1. The Epic Farmyard2. A Growing Threat3. The Good Captain Part 14. Unwanted Neighbors
5. The Good Captain Part 26. Hearsay7. The Good Captain Part 38. Exotic Matters
9. The Good Captain Part 410. The Granite Issue11. The Good Captain Part 512. Extracting Saltpeter
13. The Good Captain Part 614. The Domino Effect15. The Good Captain Part 716. The Good Captain Part 8
17. The Good Captain Part 918. The Red-haired Storyteller19. Rats Follow Rats20. The Ultimate Challenge

The Epic Farmyard51Ahh, you placed your shiny new epic farmyard! Let me tell you a little more about this incredible building. You can expand it with new production chains going forward - but for now, let's start from the beginning.
That is all I can tell you about the epic farmyard. I wish you good luck on your travels, and in the hunt for more blueprints.
1800 Experience Points
The New Epic Well51-75
Let's expand your epic farmyard with a new production chain. Each expansion and upgrade of a production chain requires a blueprint.
The expansion is complete, and it's turned into a nice new well. Just look at how deep it is - and so much water!
Apply a blueprint to unlock Blueprint Epic Well
1800 Experience Points
The Hunt for Blueprints51-75
This was just one expansion - there are a lot more where that came from! I'm sure you'll discover more blueprints once you start traveling to exotic places. Help the people solve their issues, and earn more blueprints for your epic farmyard.
You're a very kind person. Meeting with different cultures, and helping the people with their needs. You earned this blueprint.
Complete the adventure "The Fisherman and his Wife" from "The Evil Queen" campaign
Complete the adventure "Hansel and Gretel" from "The Evil Queen" campaign.
Complete the adventure "Red Riding Hood" from "The Evil Queen" campaign.
Complete the adventure "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" from "The Evil Queen" campaign.
Complete the adventure "Snow White" from "The Evil Queen" campaign.
1800 Experience Points

A Growing Threat58-75
My lord, we need to expand, and we need to do it quickly. Several scouts were sent out, and most of them returned with the news that the surrounding areas are all occupied by bandits! Gather your men and defeat the bandits!
A bit of training never hurts! Your men stay in shape, and now we have more land to cover. Good work!
Have less than 7 threatening bandit leader camps on your home zone.
5000 Experience Points
100 Platinum Ore

The Good Captain Part 158-75
Oh my. A bird just flew into the room - an exotic one! It came bearing a message. Let me read it to you "Ahem! Help! I am being held as a prisoner in the Watery Woods! Please send help!" The Watery Woods... That's where all those bandits come from! The prisoner seems to be a member of the royal family, as he was using a special kind of writing. Prepare an expedition to save him! We will need horses, wagons and arquebuses!
The rescue party returned, and they brought with them an old man. He's currently being treated at the hospital. As soon as he's able to speak, we're going to bring him over to the town hall. Good work saving him - I have a suspicion he's a very important person...
Have 1 level 3 (s) on your island.
Pay 50 wagon(s) from your storage.
Pay 50 arquebuse(s) from your storage.
Pay 50 Horse(s) from your storage.
150000 Experience Points
1 Training Overtime

Unwanted Neighbors64-75
Curses! These bandits are causing trouble around our borders! Last night some of them snuck inside the settlement and stole several apple pies and sweets! Scoundrels! Dogs! I will not tolerate this! My lord, please, send your general and clear out the bandit camps in the area!
Ahh! Your general returned! The area is bandit free! Now I can have that pie in peace.
Reduce the number of Savage Bandit camps in your home zone to less than 6.
8500 Experience Points
70 Platinum Ore

The Good Captain Part 264-75
Remember the prisoner we rescued? It turns out his name is Captain Mapparan! He's a man of... curious habits. He's traveled the world far and wide, and knows every single place there is. But that was many years ago, and now his age has caught up with him and he's no longer able to travel. So, he's decided to build himself the world's biggest library. Of course, if you want a library, you'll need plenty of books, scrolls and relics to fill it - and it's with this he'd like our help. He promises great treasures in return! Let's start by taking care of the military part.
Now that we have some knights, we can use them to help with the first steps of building that home for Captain Mapparan.
Have 1 level 5 (s) on your island.
Own 100 knight(s).
Own 50 marksmen.
Own 50 armored marksmen.
Own 20 besieger(s).
216000 Experience Points

My world is filled with tales about lost treasures, mystical places and curious people. One of them is a boy I know called Ali Baba. The boy has this peculiar ability to find maps that usually lead to treasures. I told one of your explorers to go look for Ali Baba, perhaps he can spare a coin for the boy to share his knowledge? Send your explorer on an epic treasure search.
The explorer is back! He claims Ali Baba was hiding from forty robbers. An oddly specific estimate, if you ask me.
Earn 60 Platinum Ore through treasure searches (prolonged).
Earn 100 Exotic Wood through treasure searches (prolonged).
3500 Experience Points

The Good Captain Part 365-75
Captain Mapparan speaks of a pirate who stole some of his maps. These maps contain directions to islands of an unknown distance, holding secrets that anyone would love to explore. It seems to me that this Captain is an adventurous one? Good - let us prepare our platinum smelters and complete all that the Captain requests from us!
Ahh! The platinum swords are so shiny! Ouch! They seem to be very sharp as well!
Have 2 level 5 (s) on your island.
Have 2 level 5 (s) on your island.
Pay 50 platinum sword(s) from your storage.
91000 Experience Points
1 3 Premium days

Exotic Matters66-75
I have here a report from your storehouse master. He tells me that the production of exotic wood is currently suboptimal, as the settlers in charge have found a small lamp that allegedly makes their wishes come true. I'm sure they're really just looking for an excuse to go slacking off. Talk with your storehouse master and have him optimize your exotic wood production!
There! The storehouse master took the lamp away and had the men return to their work!
Have a production value of at least 72 every 12 hour(s) for Exotic Wood.
Have a production value of at least 240 every 12 hour(s) for Iron.
Have a production value of at least 60 every 12 hour(s) for Wheels.
Have a production value of at least 72 every 12 hour(s) for Exotic Wood Planks.
Have a production value of at least 60 every 12 hour(s) for Wagon.
7500 Experience Points

The Good Captain Part 466-75
Come closer my lord, and listen to this. The Captain wants his home to not only resemble a ship, but to actually be a ship! I was under the impression he was joking, but no - he actually wants us to build him a ship for a home! And not a small one, I might add! My lord, we'll need a lot of wood for this - and the means to carry the heavy logs. See to it!
Wagons! Use them well to transport the exotic wood! Ships need a lot of it!
Have 2 level 6 (s) on your island.
Produce at least 5 wheel(s).
Pay 5 Wheel(s) from your storage.
98900 Experience Points
5000 Coal
1 Big Catapult
1 Weak Point Potion

The Granite Issue67-75
My lord? I was visiting the granite mines the other day, and something caught my eye - they have no proper equipment! I talked to the artisans around the settlement, and ordered them to use the proper clothing and tools. But this small distraction has also caused a small delay, so it would be wise if you could optimize our granite production.
The miners are happy and the production is back on track! Great!
Have a production value of at least 60 every 12 hour(s) for Granite.
6500 Experience Points
2500 Coal

The Good Captain Part 567-75
The blueprints suggest that Captain Mapparan wants the ship's inner floors to be laden with granite! Now, I can understand the good captain wanting some elegance, but granite is not easy to find... Here's hoping the rewards are worth it, considering all he's asking of us. Let's tend to the Granite.
The floors may be made of granite, but I hope he has a good pair of slippers - it'll be freezing under foot otherwise.
Have 3 deposits of the following types: Granite
Gather or produce 1500 units of Granite.
Pay 500 Granite from your storage.
57500 Experience Points
250 Platinum Ore
1 Weapon Boost
1 Powdertinker

Extracting Saltpeter68-75
I'm afraid I bring bad news! Last night, while the moon was shining bright, there was a small accident at one of the saltpeter deposits. One of the miners decided to cook a duck, but forgot to put out the fire! The fire burned its way towards the hut, but thankfully they were able to stop it in time. However, this small incident has caused some delay so it would be a good idea to quickly optimize our saltpeter production.
I've made sure that every saltpeter mine has a huge barrel of water near the entrance from this day on! No fire shall interrupt their work anymore!
Have a production value of at least 60 every 12 hour(s) for Saltpeter.
Have a production value of at least 48 every 12 hour(s) for Gunpowder.
Have a production value of at least 24 every 12 hour(s) for Wagon.
Have a production value of at least 60 every 12 hour(s) for Mortar.
6700 Experience Points

The Good Captain Part 668-75
Cannons? Now he wants his home... ship... whatever it is to have cannons!? He claims that he just knows that pirates will try to take over his ship, and thus he needs protection! Very well! The good news is that he actually has the cannons and the cannon balls, but he's lacking gunpowder. On to the saltpeter mines we go!
My lord! How are we going to safely transport so much gunpowder? Ohh!
Have 1 deposits of the following types: Saltpeter
Produce at least 500 units of gunpowder.
Pay 50 Gunpowder from your storage.
47100 Experience Points
1 Barazek
1 A Little Panda

The Domino Effect69-75
Something's not right! Since your men found that lamp, we've been flooded with problems. Several chunks of titanium were left unattended, and one of them fell on the next, creating a chain reaction! Eventually the last chunk crashed into one of the outhouses, but luckily nobody was inside. The miners spent most of the day cleaning up the mess. You should help them optimize their titanium production.
The titanium chunks were restored and work can now continue! Great job!
Have a production value of at least 180 every 12 hour(s) for Titanium Ore.
Have a production value of at least 1800 every 12 hour(s) for Coal.
Have a production value of at least 72 every 12 hour(s) for Titanium.
Have a production value of at least 60 every 12 hour(s) for Damascene Sword.
9500 Experience Points
1 Piero's Bowl of Pasta
1 Piero's Bowl of Pasta
1 Piero's Bowl of Pasta

The Good Captain Part 769-75
As I mentioned before, a library needs books! When Captain Mapparan brings his books to his ship, he'll need to have some proper fittings for them. Now, I know that proper fittings require titanium, as it is the strongest ore out there... But I've also heard that titanium can protect the reader from evil curses! Seeing as this could be a problem, I say that we make the captain some good book fittings from titanium.
There is no curse that could break through these quality book fittings! The captain will be pleased!
Have 1 deposits of the following types: Titanium Ore
Produce at least 250 bookfitting(s).
Pay 50 bookfitting(s) from your storage.
25000 Experience Points
1 Bag of Rainbow Snow

The Good Captain Part 870-75
My lord! Captain Mapparan approached me looking for a considerable loan. He claims he needs to pay several mercenaries to do the dirty work for him. However, I'm not sure your current treasury would allow you to give him the loan… What? You want to know how much he asked for? No my lord, I cannot say, I fear you might faint! I have been keeping an eye on the market and it seems that the price of platinum ore is fluctuating. How about you buy some, and then sell it on for profit?
I'm not sure this is a good idea, but still - I bring good news. The captain no longer needs the coin! His men unearthed some treasure on skull island. Lucky him…
Buy at least 2000 platinum ore by trading with other players.
Sell at least 1000 platinum by trading with other players.
25000 Experience Points
50 Grout
250 Coins
300 Platinum Ore
3000 Coal

The Good Captain Part 970-75
My lord, I have good news! Captain Mapparan wants to thank you for all the help! He's called upon his friends from far off lands to come together for the feast of the century! I heard that my good friend, King Schahri will be attending as well! We need to prepare our best foods and drinks. Send the captain some meat, fish, bread and of course, a lot of brew!
I… I think I ate too much. I cannot move. Help!
Pay 15000 Meat from your storage.
Pay 25000 Fish from your storage.
Pay 17000 Bread from your storage.
Pay 5000 Brew from your storage.
50000 Experience Points
500 Platinum Ore
1 Training Overtime
1 Training Overtime
1 Love Potion
1 Love Potion

The Red-haired Storyteller71-75
My lord. As you may have heard, my islands are filled with a thousand (and one) stories. Some of us spend their whole lives traveling along the sand dunes telling stories to those who are willing to hear them. One of these storytellers, a young woman, has arrived at one of the platinum deposits. Unfortunately, she's spent so long telling stories that the men forgot their tasks. Optimize the platinum production.
Ahh the stories that young woman tells, beautiful. Maybe one day you will also have the time to listen to her stories.
Have a production value of at least 180 every 12 hour(s) for Platinum.
Have a production value of at least 3000 every 12 hour(s) for Coal.
Have a production value of at least 60 every 12 hour(s) for Platinum Sword.
9000 Experience Points

Rats Follow Rats73-75
Ugh! One of the merchants coming from the east was attacked by bandits! It seems that these rats will not stop interfering in our dealings! The merchant was kind enough to share the location of the bandit camp. I say we wake up your general and have him take care of this problem. Defeat the bandit camps!
Good! Maybe now those bandits will learn their lesson and leave us be!
Reduce the number of Bloodthirsty Bandit camps in your home zone to less than 2.
35500 Experience Points
200 Platinum Ore
2500 Coal

The Ultimate Challenge74-75
You have an impressive army, my lord, but I'd like to see just how good they are. I want to put their capabilities to the test with a very difficult task. Your generals are excited, but are you up to the challenge?
That was an extremely impressive feat, my lord! Your settlers will be singing about this conquest for generations to come!
Complete the adventure "Ali Baba the Young Woodcutter".
Complete the adventure "Ali Baba and the First Thief".
Complete the adventure "Ali Baba and the Second Thief".
Complete the adventure "Ali Baba and the Third Thief".
Complete the adventure "Ali Baba and the Treasure of Knowledge".
Complete the adventure "Ali Baba and the Treasure of Wisdom".
Complete the adventure "Sinbad and the Besieged City".
Complete the adventure "Sinbad and the Sea Snake".
Complete the adventure "Aladdin and the Oil Lamp".
Complete the adventure "Aladdin and the Beautiful Princess".
75000 Experience Points
2000 Platinum Ore
1000 Star Coins
1000 Mahogany Wood
300 Grout
3 Bag of Rainbow Snow