• Change log 21.08.2018

    Dear Settlers,

    Among multiple changes and adjustments, the upcoming game version will make available 4 new islands in the home island archipelago!

    Read more about the improvements in our changelog, or consult the Dev Diary for further insight into the island expansion!

    Change log | Dev Diary

    Happy settling,
    The Community Team

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  • Network and Database Maintenance

    Dear settlers,

    The Pirates have sneaked onto your home-island during the night, landing on your shores and causing all sorts of havoc in their quest for treasure! We’ll need every able hand to meet them head-on before it gets out of control.


    Run any Pirate themed adventure during this event, and receive a bountiful boost to loot and XP! Please note that loot-mails from these adventures must be received and opened during the event for it to have the bonuses applied.

    And don’t dally you scallywags; the event will end on Monday the 13th of August, at 09:00 BST!


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  • Sneak Peek: Anniversary Event

    Dear settlers,

    It’s time to prepare for a big festivity, for this year we are celebrating 25 years of Settlers with a special Anniversary Event! Among other features, the event includes:

    The Scouting Post

    • New buildings
      The Scouting Post is a new culture building which provides buffs with increased XP rewards!
    • New specialist
      The Field Medic General with an enhanced version of the First Aid skill as a trait

    Not only will the Anniversary Event be available on the test server, but the Home island will be expanded as well with additional building slots! 

    Read everything about it in our forum or head over to the test server to see the event for yourself!

    Sneak Peek | tsotesting.com

    Happy testing!

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