Cannons Cannons

Detail tab: Cannons Cannons
Trade: Yes

Total production time

Gunpowder x 6 + Carriages x 1 Cannons x 1
32 m


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Cannons x 180
Limited Offers
48+ Gems x 995 Defeat bandits and other evildoers with a bang! These cannons sure pack a punch. While they’re unwieldy and slow, good cannoneers can wipe out entire armies with just a few shots.
Mercenary Cannoneers
Limited Offers
48+ Gems x 999 Trained cannoneer crews for hire. Their cannons are easily the most destructive weapons among standard troops.


Duration Cost Reward
Cannon ConversionConverts cannons into balloons. 1 m 40 s Cannons x 40 Balloons x 40