Available Level Cost Detail tab
Pinewood x 100
1+ Gems x 28 The last whirlwind that swept over the land destroyed nearly all the woodcutter huts in your land, but this smart salesman has made a virtue of necessity and now sells the ruined huts as high quality pinewood for low budgets.
Pinewood Planks x 100
1+ Gems x 65 Essential for the ambitious builder — a bountiful package of handy planks.
Stones x 100
1+ Gems x 75 High quality stones. Carved from a rock solid mountain with diligence and affection.
Tools x 100
1+ Gems x 55 A local tool dealer offers flawless tools at the weekly flea market for a very small price. Obviously he hasn’t noticed how valuable these tools are in such times.
Fish Basket
Fish x 100
7+ Gems x 28 Finest fish from Lutetia. You can smell them a mile away. Which doesn’t mean the fish is stale, seriously! Just keep in mind that you cannot return the fish once you have bought them.
Coal x 100
10+ Gems x 60 Because of its usefulness, some people even call it «Black gold». Nearly every weapon needs this resource for production. With this pile of coal your weaponsmiths will never, ever stand still…
Treasure Chest
Coins x 100
10+ Gems x 350 The dream of every explorer, peasant or king. A big chest of shiny gold coins. What more can you ask for?
Hardwood x 100
14+ Gems x 65 A storm has hit your island and demolished some trees. The forester has collected the branches and given them to the local merchant.
Sausages x 100
14+ Gems x 150 A diligent settler has cooked some sausages for your busy workers. In return, she asks only for a little money to pay for the source materials.
Brew x 100
13+ Gems x 39 One of your farmers prides himself on having the most fertile wheatfields. All these years he has been ridiculed by his neighbors, but this year he was either lucky or — finally — right. He’s offering a huge amount of his finest brew for sale.
Hardwood Planks
Hardwood Planks x 100
14+ Gems x 100 Higher class building materials in one convenient package. Weighs nearly nothing and can be transported to a storehouse near you immediately.
Marble x 100
14+ Gems x 125 White and shimmering. High class marble blocks, ready for transport to your storage.
Loose Sheets
Simple Paper x 100
14+ Gems x 85 A good book can start with just a few rough scribbles on a napkin. To ensure your creatives always have said napkin on them, you should provide them with some Simple Paper.
Well-worn Volumes
Intermediate Paper x 100
22+ Gems x 320 Not all books turn out to be worth keeping. Sometimes it makes sense just to wipe the slate clean and start over. And frankly, did you ever finish that 1000-pager?
Tidy Staples
Advanced Paper x 100
37+ Gems x 690 Finally the complaints of your scribes have been heard — here’s some paper that doesn’t irritate your palm when writing. In fact it’s so comfortable that many have been found face down asleep on it.
Nib x 100
14+ Gems x 200 For extensive writing exercises you will need a fair amount of these. Don’t be stingy here — developed handwriting requires some effort. And remember to keep your wrist relaxed.
Printing Press Letter x 100
22+ Gems x 540 For all who want to produce serial pamphlets rather than fancy poetry books. No time for squiggly scrawling — here’s how you can produce those piles of documents before tonight’s deadline.
Book Finish
Book Fitting x 100
37+ Gems x 880 Of course nobody judges a book by its cover, but there’s no denying that a nicely decorated book just looks so much more intellectual. This bag of ornaments will greatly help you make your eternal wisdom look even wiser.