Available Level Cost Detail tab
36+ Gems x 1495 One of our traders just arrived back from Nearpole Island bearing bad news! He claims that the most feared Nords invaded the island and they brought a cold wind along! They came from the northern islands that were believed to be buried under the ice. We need to head to Windy Island and see what’s happening!
36+ Gems x 695 You have received a threatening letter containing the demands of a bunch of wild men that landed on the shore not long ago. Apparently, they are part of some kind of wild Nordic tribe that intends to go pillaging and plundering their way through the area. For the sake of your people’s safety you should challenge this tribe. Drive them away and restore peace and order to your kingdom.
42+ Gems x 495 A claim of sovereignty has arrived at your castle. Hector the Black and his brother Barnabas demand a whole mountain range as their new territory. They have already secretly built black castles and recruited numerous men to defend them. What will you do? Allow this treason to happen? Or will you put an end to this claim once and for all?
36+ Gems x 410 A group of the notorious Nords built their camp on a small island nearby. It seems as if they prepare an attack against you. They don’t know that their landing was noticed by you. Therefore it would be intelligent to attack them now.
26+ Gems x 195 A village is in need of your help. Their houses have been changing their appearance because of a dark magical influence. Will you help?
26+ Gems x 195 Dark ruins glowing mystically, changing the appearance of buildings. This is the problem these people have to deal with. They could really do with a hand.
36+ Gems x 295 Are you sitting down? This letter here came from pirates! And it’s not a call for ransom or a new threat! They need our help! Yes, you heard me well! A group of veteran and retired pirates, who we defeated several times some years ago, are under attack by bandits. They say the bandits came and took over their island. Apparently, the bandits want to become pirates, so they’re forcing the veterans to teach them about the pirate life. I’m so confused now… Should we help them? Yes? Well, let’s buckle up then!
26+ Map Fragment x 95 Rumors tell of a mighty witch.

She lives in a poisonous swamp and is believed to have the ugliest face you can imagine, with warts all over her deformed nose and a laugh that will freeze your spine. Anyone who dares to journey into her realm is sure to earn fame and glory.

26+ Map Fragment x 95 The people of the great veld seek your assistance.

One of the rider clans has started terrorizing the settlers in this region, taking their belongings and stealing their flocks. If no one helps them, they will have to leave their homeland. The local population doesn’t possess much, but they are willing to offer their most precious heirloom to anyone who can drive the rider clan away.

26+ Map Fragment x 145 Loyal men they were, but greed turned them into ruthless bandits. The nobles have turned to you for help against these deserters. Be careful if you approach them since these traitors are heavily armed, battle hardened men.
26+ Map Fragment x 145 A very concerned landlord has written a letter to you. One of his previously loyal master archers has turned rogue, living in the forest and stealing gold from rich merchants and nobles. With it, he bribes simple peasants into rioting. You have to stop this at once!
36+ Map Fragment x 195 You have received a letter of challenge from a group called «The Sons Of The Veld». Obviously a new rider clan has emerged and is overconfident about its own strength. This challenge is an affront to your honor. You have to show these savages their place!
26+ Map Fragment x 95 The remote mansion of Lord Scroogius is being besieged by two competing factions.
Due to the lay of the land, a two-pronged assault will be required to break the siege in the little time they have left until their provisions run out.
Hurry to help the lord and the reward will be well worth it!
36+ Map Fragment x 245 A spy report tells of a secluded castle in a large valley far to the east. Evidently, the knights there have got hold of some cannons. Those mighty weapons might prove very useful in the future, but the knights surely won’t give them away freely. You may have to convince them with a little… manpower.
42+ Map Fragment x 295 The rider clans of the great veld have requested your assistance. Apparently, an evil shaman called «Roaring Bull» has claimed regency over the entire area. He and his fellow shamans command dark magic and fierce warriors. Nobody can stand against them. You will have to send your finest men in order to defeat them.
36+ Map Fragment x 195 The Scouts have found a house hidden in the forest where they think the rogues Chuck, One-Eyed Bert and Metal Tooth are living. Travel to the dark part of the forest and check the rumor out. If you find the scoundrels there, catch them and bring them to justice.
42+ Map Fragment x 295 A claim of sovereignty has arrived at your castle. Hector the Black and his brother Barnabas demand a whole mountain range as their new territory. They have already secretly built black castles and recruited numerous men to defend them. What will you do? Allow this treason to happen? Or will you put an end to this claim once and for all?
42+ Map Fragment x 595 Your old friend the little tailor is in a bad way. The king has sent him on a very dangerous task where he can’t succeed alone.
Maybe you can help him out?
26+ Map Fragment x 175 We have an urgent matter. Please, sit, there’s much to tell. King Damien has an elite group of people called «The Unity». These people are the ones the King trusts and shares all his secret plans with and whatnot. One of the generals who was part of this special group retired some years ago, and the King gifted him an island. Yes, you heard me. The man got an island. Gregorid Skoln is his name, and he lives in honored retirement on his island, Sleepy Reef, along with his wife and his most beloved daughter, Sabilyn. Sadly, Gregorid had some unfinished business before he left Capital Island, and that business has taken over his island. Some of the traitors stormed the island and are now holding Gregorid and his family hostage. I think this calls for a visit, am I right? Don’t forget your sword.
Mysterious Adventure Box 26+ Map Fragment x 300 A mysterious box, with unknown inventory. While holding it you get the impulse to travel far away looking for adventures.
26+ Fish x 10 A rich merchant seeks your help.

Some business partners have double-crossed him and now he wants revenge. They have set up camp in a nearby canyon.

42+ Map Fragment x 195 It is a mark of troubled times when bandits join forces to form groups of outlaws. Travelers talk of an island shrouded in mist, where the bandits set sail and spread over the land.
Send your men and see to it that this stronghold is destroyed!