• Change Log 15/10/19

    Dear Settlers,

    This update will feature the technical implementation of this year’s Halloween Event, along with some bugfixes and more!

    Read more about the upcoming version in our Change Log.

    Happy settling,

    — Delivered by Feed43 service

  • Test Server: Halloween Event

    Dear Fans of the yearly spooking,

    October has officially begun — with the start of the spooky month, we prepared a small «Trick or Treat»-Course!

    Pack your bedsheets & rattling chains and prepare to haunt the >test server< by exploring ghastly figures and spooky places!

    Happy haunting!

    — Delivered by Feed43 service

  • Your estimations for this event

    Dear Celebration-Specialists,

    The event is moving on and many settlers are donating balloons. We would like to see some of your guesses for this event.

    Join the and share your personal estimations.

    Have a nice anniversary!

    — Delivered by Feed43 service