank you very much for your help. Although this competition is held only once every ten years, I would be very happy for you to take part again next time too. If you need to find me, I'll be back at my work.
Have at least 8000 Marble in your storage.
20 Experience Points
100 Hardwood Planks
100 Exotic Wood

A challenge31-40
Pssst… I've brought you something. In your star menu you can find two adventures I found during my journey. If you manage to complete them without incurring great losses, I have something cool for you.
Wow, that was really good. As a reward, here's a so-called decoration object. It is the latest fashion at the king's yard. To be more specific, it's a flower bed. You can place it on your island to beautify your city. You'll find it in your star menu.
Complete the "Dark priests" adventure losing less than 300 Recruits.
Complete the "Horseback" adventure losing fewer than 100 Militia.
15 Experience Points
100 Iron Swords
100 Steel Swords

The final preparations32-42
Similarly to the other buildings, I would recommend you produce some bars in preparation for building the coinage. While you are taking care of production, I will create my monthly report for the king.
Well, the report is finished. I really only have good things to say about you. The pre-production of gold bars is also complete, I see. This means we can commence the last step in your coin production.
Produce at least 100 Gold.
25 Experience Points
400 Coal

More woodworm33-42
My greetings. I've noticed your woodworm problem. I am aware that it mainly concerns exotic wood, but I think the hardwood may also be infected. We should destroy our stock and start afresh.
Good. Now the woodworm is probably gone for good. It would have been annoying for it to spread to the exotic wood and be obliged to start the whole process again. I'll tell the sawmills they should keep an eye out for these things.
Have at least 5000 Hardwood in your storage.
Pay 500 Hardwood from your storage.
30 Experience Points
200 Exotic Wood

Thrown out of the office34-40
Hmm… I was just thrown out of my own office by Lord Sardin. He had a young woman in tow. Now I am not sure what to do with myself. Could you take me with you on one of your adventures? I've always wanted to see what it's like.
That was really exciting. I think in the long run it would be too much for my old heart. I prefer to stay in my office and support you from there. Speaking of my office, I'll go check whether it is free again.
Complete an Adventure losing fewer than 100 Recruits.
Complete an adventure losing fewer than 50 Cavalry.
30 Experience Points
200 Horse
200 Bronze Swords

Enough coal35-40
Wow, your economy really consumes a lot of coal. Do you still have enough of it? Could you please check if your coal production line is still working properly? I just need to reassure my craftspeople that there will be enough coal at their disposal.
So, how is coal production doing? Everything fine? That's comforting. In which case, I will report back to my craftspeople. They will be relieved too, I hope. Thank you very much.
Have a production value of at least 0 every 12 hour(s) for Coal.
Produce at least 100 Coal.
50 Experience Points
200 Iron Ore
200 Bread

Buffs and the economy overview35-40
I've just noticed that you've overworked your coal production a little bit. Just remember that buffed production buildings can make a difference. When the buff runs out, the production rate decreases again. Try it out.
You see? Always pay attention when you are adjusting your production chains. Unless of course you buff your buildings all the time. But in this case, an additional building of the same kind might be a better alternative.
Have 3 level 1 (s) on your island.
40 Experience Points
200 Copper Ore

To the acid test36-46
Now it's time to give your coin production the acid test. Let's see how long you need to produce a certain amount of coins yourself. I am really curious.
So, in conclusion, what do you think of your coin production? Are you satisfied? As I said, it takes some time, but when it is upgraded and becomes more effective, it will also become indispensable. If necessary, you can also purchase gold ore at the trader's.
Produce at least 300 coin(s) in your work yards.
120 Experience Points
100 Granite

Adventure reserve37-40
Ha ha, look how many adventures I have. Isn't that fantastic? I think you should always have some. I always feel uneasy when I don't have any available. How about you?
Wow, you have a lot more than me. I suppose I'll have to go and search a bit more, so that's what I'm going to do, straight away. Until next time!
Own at least 3 Adventure(s).
160 Experience Points

Where to obtain granite38-48
Hmm… One of our geologists has just told me that we do not have any granite deposits on this island. That's a shame, as we'll need a lot in the future. Could you check whether you can find granite on the adventure islands?
Very good! Then we know where to get our granite from. I assume the amount of granite will differ a lot from adventure to adventure, but at least we know where to get it from generally.
Experience at least 3 new Adventure(s).
310 Experience Points
400 Coins

The paths to granite39-49
Now we know where to purchase it from, it is time to do so and get some. As I already said, we'll be needing a lot, so go get! The more you find the better.
It is really a lot of work gathering granite, but it's essential so don't pay it any further thought. Just one thing - I'm pretty sure you can also obtain granite through trade. Furthermore, one of our explorers told me that he once found a small amount of granite during his journey, but really not very much.
Earn 1000 Granite through adventures.
100 Experience Points
400 Exotic Wood Planks
200 Bronze Swords

I know I said I wanted to let you do it on your own, but you mustn't forget that crossbows are made out of titanium and exotic wood. This means you'll need a stock of both these resources to produce crossbows without difficulty.
It's not easy to produce crossbows on your own, is it? However, they do have a lot of advantages. Not only do crossbowmen have the highest damage output, but crossbows also bring a high price when traded.
Have at least 500 Exotic Wood in your storage.
Have at least 500 Titanium in your storage.
Produce at least 100 Crossbow(s).
210 Experience Points
200 Granite

Decoration buildings40-42
Hmm… Recently, during an adventure, I found the plans for a flower bed. If I understand correctly, it's a kind of decoration building to beautify your home island, although it doesn't have any other function. Could you please test that theory out?
So I was right, they are just decorative buildings. It seems you can find them from time to time during adventures. By the way, the merchant also has some of these buildings. Some of them can be somewhat complex.
Have at least 5 (s) on your island.
200 Experience Points

Attractive prices40-42
Did you already notice that the trade prices for selling ore are really advantageous at the moment? Maybe we should make use of this opportunity, construct a few mines, and see if it really pays off.
So, what do you think? Did it pay off? Of course you have to consider that prices always differ for many different reasons, for example depending on the time of day. So, even if prices are not good one day, they can change completely the next.
Have 3 level 3 copper mine(s) of any type in your island.
Have 1 level 1 iron mine(s) of any type in your island.
Have 1 level 1 gold mine(s) of any type in your island.
Sell at least 1500 Gold Ore to other players.
Sell at least 1500 Iron Ore to other players.
Sell at least 1500 Copper Ore to other players.
190 Experience Points
300 Coins
200 Bronze
200 Iron
100 Gold

The bet41-75
Bah, my father… He doesn't have much confidence in you, so I've made a bet with him. We bet that you will incur fewer losses during your adventures than he thinks. Now, you just have to prove me right.
Ha! I just said that. I won the bet. That will teach him to stop underestimating you. To thank you, I'd like to give you something from my reward. Buy yourself something beautiful with it.
Complete the adventure "Outlaws" losing fewer than 500 Recruits.
Complete the "Victor the Vicious" adventure losing fewer than 50 soldiers.
490 Experience Points
400 Sausages

The exasperating topic - granite42-42
While you are producing titanium, we should still keep an eye on our granite problem. I know it's an exasperating topic but it has to be dealt with. We should increase our stocks. Whether you trade or find granite yourself is up to you.
Wow, that much granite in one place is definitely rare, I have to say. I mean, I don't know much about this sort of thing, but just by looking you can see how valuable granite is. Take good care of your granite.
Have at least 10000 Granite in your storage.
620 Experience Points
100 Map Fragment
100 Steel
400 Coal

The exasperating topic - exotic wood43-75
Since we are currently working on increasing our stocks, we should continue doing so with exotic wood too. After all, you've been consuming a lot of it lately. Just go about it the same way as with granite.
I've just returned from my storage inspection, and I have to admit that freshly cut wood smells really fantastic. I also checked the wood for woodworm. Luckily, there isn't any.
Have at least 10000 Exotic Wood in your storage.
780 Experience Points
400 Granite

The exasperating topic - exotic wood planks44-75
My greetings. I really appreciate you refilling the stocks of granite and exotic wood, but I would recommend you process some of the exotic wood into planks, especially as our plank consumption has increased a lot recently.
Oh, that was quick. Thank you very much. I always feel better when I know the most important building materials are in stock. Now I can turn my attention back to the construction plans for the new buildings. Bye for now.
Have at least 10000 Exotic Wood Planks in your storage.
985 Experience Points
200 Titanium

A good man45-75
A general (also a friend of mine) is resting at our tavern at the moment. Have you already hired multiple generals? If not, now would be a good time to start. He's a really good man.
The more generals you have, the more effectively you can transport your troops to adventures, and the faster you can defeat bandits. This is why having multiple generals is always a good idea.
Own at least 5 General(s).
1240 Experience Points

The adventure competition46-75
Wow, did you also receive a letter? I've been invited to participate in the competition too. Of course, I'm going to win, but I wish you luck nonetheless. May the best man win.
Ha! I was really in front of you by a nose. However, I didn't win either. Little matter - we both qualified for the next round, which means you'll have a chance to get your revenge.
Complete any 5 adventures.
1560 Experience Points
200 Titanium
200 Coins
200 Granite

The adventure competition continues47-75
I've just received the next letter for the adventure competition. I'm so excited. This time it's a bit more difficult, but I love a challenge. I'll start work on it immediately. You too should work hard on it!
Oh no! This time you were in front of me. I assume I wasn't paying enough attention. Never mind, once again we both qualified for the next round. This one will decide who is the better explorer.
Complete 3 adventure(s) with a difficulty of 6 or higher.
600 Experience Points
200 Map Fragment
200 Granite

Too many requests47-75
I don't know what to do. I have so many help requests from other islands, but most of my soldiers have requested vacation, and if they don't get back to their families there will be a lot of awkward questions. Can you answer with the requests by sparing just a few units?
I'm so very grateful. The help requests were all taken care of, and all the soldiers who requested vacation were able to return home safely too. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you very much.
Complete the "Sons Of The Veld" adventure losing fewer than 300 Recruits.
Complete the "Roaring Bull" adventure losing fewer than 50 Elite Soldiers.
660 Experience Points
100 Settlers
100 Damascene Sword

Follow-up adventures47-75
Oh man… Why am I looking so tired, you say? I've just returned from a follow-up adventure. I found it on a regular mission, and it didn't look that difficult, but man was it tricky. On the plus side, I was rewarded with a plethora of resources and buffs, and even blueprints for a building. Not such a bad deal after all!
Oh, you just returned from a follow-up adventure? So, how was it? Of course, you won't always find construction plans, but a decent amount of coins is common.
Complete either "Old Friends" or "More Secluded Experiments".
Complete either "Return to the Bandit's Nest" or "Motherly Love".
700 Experience Points
200 Coins

Final round48-75
Well, now it is getting serious. The final round of the competition has come. I just received the letter. Phew, take deep breaths... I'm really excited, I have to admit. Now it will be decided who is the best explorer. Let's go!
I'm really impressed. Not only were you better than me, you also won the whole competition. There's no shame in losing to the best. My congratulations. I'm looking forward to competing against you again next time.
Complete the adventure "The Dark Brotherhood".
Complete the adventure "The black knights".
2480 Experience Points
400 Horse
400 Bronze Swords
400 Exotic Wood Planks

I've just received a letter from the king. He writes that the king of another kingdom has accused us of having a useless trade network, because you cannot earn gold with it. Because he thinks a great deal of you, the king requests you prove the other king wrong.
You really taught the other king something. He'll never criticize the trade network again. Even I was surprised how much gold you can earn through it. You've done really well.
Buy at least 10000 Coin(s) from other players.
2000 Experience Points
200 Granite

Since we now have a cannon forge, we should increase our stock of cannons a little bit. Cannoneers are priceless in battle, believe me.
Thank you for listening to my advice. Now you can train cannoneers. Unfortunately, I have to go on a journey, which is why I won't be able to oversee training. I asked the little man… what's his name? Oliver? The little fat one. Anyway, I asked him to help you.
Produce at least 500 Cannon(s).
1220 Experience Points
400 Damascene Sword
400 Exotic Wood

The cannoneers50-75
Lummy! Lord Sardin asked me to help you oversee the training of the cannoneers, but I don't have a clue how to go about it! I don't know what to say. I think you might be able to do better than me on your own.
I just knew you didn't need any help. It's a mystery why Lord Sardin always thinks you have to have someone standing by your side for the slightest thing. The man's such a worrier.
Own 200 Cannoneer(s).
500 Granite
200 Titanium Ore
400 Coal

The practical test50-75
Well, I'm back. I've already heard how you managed to organize cannoneer training yourself. Looks like I was unnecessarily worried. However, now I'm curious to see how our cannoneers will prove themselves in battle.
So, what do you think about the cannoneers? I think they are fabulous. If you're ever forced to fight against buildings, they'll be your most effective weapon.
Complete the "Secluded Experiments" adventure losing fewer than 10 Cannoneers.
500 Granite

The guilty plea50-75
You will not believe what I just heard. Do you remember the king who badmouthed our trade network? He's sticking to his opinion and affirms that no one is capable of gathering a certain quantity of riches. I am sure you can prove him wrong again.
Just as I said it would be. The king had to let someone read out a plea of guilt, taking back everything he had said. It was a complete success. To show his gratitude for your help, the king has sent you a big present.
Own at least 200000 Coin(s).
500 Granite
500 Exotic Wood Planks
200 Titanium

Something is still missing50-75
Well, I have to admit your island looks really fantastic, but one thing is still missing - an epic decoration building, a castle or something like that. I'm sure you can find something suitable during one of the adventures.
Perfect! Now, your island is complete. I think that last touch makes your island one of the most beautiful of all time. By the way, the king thinks so too, and has sent you something as appreciation. Things couldn't get any better!
Own at least 1 decoration building(s).
500 Granite
200 Bronze Swords