Magic Beanstalk Magic Beanstalk

Detail tab: Magic Beanstalk Magic Beanstalk
Trade: Yes

Total production time

Magic Bean x 5 Magic Beanstalk x 1
10 m


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Sector Deed
Black Market
50+ Magic Beanstalk x 8500 A Sector Deed. Legitimate and signed by a renowned notary. It allows you to claim a far away sector for your settlement.
5 Building Licenses
Epic Items
43+ Magic Beanstalk x 1300 The high court of the royal palace is highly interested in magic beanstalks. They will even offer you these 5 additional building licenses for your city.
Shiny Gemstone
Epic Items
46+ Magic Beanstalk x 560 A young boy was playing on the beach and found a very beautiful stone. But what kind of stone is it? And is it valuable?
Deer Tracker
Epic Items
56+ Magic Beanstalk x 1060 The deer population is shrinking! You’ll need to figure out what’s causing it, and find some way of restoring the natural balance. Find the source of the problem, and help the deers to recover.
Lost Puppy
Epic Items
66+ Magic Beanstalk x 1770 A young girl was playing in the forest and found a little, wounded puppy. Help her nurse the puppy back to health!
Major General
Epic Items
47+ Magic Beanstalk x 10000 The Major General has seen many battles and is able to command armies of overwhelming size without sacrificing travel speed.
Gold Tower
Epic Items
48+ Magic Beanstalk x 6300 Rumpelstiltskin has enchanted this tower so any settler can spin straw into pure gold here!
Training Grounds
Epic Items
13+ Magic Beanstalk x 19950 This Barracks expansion lets you train your troops even faster.
Elite Training Grounds
Epic Items
54+ Magic Beanstalk x 39950 This Elite Barracks expansion lets you train your troops even faster.


Duration Cost Reward
TomeEffect Use on the mayor 9 h Intermediate Paper x 790
Printing Press Letter x 540
Magic Beanstalk x 100
Manuscript x 6
Tome x 1