• [Interaction] "Share your hobby" Day

    Howdy Settlers,

    Your settlers wake up every morning and plant some trees for your woodcutter. You have planted small trees yourself since years and still take care of them. Or do you have another hobby which is also a part of «The settlers online»?

    Join the activity in the >forum< and share your hobbies!

    Enjoy the Day!

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  • Change Log 28/07/2020

    Dear Settlers,

    This update adds two new Tribute Buildings to the game, as well as various bugfixes!

    Read more about the upcoming version in our Change Log.

    Happy settling,

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  • [Interaction] Cooking Class 2020

    Dear Settler Cooks,
    Today we have selected a very popular settler’s recipe. In this spotlight, you can see a Spanish version of Piero’s bowl of noodles and of course, you can cook it yourself. What do your variations look like?

    Join The Cooking Class!

    Join us and read more about this special interaction in our forum!

    Happy Cooking,

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