Bows Bows

Detail tab: Bows Bows
Trade: Yes


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Christmas Event 2017
1+ Presents x 89 A decorative metal bowl filled with burning coals that can be placed on your island to prettify it.
Mercenary Bowmen
Limited Offers
26+ Gems x 119 Is your army lacking in the archery department? These bowmen will agree to help you out for a little while — for a little pay, of course.
Bows x 4400
Limited Offers
17+ Gems x 195 A rack of most-basic bows. While not exactly easy to use, inexperienced bowmen are advised to learn how to use these before moving up to a longbow.
Mercenary Longbowmen
Limited Offers
26+ Gems x 175 Mercenary longbowmen available for hire! Consider contracting them if you want to dish out more damage in combat.
Longbows x 2600
Limited Offers
25+ Gems x 295 These exquisite longbows outperform generic bows in both range and penetrating power. While archers need special training to properly use them, they are well worth the effort.
Crossbows x 520
Limited Offers
36+ Gems x 995 Crossbows are both powerful and easy to use compared to traditional bows. Being slow to reload however, crossbowmen still need to bring a lot of expertise with them, because every shot counts.
Mercenary Crossbowmen
Limited Offers
36+ Gems x 899 A rowdy bunch of mercenaries shares a hearty chuckle at the bows and longbows your troops are equipped with. They offer you a good deal on contracting some crossbowmen to demonstrate their power.


Duration Cost Reward
UnknownUnknown Bows x 500 Longbows x 10
UnknownUnknown Bows x 80 Balloons x 20


Name Level Reward
Increased consumption 18 -18 20 Bows