1. The Mysterious Coin2. The Little Panda3. The Wedding Invitation4. Settlers & Bandits
5. Bart, the Barterer6. "The Annoholics" on Tour7. The Lost Compass8. A Threat!?
9. Strange Idols10. A Really Sharp Claw11. "To My Dear Miranda"12. The Vigilante's Insignia
13. The Larsian Silk Cat14. Wood production15. Plank production16. Multiple deposits
17. A little comfort18. Still lacking stone19. Don't forget to buff20. The base of buffs
21. Allies22. New suggestions23. Do not forget the economy24. Mutual help
25. Who has more wheat?26. To multiply the harvest27. Good preparation28. Wheat ahead
29. Help for the comrade30. Increased consumption31. Nothing but hot air32. Multiple deposits
33. The trapped child34. The rescue35. Increased water consumption36. Gift baskets
37. Wood for longbows38. Coal for training39. The coal mine40. Gold deposits
41. The price of gold42. Ways to the gold43. Increased coal consumption

The Mysterious Coin1One of our merchants stopped by earlier, and told me he'd been paid with a strange coin. It looks similar to ours, but it's definitely not from around here. It's a pretty looking thing, and clearly hand-crafted. Maybe we should investigate this some more?
Who would have thought that a little coin could be so important? It's clear that we have a lot to learn from other cultures, and a lot of friends to make. The merchant who initially gave me the coin could hardly believe our story. You should have seen his face!
85000 Experience Points
1 Weapon Boost
150 Star Coins
The Shady Goldsmith1-75
My, what an unusual coin. Did someone really pay with this? It looks so exotic... Maybe it's even worth something! I have an... acquaintance... that really knows his foreign currency. Perhaps we should get him to give it an appraisal?
Very interesting... He said that this coin belongs to an ancient tribe from a civilization called the "Tikki". Apparently for the Tikki people, these coins symbolize wealth and prosperity, and are considered sacred. Unfortunately, for us, it's little more than a piece of junk.
Pay 200 Coins from your storage.
Pay 1500 Tool(s) from your storage.
7450 Experience Points
100 Bread
50 Sausages
Prepare For The Journey1-75
The surroundings of Tikki Island have been afflicted by a curse due to the missing sacred coin! We can't leave the Tikki like this... We must get this coin back to them! We'll need to craft the best ships and pack enough supplies to make it through the cursed storm.
This should be enough. The exotic planks will make for a very robust mainframe that should endure the worst weather conditions while at sea. We're ready to go save the Tikki tribe!
Have at least 10000 Bread in your storage.
Have at least 3000 Sausages in your storage.
Have at least 30000 Fish in your storage.
Pay 250 Exotic Plank(s) from your storage.
Pay 1000 Hardwood Plank(s) from your storage.
Pay 500 Titanium Bar(s) from your storage.
5800 Experience Points
1 Tikki Island
Tikki Island1-75
This is terrible! Most of the bandits that came to steal the Tikki's treasure got stranded on Tikki Island due to the curse, and now they've decided to settle there! They're oppressing the poor Tikki, and making them do their bidding by force! This deed cannot go unpunished. We must save the Tikki tribe!
"Live and let live" is what my grandpa used to say. Those bandits will think twice before messing with a pacific civilization such as the Tikkis once again. The grateful Tikki people are chanting your name, and want to reward you with an important part of their culture. We should place it somewhere on our home island, so we always remember this day!
Complete the adventure "Tikki Island".
15000 Experience Points

The Little Panda1We just stopped some smugglers at the port, who were trying to get illegal merchandise onto our island. Hidden amongst their goods, we found a malnourished panda cub. Poor little panda... Who would do something like this? We must return him to his habitat and to his mother!
I just received the report confirming that the panda has made it home safely. I miss him already... Do you think we can have one of our own? I'm kidding, of course!
65000 Experience Points
1 Cheese Sandwich
75 Star Coins
Nursing the Cub1-75
Oh no, this is terrible! The smugglers took this little panda away from his mother, and now he's too sad to eat or drink anything. Perhaps you should try to feed him. He seems to have taken a shining to you.
It's working! He seems to be a lot calmer when you're the one feeding him. What a relief... I was worried he might not make it if he kept refusing to eat or drink!
Pay 500 Bread from your storage.
Pay 1000 Water from your storage.
2000 Experience Points
100 Titanium Ore
Returning to Mama Panda1-75
Now the little panda's been nursed back to good health, it's time we return him to his mother. We need to create a cage that resembles the trees on his homeland so he won't get nervous on the trip back - and we'll need a sailor that can get him there safely.
This cage will do nicely. It's so big, sturdy and comfortable that I'm thinking of ordering one to live in myself! The ship has departed, and all going well, mother and son will be back together very soon.
Own 1 Tropical Cage buff.
Use 1x Tropical Cage buffs on your own island.
Pay 50 Coins from your storage.
23500 Experience Points
500 Tools

The Wedding Invitation1The king of a neighboring kingdom has cordially invited us to the wedding of his son, the prince, and humbly asks us to make and deliver the wedding cake. There will be a lot of people, so apparently "it better be huge"!
What a wonderful ceremony! Oh, don't worry about me. I always cry at weddings... The king appreciates our efforts, though, and has insisted on compensating us. We've reinforced a strong alliance today.
40000 Experience Points
Cake for Hundreds1-75
I have already arranged the best bakers in our kingdom to help us create the best wedding cake of all time. They're all ready to start, as soon as you provide them with the required ingredients.
This is the most magnificent cake I've ever seen. I'm sure the king and his guests will be over the moon. Do you think they'd notice if I had just a small slice now?
Own 1 Wedding Cake buff.
Use 1x Wedding Cake buffs on your own island.
1500 Experience Points
50 Settlers

Settlers & Bandits1While I was going through my things, I found some papers of mine from back when I was a lot younger. I liked to play make believe a lot, where I'd pretend I was someone else, and so I wrote out entire backgrounds and stories for these characters. It might be fun to share this with other people who share the same interests. What do you think?
I can't believe that Settlers & Bandits is so popular! I hope this serves as a good way to encourage people to use their imagination more, and more importantly to have fun with it!
33000 Experience Points
Character sheets1-75
Here's what I call the "character sheet". Basically, it defines what your portrayed character will be, who he is, and what he does. In short, it's a player's "identity". In fact, if I could have some time to go through all my existing sheets, I can probably turn it into a game!
You know, I think we could have something fun here. In fact, I'm starting to think a lot of people might be interested in this! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Pay 1500 Simple Paper(s) from your storage.
1800 Experience Points
4 Cheese Sandwich
Rule Book1-75
I finished creating the rules! Boy, that was complicated. Now, I think we should make several copies of the rules at the provision house, and spread them around the island, so we can see what the public opinion is. Oh! We'll need some dice, too!
It's catching on! People are talking about it, and they host regular sessions to play! They're even planning complex stories, and deep character bios. I could have never imagined my childhood hobby would have this many people interested!
Use 1x Settlers & Bandits Rulebooks buffs on your own island.
Use 1x 20-sided Dice pack buffs on your own island.
25200 Experience Points
3 Stadium snacks
Settlers & Bandits1-75
I can't believe it! It's a resounding success! In fact, people are playing it so much, it's even created a whole new sub-culture! Very interesting. Very interesting indeed. In fact, we're running short on paper and coal for the game - can you provide some more?
The first print of the "Settlers and Bandits" rulebook has been distributed, and I'm starting to see small groups playing! "Settlers and Bandits" is the name I came up with for the game. It may not be very original, but I think it's catchy. Don't you agree?
Pay 750 advanced paper(s) from your storage.
Pay 3000 Coal from your storage.
5000 Experience Points
250 Titanium Ore
500 Coins

Bart, the Barterer1We found this leaflet from a barterer called "Bart". It says he pays well for rare materials. I thought our economy could use a little boost, so I decided to invite him over.
Bart's visit was definitely very profitable - both for us, and for him. We've obtained some nice rare materials that will certainly come in handy, and he got... well whatever junk he asked for, I guess? Maybe we should invite him again sometime? He was such a nice guy.
7000 Experience Points
50 Gems
Bartering Basics1-75
Bart the barterer has arrived on the island. He mentioned he hasn't had much interest from his leaflets, so he's willing to make us a good deal. He's offered me a small (horrible) marble statue, and has asked for a similar statue made of hardwood. Let's use our provision house to produce the goods he's asked for - just make sure you don't clog the production line!
Bart is pleased with the deal, but I have to say... This marble statue is UGLY! Perhaps we should demolish it, and recycle the marble? Yes, I think that's a good idea.
Use 1x Wooden Statue buffs on your own island.
300 Experience Points
250 Marble
The Pen is Mightier1-75
Bart's second deal is a first edition of a rare encyclopedia that he thinks may be useful for our specialists. He's willing to offer it to us, in exchange for a hand-crafted replica of an ancient brass sword.
It may not exactly be brass, but it seems that it's close enough. Bart likes this sword even more, so everyone is happy!
Use 1x Ancient Brass Sword Replica buffs on your own island.
1300 Experience Points
1 Tome
Complimentary Dinner1-75
Since Bart is going to be staying with us for a few days, I think it would be a nice gesture of goodwill to offer him something to eat. Why don't we treat him to some really fancy food? Perhaps this way he'll give us a discount next time...
I feel a little jealous that Bart had the chance to eat such a succulent dinner. Ah... I'm hungry now...
Use 1x Gourmet Meal buffs on your own island.
1300 Experience Points
2 Chocolate Pralines
Hold the Door1-75
Bart seems to have taken a liking to us, so he offers us a new deal. He wants a table made of exotic wood and sturdy steel, and will exchange it for a really big granite doorstop. What do you think?
Well, this is a sturdy doorstop. In fact, maybe a little too sturdy... I'm pretty sure we can make cheaper, reliable doorstops out of our own wood. I suggest we re-use the granite from this, and put it to work as something a bit more useful.
Use 1x Special Table buffs on your own island.
1700 Experience Points
150 Granite
Coin Collection1-75
Bart is pleased with the business he's done with us, but he now has a personal request. He tries to collect coins from everywhere he goes, so he would be really happy to trade some refined weaponry for some of our coins, and a golden statue. Otherwise it wouldn't be bartering, would it?
Bart seems to be really happy with the coins we gave him. I don't really get it. We only use one kind of coin as a currency after all, but he seems to firmly believe that every single one is different. Collectors are interesting people, indeed.
Pay 200 Coins from your storage.
Use 1x Golden Statue buffs on your own island.
5600 Experience Points
20 Damascene Sword
20 Crossbows

"The Annoholics" on Tour1The famous band "The Annoholics" are on tour! And from what I saw on the poster, it seems that they're performing nearby! Maybe we should contact them and see if we can get them to play a special gig on our island. I'm sure that would make everyone happy!
Wow, what a memorable concert! And the band loved their brand-new instruments! They said they'll always look back fondly on their time on the island, and would be honored to play for us some other time.
700 Experience Points
50 Gems
Fine Print1-75
If we are to hire The Annoholics to come to our island, we will need to prepare a contract for them, and ready an upfront payment. Please provide some paper and coins so our messengers can deliver the contract.
They accepted our offer! W-what? You thought I was trying to scam them by adding some shady clauses in ridiculously small print? No, no! Only bad people do that! The fine print was only to cover our backs in case something happens, that's all! I swear!
Pay 100 Coins from your storage.
Pay 100 Simple Paper(s) from your storage.
500 Experience Points
The Stage1-75
Now that we have a contract with them, we'll need to prepare a proper stage so that they can play for us. Please contact our specialist at the provision house, and bring the stage over to the mayor's house when it's ready.
The stage has passed all of the safety inspections and is safely stored inside the mayor's house for when the Annoholics are ready to perform. Great work!
Use 1x Concert Stage buffs on your own island.
70 Experience Points
1 A celebrity comes to town
New Instruments1-75
Oh, what a tragedy! It seems that on their trip here, the band hit a patch of rough weather, and their instruments got broken. They won't be able to play like that! The only option we have right now is to create new instruments for them to use. Check the provision house and bring them over!
These instruments are a fine piece of work! The band is impressed and can't wait to try them out! They will need some rehearsal time to get used to them, though.
Use 1x Brand-new Lute buffs on your own island.
Use 1x Drum set buffs on your own island.
Use 1x Piped flute buffs on your own island.
100 Experience Points
2 Stadium snacks
Spread the word1-75
All the preparations are set - now we just have to spread word around and attract some fans to our island. Let's leave this island for a while and tell our friends about it!
I've started to see some new faces around town - some wearing Annoholics clothing - so our efforts seem to have paid off! It's almost time for the concert! I can't wait!
Apply 50 buff(s) on your friends' buildings.
300 Experience Points
250 Coins

The Lost Compass1Well, now this is a peculiar compass. It has quite an odd design, and doesn't actually seem to point north, like every other compass... I wonder if there's more to this little artifact?
Well, those were some strange coins! I'm not sure how useful they'll be, but at the very least, we've obtained some knowledge about hidden treasures and legends from the past. And you know what they say - knowledge is the most precious of treasures! In future, let's hope we find a pirate treasure that can pay the bills, though.
112000 Experience Points
Artifact Study1-75
What a mysterious compass this is. It clearly does not point north, but that begs the question - where IS it pointing? One of our researchers thinks he may have an idea about how to solve this mystery, but he needs to have some specific documentation to help him figure it out.
The researcher has found a similarity in the design of the compass and an old pirate legend from the past. He's very grateful to us for letting him study such an interesting artifact.
Create 1 Codex(s) in the bookbinder.
20000 Experience Points
300 Coins
Treasure Hunt!1-75
Our research indicates that the curious compass is attuned to a certain specific metal. This metal was used by pirates, in years gone by, to stash their treasure so they could easily find it again later. It seems we may have found some treasure! Let's follow the compass towards other islands, and see how it behaves then.
Nothing around here, apparently... It's strange. Although the compass has very slightly shifted directions, it seems to always be pointing... East?
Complete 2 adventure(s).
76000 Experience Points
2000 Platinum Ore
1000 Mahogany Wood
Go East1-75
No matter how often we check it, it seems that the only constant is that it's always pointing east. Perhaps we should try looking there?
While fighting the bandits, we managed to find the chest the compass was pointing to! It seems heavy, and we don't have a key to open it, but at least we can take it home and decide what to do with it there.
Complete 1 "Arabian Nights" adventure.
100000 Experience Points
500 Grout
The Master Key1-75
The chest is ours - but without a key, it's little more than a really heavy box. Fortunately, we have a locksmith waiting in our provision house that assures me that with enough materials, he can find a key that'll open the chest for us. He promised not to look inside if he manages to get it open.
The locksmith arrived in a bit of a hurry. The chest is open! Let's go check it out!
Use 1x Robust Key buffs on your own island.
32000 Experience Points
450 Star Coins

A Threat!?1Terrible news! We have received an anonymous threatening letter that states, in scruffy handwriting, that we are going to be invaded soon! We must do something!
I learned a valuable lesson today. Paranoia and distrust can make you make very bad choices. But looking on the bright side, this little "prank", and the bad experience, has earned us a powerful ally in the end! All's well that ends well.
112000 Experience Points
We all need to calm down... After all, it may not be anything. But what if it is? It could be a prank... But what if it isn't? My lord, the uncertainty is killing me. We have to fortify the island. Let's put up barricades EVERYWHERE!
The barricades are finished, and have been set up. We've even made some makeshift watchtowers to keep an eye on things. But still... It's not enough!
Gather or produce 750 units of Mahogany Planks.
Pay 750 mahogany plank(s) from your storage.
12000 Experience Points
500 Granite
More Soldiers!1-75
Ahhh, I'm still not feeling any calmer... What should I do! What can we do? I'm not used to this kind of pressure! ...I know! We need to have more soldiers! A lot more soldiers! We need to prepare for the worst!
Phew! We now have enough troops to defend ourselves. I feel a little better now...
Gather or produce 750 units of Damascene Sword.
Own 300 Elite Soldier(s).
20000 Experience Points
1500 Platinum Ore
I Spy With My Little Eye1-75
Ok, ok - I think the nerves are starting to go away now... However, not being fully aware of our surroundings is making me a bit twitchy. Let's craft some spyglasses at our provision house, so we can keep an eye on things.
The watchtowers have been equipped with a spyglass each. Now at least we'll be able to see if anything's coming!
Use 5x Spyglass buffs on your own island.
28000 Experience Points
1 Nash Williams
Lone Invader1-75
What's that? A single boat!? Could it be a spy? I'll have him arrested immediately! My lord, our personnel are starting to grow restless and hungry. Do you think it would be possible to provide some food, so they can keep doing the great work they're doing in keeping us safe?
Our guards appreciate that you care about them as much as they care about our island. Meanwhile, we checked with our newest prisoner. He's very confused and doesn't know why we arrested him. I say he must know something... His timing is too perfect! We'll keep him locked away until we understand what's happening.
Pay 7500 Meat from your storage.
Pay 30000 Fish from your storage.
Produce at least 50 Aunt Irma's Gift Basket.
13600 Experience Points
1 Barazek
It's a Trap!1-75
A huge fleet has been sighted! One of the ships sent an emissary, who said that the boy we arrested some time ago is in fact the son of a count from another kingdom! I'm afraid I let my paranoia get the better of me, and now we're paying the price. I'm so sorry my lord! But can we perhaps offer a tribute to appease the situation? The alternative is a full-scale invasion!
It's a good thing we managed to talk it out... The little rascal we imprisoned is apparently the count's favorite son, and he fabricated that letter we received as a prank! Everything has been cleared up as a misunderstanding. That boy is in big trouble now. His "prank" nearly caused a war! Teenagers... I don't understand them.
Pay 1500 Coins from your storage.
Pay 750 platinum sword(s) from your storage.
116000 Experience Points
250 Grout
Prove Your Worth1-75
The count offers their apologies for the misunderstanding, and proposes an alliance as compensation. However, they have a strict policy of only letting people join their alliance if they can earn their general's approval. Take him on an adventure to the far east with you, and let him see what we're made of!
When we returned from the adventure, the count asked how we'd got on. Their general only nodded silently. Apparently this is a big deal, since the general hardly ever shows any kind of emotion or approval at all! The count enjoyed his stay on our island as a guest while you were away, and promises to return... as a friend this time.
Complete 1 "Arabian Nights" adventure.
88000 Experience Points
600 Star Coins

Strange Idols1We just found a statue of a little idol. It seems an ancient civilization may have lived on this island long ago! Our local scholars cannot wait for you to let them investigate it so we can learn more!
I sometimes regret having sold that little idol. What if instead of a cheap knock-off, it was an actual piece of culture from an ancient civilization? What if that civilization were simply known for being scammers and liars? Aaah, too many questions. My head hurts. I'm going to take a nap.
500 Experience Points
2 Crystal(s)
Our scholars are trying to isolate what kind of material the idol is made of. They've asked if they can borrow some materials fresh from our stores so they can compare consistency, weight, and a lot other words that I don't know what they mean.
The scholars have come back with the results of their research, and the results are... inconclusive. They don't seem to be able to figure out what it's made of!
Gather or produce 200 units of Bronze.
Gather or produce 200 units of Stones.
Gather or produce 200 units of Marble.
310 Experience Points
50 Bronze Swords
Have You Seen This?1-75
As it turns out, the idol isn't made of any material we've seen before. We could always ask the scholars living on our allies' islands, and see if they have any idea what it might be? Oh, but don't forget to take them some presents! We don't want to come across as greedy, do we?
One of our allies recognized the idol. The idol represents a deity that some ancient civilization worshipped. Rumor has it, this civilization was so wealthy, they made everything out of pure gold!
Apply 15 buff(s) on your friends' buildings.
30 Experience Points
1 Rabbit Lucky Charm
If what our allies said is true, and this idol is actually made of pure gold, it must be covered by a huge amount of dirt and rust... Fortunately, my grandma knows how to make a special liquid that'll remove any rust from gold in the space of just a few hours. Or so she says! We should be able to replicate it in our provision house.
Well, our scholars are convinced that if the idol had been made of gold, they would have known. So their best guess is that this civilization did not actually have stuff made of pure gold - they simply made it look like it instead! A fake!
Use 1x Rust-B-Gone buffs on your own island.
80 Experience Points
250 Marble
Still Worth It1-75
Let's try to look on the bright side. Regardless of what the idol's made of, I'm sure that if it contains even a small amount of gold, we can probably sell it for a profit. It is still a very pretty decoration.
Our tradesmen definitely have some interest in the idol. However, due to its special nature, we can't just offer it to anyone. Fortunately, I got contacted by a potential buyer that's offering a nice price for it!
Sell at least 100 Bronze Swords to other players.
Sell at least 1000 Wheat to other players.
Sell at least 1500 Pinewood Planks to other players.
Produce at least 30 Aunt Irma's Gift Basket.
400 Experience Points
500 Coins

A Really Sharp Claw1I bring dire news, my lord! One of our wood workers just found this really sharp claw while in the forest! I have never seen anything of this nature, but one thing is for certain - it's come from a big beast.
Bah, it was nothing more than a conveniently shaped rock! The geologist must have been seeing things, with the darkness and everything. Actually, looking a bit more closely, this "claw" could be nothing more than a sharp, oddly-colored mineral. There's probably no beast to worry about after all. Strange, how our minds can play tricks on us like that, eh?
1000 Experience Points
2 Crystal(s)
Search Party1-75
If we're going to search for this beast, we must be very thorough. Gather your explorers for a scouting party, and send them out to search for it. If they happen to bring some treasure in the process, then all the better!
The explorers have not been able to find anything. Neither the beast itself, nor any evidence of its existence. Perhaps it's a docile beast? No, what am I saying... This claw is not from a docile creature!
Have your specialists complete 5 "Treasure search (short)" task(s).
200 Experience Points
150 Marble
We searched the whole island, but we found nothing. Maybe we should search below the surface of the island, too? Maybe the geologists will find something underground...
The geologists have returned. One of them is as white as a sheet, and stammers that he saw a huge gray monster underground. Upon hearing its massive roar, he ran away as fast as he could. This doesn't look good, my lord. We have to do something to protect our people!
Have your specialists complete 5 "Find Copper Deposit" task(s).
Have your specialists complete 6 "Find stone deposit" task(s).
240 Experience Points
50 Iron
Better Be Safe1-75
Having heard the most recent testimony from our geologists, it's safe to say we cannot afford to take any risks. We need to prepare for the worst! If what they said is true, we'll need a really sturdy, and really BIG cage to put the beast in. Let's go to the provision house, and get to work!
Yes, this looks good. It can probably hold a bear. Or two. Or Fifty! It's very sturdy!
Use 1x Armored Cage buffs on your own island.
100 Experience Points
250 Hardwood
All the Bravest1-75
With the cage finished, all we need to do now is send a squad of the bravest soldiers to take care of the beast. I've already contacted the barracks, and they are willing to provide the bravest men they can out of their next batch of recruits.
The men braved the cave, but upon reaching the place the geologist described, they only found an odd formation of rocks. As for the roar? Apparently one of the caves below caved in, which may have sounded like a roar to him. The poor guy was in the right place, at the wrong time.
Own 30 Recruit(s).
Own 30 Bowmen.
120 Experience Points
250 Coins
1 Red Flying Settler

"To My Dear Miranda"1We found this message in a bottle addressed to a woman named "Miranda". The contents are about how much a man loves and misses her. It's all very cheesy if you ask me, but I'd feel bad if this letter was never received.
Jonas is really grateful for all the help we've given him. He says that he owes us his life, and therefore would like to spend it here, with us. He's going to go pick up Miranda and settle down here. How great is that?
5000 Experience Points
2 Crystal(s)
Wrong Number1-75
Although we don't know who this person is, we should try and send him some sort of reply. He definitely got the wrong person! We should train a messenger pigeon at our provision house to send our message back to where it came from!
The pigeon has flown the nest. Now let's hope it uses its training to take the letter to the right man.
Use 1x Messenger Pigeon buffs on your own island.
Pay 30 intermediate paper from your storage.
1000 Experience Points
1 Red Flying Settler
We have received a response from the man. His name is Jonas, and he never really expected anyone would ever get this letter! He confesses that Miranda is not the name of a woman, but the name of his cat, who has been with him his whole life. We have to go rescue him!
Our generals report that they found Jonas on the adventure. He's not looking good.
Complete 1 adventure(s).
5200 Experience Points
70 Exotic Wood
Medical care1-75
We brought the man back, but he's in really bad shape... He suffers from scurvy and severe dehydration. My grandma had a recipe for a vitamin-filled brew that should help him to get back into shape. Let's go to the provision house and prepare it!
Jonas is starting to look better. What did I tell you? My grandma knows a lot about medicines and remedies! A special vitamin boost is exactly what this man needed!
Use 1x Vitamin-Filled Remedy buffs on your own island.
Pay 4000 Water from your storage.
500 Experience Points
1 Settlers
50 Granite

The Vigilante's Insignia1When I first found this brooch, I thought that it was an ornament for clothing - but when the children around town saw me holding it, they started telling me how it belongs to a vigilante called "The Custodian", that has been fighting crime on this island. This requires more investigation!
Unfortunately, the Custodian does not feel to be ready to become a general as of now. She hasn't completely written off becoming one in future, however, and she's convinced that someone else would take the Custodian mantle. We'll let her continue her vigilantism for now. At least she's following our regulations now.
5000 Experience Points
2 Crystal(s)
The first mystery we must solve is Does this vigilante operate only on our island, or is he some sort of traveling hero? Let's pay a visit to some other places. Have our generals yell "The Custodian is coming!" and see if our enemies react.
Strange. Nobody reacted when the generals yelled the name. In fact, I could have sworn that some of them even laughed. This can only mean one thing "The Custodian" is one of our very own settlers.
Complete 2 adventure(s).
15000 Experience Points
2 Exotic Fruit Basket
Staging a Robbery1-75
I'm a bit worried that this vigilante might not fight crime "by-the-book" so to speak... So, I've come up with a cunning plan. We'll fake a robbery in one of our houses, and make a huuuuge racket while doing so. That will certainly attract The Custodian's attention - and perhaps then, we can have a proper chat. Let's prepare some flimsy props in our provision house to make this more realistic.
Oh wow, that definitely looked ugly. I think our actor may have broken a couple of ribs! Now with the incident clarified, perhaps the Custodian will listen to us. I never expected a lady to be so... brutal.
Use 1x Bag of Fake Coins buffs on your own island.
Use 1x Flimsy Props buffs on your own island.
2800 Experience Points
200 Coins
Morality Test1-75
There are two ways of dealing with this Either she passes the tests and becomes an official member of the guard, or she will be treated like the criminals she's trying to stop. Having seen her two options, she's agreed to apply to join the guard, as long as she can keep her cool costume. The first test is a written morality test. Please provide the necessary materials to do this.
Well look at those results! She passed with flying colors! At least now that we've spoken to her about what she's been doing, she understands that criminals, although they are criminals, are people too.
Pay 150 intermediate paper from your storage.
Pay 400 Nib(s) from your storage.
1300 Experience Points
3 Piero's Bowl of Pasta
Physical Test1-75
The second test is a physical test. Our guards must be in peak physical condition to be able to perform with the excellence required by the King. We will construct a difficult obstacle course, which you'll need to provide materials for. Don't worry, though - once the test is done, we can re-use most of the materials used.
It took a bit of effort, but she managed to pass the test. Granted, this is not a test that an unprepared person should be able to easily pass, so given the short length of time she took, this makes it all the more impressive.
Gather or produce 1000 units of Hardwood.
Gather or produce 750 units of Iron.
Gather or produce 750 units of Coal.
Gather or produce 500 units of Iron Swords.
Gather or produce 250 units of Steel Swords.
Gather or produce 1000 units of Horse.
Pay 1500 Tool(s) from your storage.
7000 Experience Points
200 Exotic Wood
Leadership Test1-75
She's more than fit for the guard - in fact, our generals are so impressed by her performance, they think she could become a general herself! They would like to perform a special leadership test, where she will join our generals in leading the troops on an adventure.
The generals are praising her left and right. They say that she even devised a cunning strategy to win a battle without suffering any losses of our troops! They say she would make a fine general, and want to offer her a place in their ranks.
Complete 1 adventure(s).
Win at least 1 non-expedition battle(s) without taking any losses.
5000 Experience Points
2 Stadium snacks

The Larsian Silk Cat1Let us read the message... A member of the von Peahead court informs you that his Lord’s rare Larsian silk cat has gone missing. Gundolf von Peahead accuses his fellow nobleman Harald the Softnoggin of pilfering it. The two are preparing for battle over this dispute– can you believe it?
The poor thing doesn't look happy at the prospect of going back to its loudmouth of a master. I cannot say I blame it. Hey, how's this for a suggestion. As you found the cat so quickly, I doubt our noble friends will be expecting results quite this soon. Why not let it enjoy some peace and quiet on the Excelsior? I’ll return it to von Peahead in a few weeks.
800 Experience Points
50 Gems
Of course, von Peahead has no evidence whatsoever. He only suspects Softnoggin because he was the last person he showed the cat to before its disappearance. They have promised to withdraw their troops, for now, in exchange for my assurance I'll investigate the matter. Can I count on your support? We’ll use flour to dust for foot and fingerprints!
I found prints! But they're not what I expected…
Pay 200 Flour from your storage.
100 Experience Points
100 Coins
The Smell of Freedom1-75
The most recent prints are from cat paws... It must have escaped on its own! All this madness over a runaway cat! I doubt that von Peahead will be satisfied unless we find and return his precious pet though. Where should we start looking? I wouldn't be surprised if it had made a beeline for the fish market.
The fishmongers reported spotting an ivory cat sneaking about the area. Looks like we're in the right place.
Produce at least 500 Fish.
100 Experience Points
3 Kitty Lure
I'm Important!1-75
We must defuse this situation. But how can we make them listen to us? These blockheads won’t even accept a flying ship as a sign of importance! The only language they understand is their own - showy displays of wealth and power. Let's pitch my tent on their battlefield. Add some showy decorations, and bring your personal guard too - that should draw their attention.
Here they come. Let’s see what they have to say for themselves.
Use 1x Marble Bust on your Mayor's house.
Delegate 6 Recruit(s) from your storage.
300 Experience Points
1 A celebrity comes to town
Like a Moth to a Flame1-75
Now that we know the cat is around here somewhere, we just need some bait. Do you have any suggestions?
You’ve got the little guy! Nice catch!
Use 1x Cat Chow on your Mayor's house.
Use 1x Scratching Post on your Mayor's house.
200 Experience Points
250 Coins

Wood production2-3
As you already know, we will need a lot of wood to have enough building materials. You should always have some in stock so you don't run short.
Having a little stock is never a bad thing. Don't forget to check your storehouses regularly to see if anything is missing.
Produce at least 3 Pinewood.
30 Stones

Plank production3-3
Ah, plank production is already working effectively as far as I can see. You should also raise your stock of planks a bit.
You are developing quickly. This should be enough for wood production to get started. Let's get on with the next resource.
Produce at least 3 Pinewood Plank(s).
20 Pinewood

Multiple deposits5-5
Did I mention that it is possible to have several deposits at the same time? Just send your geologist out more often. An additional stone deposit always comes in handy.
Of course this is true for every deposit, not just stone. Always remember that deposits become depleted after a certain time, so it's good to have another one as a replacement.
Find 1 new Stone deposit(s).
30 Stones

A little comfort6-10
If you have a little time, I would like to share two things with you First, you can track quests by clicking the small box next to the quests in the quest book, and secondly, you can pin the building menu if you want to prevent it from closing, when you are building streets, for example. Take a look.
Pretty useful features, am I right? Keeping the quests in sight is particularly handy. But I have kept you from your business long enough. Don't let me delay you any further.
Track a quest.
Pin the building menu
10 Fish

Still lacking stone7-10
With the added resources from Theodor, we should have enough of nearly everything except stone. Produce some, because we'll be needing a lot of it during our upcoming challenges.
Very good. This amount of stone should be sufficient for the upcoming buildings. However, you should always continue producing stone.
Produce at least 5 Stone.
10 Fish

Don't forget to buff8-18
Remember buffs? Producing buffs takes some time, but you usually need them on short notice. That's why I recommend you always have some in stock.
That is correct. You can do a lot with this. Don't forget that you need resources to create buffs, such as fish in this case. Do you have enough left?
Select a .
Produce at least 3 Fish Platter.
30 Stones

The base of buffs8-10
Since we have produced enough buffs, it's time to reproduce the fish, because when the basic resource of the buffs is exhausted, no more buffs can be produced.
Your fishermen were really hard working. Seems like they are really satisfied under your leadership. Now the first part of your economy is finished, we can go a step further.
Produce at least 3 Fish.
30 Pinewood Planks

I see that a lot of other settlers have settled very close to you. Maybe you should become friends with some of them? Having allies is never a bad thing…
Very good - strong allies will definitely prove useful. Social skills are very important. You should never underestimate that.
Add 1 or more friends to your friends list.
30 Pinewood Planks
30 Stones

New suggestions10-20
I've just returned from visiting one of your neighbors. A really nice island with interesting building structures. Why don't you visit your neighbor's islands yourself?
And did you like the islands? Of course you should always go your own way, but considering suggestions doesn't hurt.
Visit at least 1 friend(s).
30 Pinewood Planks

Do not forget the economy12-12
I know Lord Sardin is a bit severe and has you really busy, but despite all that, don't forget your economy, especially your tool production. Is it going well?
I see you have everything under control. I just wanted to be sure, but it looks like I worry too much.
Produce at least 5 tool(s) in your workyards.
30 Stones

Mutual help12-12
So, do you get on with Sardin? He might seem a bit rude but he is a brilliant tactician. But let's get back on topic; the king attaches great importance to neighborly help at the moment. I think it would be good to join forces with one of your neighbors and help them.
The king has noted your efforts appreciatively. I congratulate you. You are really doing excellently. Keep it up!
Buff at least 1 of your friends' buildings.
30 Pinewood Planks

Who has more wheat?14-14
Please excuse the interruption, but I have a small favor to ask of you. A farmer from a neighboring country has made a bet that his farm has more wheat and water, and I want to prove him wrong. So, we'll be needing more wheat fields!
That's really generous of you. With so many wheat fields, we should definitely win the bet.
Have at least 3 (s) on your island.
20 Bronze Swords

To multiply the harvest14-20
We have a lot to harvest on our farm. If you were willing to support us with food, we could multiply our yield. And that would be fantastic, wouldn't it? If you're feeling extra kind, you could give some food to the workers at your small wells as well!
Super! Thank you very much. You will not regret this, believe me. I will begin to help with the harvest immediately.
Use 2 buff(s) on (s).
Use 2 buff(s) on (s).
40 Stones
40 Pinewood Planks

Good preparation15-25
Please excuse me. I know you are very busy, but I won't disturb you for long. I just wanted to say that as soon as we begin producing bread, we'll be needing a lot of wheat. Maybe it would be best to build farms now so you don't have to deal with it later on?
Thank you for following my advice. I'm looking forward to the bread production already. Please contact me if you need my help with it.
Have at least 2 (s) on your island.
50 Brew

Wheat ahead15-25
I see you have built multiple farms. That's good, because soon we'll be needing horses, and they consume a lot of wheat. It would be best to anticipate and start production now.
So, the advice from the farmer was good after all. With this production we are well prepared for the horse breeding that will soon be upon us.
Produce at least 5 Wheat.
50 Stones

Help for the comrade16-16
A former comrade from the military academy has asked me to help him. He has received orders to defend a village and doesn't have enough bows. I really want to help him. First of all, we'll need a large amount of wood.
Hmm… I just told him we would help him, and straight away he asked for more bows. He's always been like that - you give him your pinky and he takes off the whole hand.
Have at least 100 Pinewood in your storage.
10 Experience Points
80 Pinewood Planks

Increased consumption18-18
Greetings. I have a small problem. The consumption of hardwood planks has increased a lot lately, especially since your orders for building new residences. I would be very grateful if you could raise stocks a little bit.
Thank you. Now I can continue working without problems. I have a feeling that a lot of new construction orders are about to come in.
Have at least 200 Hardwood Planks in your storage.
20 Experience Points
20 Bows

Nothing but hot air19-28
We agreed on 100 bows. I wonder what he wants to do with them. You could almost win a war with that many. Whatever, it's worth it, believe me.
Why did I insist on helping him? I made a bet with another former student that the time will come when he would need my help. Back then, he had rich parents and bragged about it, but I knew it was nothing but hot air.
Produce at least 10 Bow(s).
Pay 10 Bow(s) from your storage.
70 Experience Points
100 Pinewood Planks

Multiple deposits19-19
How do you like the new resources? You can make a lot out of them. Remember that marble deposits deplete quite fast. When you have several, the stonecutter will always choose the nearest one.
Of course that also applies to stone deposits. You should always have multiple deposits on your island.
Find 1 new Marble deposit(s).
20 Experience Points
20 Bronze Swords

The trapped child20-25
Something terrible has happened. One of the children has gone into a mine and the mine collapsed after them. Can you help us find the kid? It was an iron mine.
Thank you for your help, but please hurry. We don't have much time. Maybe the child is trapped and cannot breath.
Find 1 new Iron Ore deposit(s).
20 Experience Points
50 Marble

The rescue20-25
As soon as you build a mine on the deposit, we can start searching. Your mine workers can help search while they are digging.
Thank goodness, we found the child. That was close. I will go immediately and tell everybody to stay away from the mines.
Produce at least 50 iron ore in your workyards.
Have at least 2 (s) on your island.
20 Experience Points
100 Hardwood Planks

Increased water consumption20-25
Finally we can train cavalry ourselves. How is water production going? We need water for brew as well as the horses, but I don't think there's any chance we will run short of it.
I see that water production seems to be quite effective. Don't neglect it, or the cavalry training will cease.
Produce at least 100 Water.
10 Experience Points
50 Brew

Gift baskets22-25
Nice to see you again. As expected, my relatives liked the bread very much, but there is still some left. Maybe you should process the bread into gift baskets?
Exactly these ones I meant. As you probably know already, you can allocate the baskets to your production buildings, and these will produce more effectively for a certain time.
Select a .
Produce at least 5 Aunt Irma's Gift Basket.
40 Experience Points
50 Wheat

Wood for longbows22-25
Do not get distracted by this... What was his name? Klaus? The little fat man, you know who I mean. Do not get too distracted by him. We need hard wood for longbows. Maybe you could increase the production outcome for a short time.
It's much better that way. Don't forget to keep an eye on your weapon production, as you need your army when expanding your land. And even if you have enough units, weapons are a fantastic good to trade with.
Use 3x Aunt Irma's Gift Basket on your .
30 Experience Points
50 Bread

Coal for training23-27
Lord Sardin has come to me with an unusual request. I think he was a bit too embarrassed to tell you directly. He says he needs coal for the training of his units, but he didn't want to tell me exactly how he was going to use it. Just send your explorer to find a coal deposit.
Maybe you're wonder why you were supposed to search for a coal deposit. Well, Henry told me he is now able to build coal mines, and they are way more effective than the coking plant. This is a good time to try out the new mines.
Find 1 new Coal deposit(s).
10 Experience Points
50 Copper Ore

The coal mine23-27
Now the only thing left to do is commission the construction of the mine. Meanwhile, I will try to find out why exactly Lord Sardin wants coal. I'd really like to know.
I just returned from the barracks. The troops had all painted their faces black. Looked really frightening. I think it's camouflage training. Very strange.
Have 1 level 1 (s) on your island.
Pay 50 Coal from your storage.
10 Experience Points
100 Horse

Gold deposits23-30
One of our geologists just came and told me he thinks we have gold on our island, although he wasn't sure. He needs more time to find out. Send your geologist out to find a gold deposit. Maybe we'll get lucky.
I don't believe it - we really do have gold on this island. That is fantastic! Before we begin to bank it, we should check whether we have multiple deposits and how rich they are. Coin production is quite expensive.
Find 1 new Gold Ore deposit(s).
10 Experience Points
30 Gold Ore

The price of gold23-30
Hmm… constructing coin production should be handled very carefully, but I have to admit I don't have enough experience to give out advice. What do you think about trading a little with coins to get a feeling for their value?
So, what do you think? Did you get an impression? With coins, you can do a lot of different things, not just trade but also hire new specialists. For the moment though, it's a little early to you build your own means of production.
Buy at least 400 Coin(s) from other players.
15 Experience Points
100 Coal

Ways to the gold24-30
You can produce coins yourself, trade them, buy them from the merchant or find them on your adventures. Sometimes, even your explorer will take some coins back. Try out all the possible ways and when you are feeling confident, we'll start organizing your own coin production.
You've really managed to gather quite a solid amount of capital. Did you have any difficulties? Sleep on it, it and if you still want coin production, we'll start work on it. Meanwhile, you should be able to evaluate it yourself.
Have at least 600 Coins in your storage.
15 Experience Points
100 Coal

Increased coal consumption25-25
Greetings. I see that you are going to begin your own steel production. A good decision - Steel is a fantastic material. Just remember that it will require more coal, so you had better raise your stocks.
Very good. Now we will be able to work, and steel production can begin. I will return to my work and make sure production goes smoothly.
Have at least 1000 Coal in your storage.
5 Experience Points
150 Hardwood