1. Oh, the Fairies!2. The Major General3. Quality Planks4. Rare Wood is Good Wood
5. Too Exotic6. Golden Wool7. The Cloth is not Enough8. Saddle Another Day
9. The Tailor10. The Sun at the Zenith11. Looking for a Tale12. From the Land of Dreams
13. Forest Fire14. A Weapon of Choice15. Day and Night16. A Gift for a King (Part 1)
17. A Gift for a King (Part 2)18. A Gift for a King (Part 3)19. Imported Goods20. Scheduled Repairs
21. Broken Roads22. Deep Explosions23. Titan Inc.24. The New Goods Master
25. The Last Tale26. The King's Visit Part 127. The King's Visit Part 228. The King's Visit Part 3

Oh, the Fairies!51-75
My lord! I have learned that there are many magical creatures out there. Would you be so kind as to take me on an adventure, so that I can see these creatures with my own eyes? Please, play a fairytale adventure.
Ahh! The magical creatures! Splendid! Thank you my lord.
Complete any fairytale adventure.
15000 Experience Points
250 Granite
1 The Valiant Little Tailor
1 Training Overtime

The Major General52-75
Armies are lead by captains and generals, but who knows what names they have in other lands? Your army needs a major general, so it would be best to send for one!
Ohh, the major general looks so fierce he could burn a hole right through you! Wait, what's that smell?
Own at least 1 major general(s).
75000 Experience Points
150 Star Coins
50 Add military units

Quality Planks53-75
I see your men at the sawmill were impressed by the quality of the mahogany wood. Do not let them down - have them produce more mahogany planks!
Your workers were happy to create the planks for you!
Have at least 150 Mahogany Wood in your storage.
1500 Experience Points
1 Aunt Irma's Gift Basket

Rare Wood is Good Wood53-75
I know I keep saying it, but mahogany is very rare! Therefore, I would advise you to engage in more adventures and gather more mahogany wood!
I think this amount of mahogany wood should suffice! Good work!
Produce at least 50 Mahogany plank(s).
1500 Experience Points
750 Coal
100 Exotic Wood

Too Exotic54-75
Now that we have plenty of exotic wood, you should order your settlers to prepare it! Have them make some exotic wood planks!
We have enough exotic wood planks! Now we can build more advanced buildings!
Produce at least 500 Exotic Wood Plank(s).
5000 Experience Points
70 Star Coins

Golden Wool55-75
You know, my family had a very costly habit they liked to coat everything in gold. I know it sounds silly, but… when I was a child, I had a woolen blanket that was colored gold. It reminds me of my dear mother. Can you produce some more wool please?
The wool is ready! I will have it dyed in gold… I mean yellow paint!
Produce at least 500 spindles of wool.
2000 Experience Points
50 Platinum Ore

The Cloth is not Enough55-75
Some of the soldiers are worried we might not have enough cloth! I think we should put their minds at rest, and produce more cloth, just to be on the safe side.
With this much cloth we could cover a grain field. Or two!
Produce at least 350 cloth(s).
Buy at least 100 cloth(s) through trading with other players.
6500 Experience Points
100 Exotic Wood
50 Star Coins
1 Red Flying Settler

Saddle Another Day55-75
A horseman pointed out that it's very important to have saddles of all shapes and sizes. They have small horses and big horses, after all… I think we should produce more saddle cloth!
Yes, now we have more saddle cloth, and they come in various sizes. It should be fine!
Produce at least 250 saddle cloth(s).
Sell at least 25 battle horse(s) through trading with other players.
5000 Experience Points
100 Star Coins

The Tailor56-75
I heard there's a land far away, where there's a man who can create the most unique garments in the whole empire. I would like to ask you to send me, along with your general, on the tailor adventure!
That was a true adventure! I've learned so much!
Complete the adventure "The Betrayed Little Tailor".
35000 Experience Points
300 Platinum Ore
200 Star Coins
1500 Coal
1 Training Overtime

The Sun at the Zenith57-75
My lord! Have you ever heard of the land of endless deserts? There are many mysteries between the dunes, and many treasures to be found! I urge you to send your generals into the adventure of the 1001 nights!
Ahh! You're back! Have you ever seen such marvels?
Complete the adventure "Ali Baba the Young Woodcutter".
50000 Experience Points
250 Star Coins
1 Ali Baba and the First Thief

Looking for a Tale58-75
These adventures are amazing! I think we should send our troops on regular adventures so they can train for battle against our enemies. But first things first send out one of your explorers to find a fairytale epic adventure!
Your explorer returned and he has a map for you! Let's see where this new adventure will take us!
Own at least 1 fairytale adventures on your star menu.
15000 Experience Points
100 Star Coins

From the Land of Dreams58-75
We now have a map that shows us where the adventure is! Ready your general, and send him out to gather the precious resources!
Your explorer returned and he has a map for you! Let's see where this new adventure will take us!
Loot 10000 Platinum Ore from completed fairytale adventures.
Loot 10000 Mahogany Wood from completed fairytale adventures.
75000 Experience Points
500 Star Coins
2000 Coal

Forest Fire59-75
I have bad news! There's been a fire in one of the exotic woods nearby. The woodcutter's requested our help! Refill the affected exotic wood deposits!
Good, now the woodcutters can continue their work!
Have a production value of at least 12 every 12 hour(s) for Unknown.
7500 Experience Points
50 Mahogany Wood
150 Exotic Wood

A Weapon of Choice60-75
Our army needs to use real weapons for their training, and with all the adventures we've been going on, there's a small chance that the weapons may be unusable once the troops have returned. To avoid any awkward situations, I would suggest we make an extra order of weapons!
So many weapons, where are we going to store them?
Acquire at least 500 platinum sword(s).
Acquire at least 400 battle horse(s).
Acquire at least 300 arquebuse(s).
Acquire at least 200 mortar(s).
95850 Experience Points
350 Star Coins

Day and Night61-75
The land of the fairies seems to be a perfect place to train our troops, and collect rare resources! Order your general to engage in more fairytale adventures!
They've returned! Glorious! I think it's time for them to rest for a spell.
Complete 10 fairytale adventures.
85000 Experience Points
500 Star Coins

A Gift for a King (Part 1)62-75
I believe I've told you about my trades with the most honored King Schahri already? Every year I send him a gift to show him my gratitude. But this year I have nothing! I beg you, my lord, help me! I have to send him three items! One of them is a silver hunter gun. I have the gun recovered, but I will need quality gunpowder! Refill a saltpeter deposit and then upgrade your saltpeter mines so we get the best quality!
Ahh, good! This saltpeter will make the perfect gunpowder! Now for the next gift.
Refill salpeter deposits by 500 however you wish.
Have 2 level 5 (s) on your island.
22500 Experience Points
50 Star Coins

A Gift for a King (Part 2)63-75
My friend, King Schahri is a man of thousand of tastes. He loves good food more than anything! I have met your Aunt Irma, and her cooking is out of this world! I would like to ask you to have her produce some food for me, as a gift - the famous Aunt Irma's Baskets!
The smell of this basket is splendid! King Schahri will be more than delighted! Now let's see what we can do about that last gift.
Produce at least 10 Aunt Irma's Gift Basket.
7500 Experience Points
750 Coal

A Gift for a King (Part 3)64-75
The third gift I want to send to King Schahri is a bit complicated. It's not a something - it's a somebody. I usually send him some of my best fighters to serve at the king's court as bodyguards! Could my lord spare some of his knights? Train them so one day we can send them to the king!
Now I can tell which of your knights is the best! There, that group! They will make a fine addition to the king's guard! Thank you my lord!
Own 50 knight(s).
15000 Experience Points
100 Platinum Ore
75 Star Coins

Imported Goods65-75
I had a word with your alchemist, and he shared his concerns with me. Apparently, he thinks that the platinum we're mining is not of the best quality. He says he's heard that there's a deposit of perfect quality platinum out there. I think you should send out one of your explorers on an epic treasure search so he can look for that special platinum ore.
The platinum ore is here, but it seems that the only thing that's special about it is the color. It's really much brighter. Well, at least we have some more platinum ore now.
Earn 500 Platinum Ore through treasure searches (prolonged).
12500 Experience Points
50 Star Coins
750 Coal

Scheduled Repairs66-75
My lord must have noticed that the winds on these islands are much stronger than they should be. These winds may actually cause some damage to the buildings. I advise you to produce some more exotic wood that can be used for the eventual repairs.
We have the exotic wood we need. Let's hope that the winds will calm down.
Produce at least 50 Exotic Wood.
2500 Experience Points
50 Platinum Ore
250 Coal
350 Marble

Broken Roads67-75
Heavy wagons and horseshoes cause extensive damage to the roads we're using. There are already several holes already on the main roads that need filling! You should have your men produce more granite!
We'll use some of this granite to fill the holes. Or shall we just use stones?
Produce at least 50 Granite.
2500 Experience Points
50 Platinum Ore
150 Coal
150 Exotic Wood

Deep Explosions68-75
Our miners use dynamite and all other kinds of explosives to dig deeper into their mines. Just to be sure, have your men produce some saltpeter, so if there's need for more gunpowder, your alchemists can make it quickly. Produce saltpeter!
This is more than enough! We'll send some of it to the alchemists!
Produce at least 50 Saltpeter.
3550 Experience Points
750 Coal
150 Granite
50 Gold Ore

Titan Inc.69-75
Eh? The latest report from the storehouse claims we're low on titanium! But this cannot be! Have your settlers produce more titanium!
It seems the report was wrong... At least now we have a lot of titanium. That can't be a bad thing!
Produce at least 350 Titanium.
15000 Experience Points
50 Platinum Ore
20 Star Coins

The New Goods Master71-75
We have a new master at the storehouse. While he was doing his first inspection, he found that our platinum supplies were running low. I think it's time to produce more platinum ore.
Your miners have replaced the missing stock with platinum ore. Good work!
Produce at least 150 Platinum.
15000 Experience Points
75 Platinum Ore
1 Red Flying Settler
1 Red Flying Settler
1 Red Flying Settler

The Last Tale72-75
Your generals have been in many battles, but I heard that there is one more adventure that's worth trying. Return to the deserts and complete the final "1001 Nights" Adventure.
Now you know all the secrets of the sand dunes. There are many adventures that await in the future, but for now, take some time and rest.
Complete the adventure "Aladdin and the Beautiful Princess."
85000 Experience Points
350 Star Coins
500 Platinum Ore
1000 Coal

The King's Visit Part 173-75
My lord, my eyes have seen wonderful places and people. I've traveled the world, seen the snowy fields of the north and the mountains to the east. I've seen the jungles of the west and the deserts of the south. In each of these countries, each of their capitals had a so called "royal neighborhood". If you want King Schahri to consider visiting us, we should build a royal neighborhood too. Have your settlers build manors, and make sure they're upgraded accordingly.
The manors are ready! Now all we need are some decorations, and we'll be able to welcome any visitor of royal blood.
Have 10 level 6 (s) on your island.
185000 Experience Points
200 Star Coins
150 Platinum Ore

The King's Visit Part 274-75
King Schahri is here! I will personally make sure his needs are tended to! After all, I know how to treat royalty! The king's first wish is to visit the most expensive looking place we have! I think a gold mine fits the bill! Select a gold mine for the king to visit, but make sure it's upgraded!
The king was speechless when he saw the gold! He loves gold! Unfortunately, he also asked me about how generous you are so… well, I think I know what he wants next.
Select a Gold Mine of any type.
Pay 500 Gold Ore from your storage.
7550 Experience Points
50 Magic Beanstalk
10 Star Coins

The King's Visit Part 375-75
My lord! Before agreeing to be our friend and ally, the king would like to see how generous you are! I think the best way is to prepare some gifts for your friends! Let the king see how generous you are, prepare some buffs and help out your friends.
The king is impressed with your wealth and generosity! He must leave now, but I'm sure he will be back! Maybe he'll even invite you to his castle?
Buff at least 100 of your friends' buildings.
75000 Experience Points
150 Star Coins
500 Platinum Ore
5000 Coal