• Halloween Gifts

    Spooky-greetings Settlers!

    You receive word from the gates that a ghastly Pumpkin carriage has arrived at your home-island, so you rush down to see what’s going on!

    Check your in-game mail!

    Log in to find out the rest of the story and claim your gifts! 

    Happy Halloween Event!
    The Settlers Online Team

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  • Cooking Class 2020: Halszka1991

    Dear settler cooks,

    today there is a hearty settler’s recipe. In Piero’s bowl full of noodles you will not only find noodles, but also lots of other delicious ingredients. Try it out, or create a delicious dish yourself. We are curious about your variations!

    Macht beim Kochkurs mit!

    Take part in the cooking class!

    Enjoy the food,

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  • TSO is moving to Unity!

    Dear Settlers,

    With Halloween approaching, we also want to give you another update on the future of TSO. It is time to finally reveal the technology we have chosen: Unity! 

    Despite us having started this immense endeavour quite some time ago, we will have to bridge the first three months of 2021 with a downloadable flash-based client. For more details, head over to our >forum<.

    Stay tuned as we will provide more information and a timeline of what is to come soon.

    Happy Halloween!

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