Bows Bows

Detail tab: Bows Bows
Trade: Yes

Total production time

Pinewood x 8 Bows x 1
12 m


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Limited Offers 26 + Gems x 119 Is your army lacking in the archery department? These bowmen will agree to help you out for a little while — for a little pay, of course.
Limited Offers 17 + Gems x 195 A rack of most-basic bows. While not exactly easy to use, inexperienced bowmen are advised to learn how to use these before moving up to a longbow.
Limited Offers 26 + Gems x 175 Mercenary longbowmen available for hire! Consider contracting them if you want to dish out more damage in combat.
Limited Offers 25 + Gems x 295 These exquisite longbows outperform generic bows in both range and penetrating power. While archers need special training to properly use them, they are well worth the effort.
Limited Offers 36 + Gems x 995 Crossbows are both powerful and easy to use compared to traditional bows. Being slow to reload however, crossbowmen still need to bring a lot of expertise with them, because every shot counts.
Limited Offers 36 + Gems x 899 A rowdy bunch of mercenaries shares a hearty chuckle at the bows and longbows your troops are equipped with. They offer you a good deal on contracting some crossbowmen to demonstrate their power.