Longbows Longbows

Detail tab: Longbows Longbows
Trade: Yes

Total production time

Hardwood x 16 Longbows x 1
24 m

Reward — The percentage of loss

The End Of The World 300 25 %
The End Of The World 300 25 %


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Mercenary Longbowmen
Limited Offers
26+ Gems x 175 Mercenary longbowmen available for hire! Consider contracting them if you want to dish out more damage in combat.
Longbows x 2600
Limited Offers
25+ Gems x 295 These exquisite longbows outperform generic bows in both range and penetrating power. While archers need special training to properly use them, they are well worth the effort.


Duration Cost Reward
Used LongbowsSome cunning settlers claim that they have invented a way to rework normal bows into longer bows. Rumor has it that they just trade them with local hunters, but who cares? Even a used longbow is still a formidable weapon.

Effect Use on Mayor 15 m Bows x 500 Longbows x 10
Longbow conversionConverts longbows into balloons. 1 m 40 s Longbows x 60 Balloons x 30