Add military units  - UnknownAdd military units — Unknown

Detail tab: Additional military units for adventures.
Target Garrison on an adventure island
Effect Assign military units to garrison
Attention Units will be hired for only one adventure and will not be transferred to your home zone after the adventure.
Objective: Adventure: Buildings
Delete Item: No
Trade: Yes
Type: Zone-wide buffs


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Mercenary Soldiers
Epic Items
45+ Star Coins x 1000 You do not have enough left units to complete the adventure in time? You want to have some units on stock for an emergency case but you have no free settlers left? These stalwart soldiers would love to enter your service. Against a certain payment, of course!
Mercenary Recruits
Limited Offers
26+ Gems x 99 Some of them look a bit old and thin. But as long as they can fight… Who cares?
Mercenary Bowmen
Limited Offers
26+ Gems x 119 Is your army lacking in the archery department? These bowmen will agree to help you out for a little while — for a little pay, of course.
Mercenary Militia
Limited Offers
26+ Gems x 199 If you need an urgent supply of well equipped units, these militia seem be perfect for you. Not particularly cheap, but reliable.
Mercenary Cavalry
Limited Offers
26+ Gems x 129 This band of mercenary cavalry is well known for their swift attacks on unsuspecting targets. Hiring them may help you take down key opponents before they can retaliate.
Mercenary Longbowmen
Limited Offers
26+ Gems x 175 Mercenary longbowmen available for hire! Consider contracting them if you want to dish out more damage in combat.
Mercenary Soldiers
Limited Offers
27+ Gems x 345 The frontlines can be such a busy place — good thing there are these supportive fellows. Alleviate a stressful workday by renting some helping iron-gloved hands.
Mercenary Crossbowmen
Limited Offers
36+ Gems x 899 A rowdy bunch of mercenaries shares a hearty chuckle at the bows and longbows your troops are equipped with. They offer you a good deal on contracting some crossbowmen to demonstrate their power.
Mercenary Elite Soldiers
Limited Offers
41+ Gems x 745 These guys sure look tough! Better yet, despite being mercenaries, they will loyally protect your personal troops with their lives.
Mercenary Cannoneers
Limited Offers
48+ Gems x 999 Trained cannoneer crews for hire. Their cannons are easily the most destructive weapons among standard troops.
Mercenary Swordsmen
Limited Offers
54+ Gems x 245 You inspect a group of mercenary swordsmen. They look ordinary on first glance, but you quickly realize that they are trained and equipped exceptionally well.
Mercenary Knights
Limited Offers
55+ Gems x 199 These mercenaries already impress you by staying in the saddles of their ferocious looking horses. After watching them spar, you feel even more compelled to contract them for a while.
Mercenary Marksmen
Limited Offers
55+ Gems x 765 You can hear the sounds of the mercenaries’ arquebuses before you can even see their encampment’s training grounds. When you arrive, you find the targets riddled with holes.
Mercenary Mounted Swordsmen
Limited Offers
48+ Gems x 375 The mercenaries’ armor glistens in the sun as does their horses’ barding. They look almost invincible to you.
Mercenary Mounted Marksmen
Limited Offers
56+ Gems x 899 While you watch these mounted marksman practice, you cannot help but wonder how well their horses must be trained to not shy from the loud noise. Indeed, as you watch on you confirm that that both riders and horses are at peak capacity.
Mercenary Armored Marksmen
Limited Offers
56+ Gems x 999 These bold mercenaries brag about being adept both at taking out weak targets, and focusing down tough enemies. Will you contract them to see if they can back up their claims?
Mercenary Besiegers
Limited Offers
57+ Gems x 999 Does your army need more offensive power? These besiegers’ mortars can demolish large targets or groups of enemies equally well. They are a little slow, however, so make sure to protect them until they are ready to fire.