Available Level Cost Detail tab
Training Grounds 13+ Gems x 3950 This Barracks expansion lets you train your troops even faster.
Elite Training Grounds 54+ Gems x 7950 This Elite Barracks expansion lets you train your troops even faster.
Scouting Post 26+ Gems x 7950 This building comes with a cadre of scouts. They’ll evaluate the situation on any adventures you start, to ensure you get the most out of them.
10 Building Licenses 1+ Gems x 650 Ten blank building licenses directly from the high court of the royal palace. These will allow you to construct even more buildings in your marvelous city.
Rarity Provision House 7+ Gems x 3495 A provision house is a must-have for any great monarch, but this is also true for your architects’ latest invention The Rarity Provision House. Not only does it offer rare recipes for buffs, but it’s a nice looking building too.
Noble Residence Deed 5+ Gems x 95 A big residence offering all the comfort and luxury expected by a noble. Furthermore, this residence is very spacious, so a lot of people can live here.
Trade Office Deed 1+ Gems x 450 Your gate to the whole wide world. With this monumental building you are allowed to trade with other players.
Improved Butcher 22+ Gems x 1875 An experienced butcher that produces sausages three times as fast as a regular butcher.
Guild House Deed 17+ Gems x 1250 A huge, magnificent and impressive mansion where the guild council board takes place.
Improved Deerstalker Hut 13+ Gems x 3495 The hunter that works out of this hut has perfected the use of traps and tricks, to become the most efficient hunter in the land. Nobody can rival him in terms of efficiency and speed. It seems your butchers will be busy while he’s around!
Village School 1+ Gems x 750 The village school is filled with the best teachers who will teach the kids how to become the best settlers out there.
Artesian Well Deed 13+ Gems x 95 This ornate water basin is an useful and gorgeous enrichment for every town. Gallons of the freshest water can be gained from this beautiful monument.
Watermill 13+ Gems x 895 This is the construction plan of a new experimental building which magically produces unlimited water. The inventor has been accused of witchery.
Improved Watermill 13+ Gems x 2395 Whether by witchcraft or science, the engineer behind the watermill has managed to enhance his already impressive invention.
It still generates water from nothing, but it does so a lot more efficiently than the original.
Packed Wheatfield Deed 13+ Gems x 95 Wheat needs room to grow freely. By halving this space we have doubled the potential amount of wheat for this field. Sure, the wheat might look a little squashed, but it’s still edible.
Silo 13+ Gems x 750 A lazy settler, who doesn’t want to build wheat fields anymore, has had a great idea. He’ll build a silo which collects surplus grain, and use it to refill the wheat fields.
Floating Residence 5+ Gems x 290 Always wanted a house by the sea? No space on your island anymore, and don’t know what to do? We have the solution! Buy this house built on the water, and your worries will be forgotten.
Improved Silo 13+ Gems x 1995 Have you always wanted a way to refill your wheat fields more effectively? Then your wish just came true! This new silo refills your fields in the blink of an eye!
Recycling Manufactory 1+ Gems x 990 This new building is really amazing. It can take leftover wood and rapidly process it into coal, essentially giving you an inexhaustible supply of coal.
Improved Storehouse 5+ Gems x 750 Are your storehouses full to bursting point, and you’ve got nowhere to keep your resources?
Then you probably need the Improved Storehouse. It provides three times the space of a normal storehouse.
Friary 1+ Gems x 2450 These hermit monks have perfected the art of brewing brew to a degree that is only possible due to their dedicated and sacrificial way of life. However, for the greater good of all settlers, they are happy to make the sacrifice.
Endless Copper Mine 1+ Gems x 20000 Rumors of black magic and sinister curses have surrounded the Endless Mine for decades, until recently, when a resourceful and unflinching young business man decided to avail himself of the concept.
Endless Coal Mine 1+ Gems x 12500 Tired of rebuilding coal mines? Get the «Endless Coal Mine»!
Gem Pit 1+ Gems x 20000 Deep within the bowels of the earth, subjected to incredibly severe conditions, your men have amazingly discovered a gem lode. Only your most adept diggers are capable of unearthing these precious gems while risking their very lives.
Deerstalker Hut 1+ Gems x 1995 The home of an elite hunter who doesn’t need a specific spot to hunt, but travels all around the island for game. He’s known for his exceptional stealth and agility… some even say he used to be one of the royal archers before abandoning Capital Island to live a life of solitude, governed by his own rules and habits.
Exotic Wood Tree Nursery 26+ Gems x 1975 Finally! A building, which produces exotic wood. But beware! Unlike regular work yards, this building depletes after a while.
Granite Pit 26+ Gems x 1975 Finally! A building, which produces granite. But beware! Unlike regular work yards, this building depletes after a while.
Epic Woodyard 48+ Gems x 5000 Both undisputable evidence of your prowess and a greatly improved production building, this truly magnificent structure is every player’s desire.
Fish Farm 6+ Gems x 845 The home of a passionate and nature loving fisherman who loves to fish, but does not want to endanger wild fish species. He’s known for his boundless knowledge of how to breed fish in great numbers.
Improved Farm 13+ Gems x 845 Who would have guessed that the results of modern agricultural research would look more rural than before? This farm harvests wheat with incredible efficiency, yet exudes nostalgic charm.
Improved Mill 16+ Gems x 975 Mills are nice, but isn’t there always room for improvement? Our engineers thought so, and devised a much more efficient design that allows it to produce flour much more quickly. They say took years of research, but really they just strapped more donkeys to the wheel.
Improved Bakery 16+ Gems x 1495 Are your plain old bakeries struggling to keep up with your sandwich consumption? Well fear not, as science has the answer to this terrible problem!
This bakery is equipped with optimized ovens and extra-precise hourglasses.