• Dev Diary: Summer Event 2022

    Dear settlers,

    Do you hear the shouts of your Settlers? They are cheering on their teams! This year’s Summer event will kick off soon, so it’s time to take a look at the upcoming features in the developer diary:

    • New Production Building: Siege Workshop
    • New Culture Building: Grand Field Hospital
    • New Population Building: Bungalow
    • New Storage Building: Tiki Storehouse

    Get your soccer jersey ready and start reading the developer diary!

    Have a great summer!

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  • Changelog 15.06.2022

    Dear settlers,
    This update technically implements the Summer Event, which starts on June 20th!

    • New Event: This update includes the technical implementation of this year’s Summer Event, which starts on 20.06.
    • Whisper Notifications: Whispers will now play a sound notification again
    • Stuck Tooltips: Tooltips will no longer get stuck on-screen on zone refreshes
    • All additional changes can be found in the changelog.

    Happy Settling,
    Your «The Settlers Online» Team

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  • Easter Event Feedback

    Dear Settlers,

    This year’s Easter Event has come to a close; did you manage to gather enough Stripy Eggs to purchase the items you coveted the most at the in-game merchant?

    Until next year, we’d like to hear your feedback on this year’s Easter Event! Please share your thoughts with us and the rest of the community in the forums.

    Your “The Settlers Online” Team

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