Blacktree (red)Blacktree (red)

Detail tab: Blacktree (red)
A tree as black as night. Once the pride and center of a witches’ dance, it mysteriously found its way onto your island. It looks like the tree is swallowing the light around it, in return emitting a diffuse red light.
To reposition buildings: Yes
Hitpoints: 1000
Trade: No
Size: 2 x 2
Level: 0
Level Building upgrades To reposition buildings
Blacktree (red) Level 1 Hardwood Planks x 2000
Coins x 500
Blacktree (red) Level 2 2 m Pumpkins x 1500
Exotic Wood Planks x 500
Hardwood Planks x 3000
Coins x 750
Blacktree (red) Level 3 2 m Pumpkins x 1750
Exotic Wood Planks x 1000
Hardwood Planks x 4000
Coins x 1000
Blacktree (red) Level 4 2 m Pumpkins x 2000
Exotic Wood Planks x 1500
Hardwood Planks x 5000
Coins x 1250
Blacktree (red) Level 5 2 m Pumpkins x 2250
Exotic Wood Planks x 2000
Hardwood Planks x 6000
Coins x 1500
Blacktree (red) Level 6 2 m Pumpkins x 2500
Exotic Wood Planks x 2500
Hardwood Planks x 7000
Coins x 1750
Blacktree (red) Level 7 2 m Pumpkins x 2750
Exotic Wood Planks x 3000
Hardwood Planks x 8000
Coins x 2000


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Blacktree Seed (red)
Halloween Event 2017
15+ Pumpkins x 4500 A seed that lets you plant a tree as black as night. Once the pride and center of a witch’s dance, this seed mysteriously found its way into your hands. The tree that springs from this seed will swallow the light surrounding it, and in return emit a diffuse, arcane red light.
Just standing beside such a tree, you can feel its arcane power permeate through you. You feel a strong urge to get as many of these trees on your island as possible, and wonder if this is part of its magic.

Productivity Buffs — Blacktree (red)

Delete Item Trade Buff Effect Duration Objective
No No Zone-wide buffs Zone-wide buffs


Cost Reward Duration Accelerate the process. Halve the time! Detail tab
Blacktree Pollen
Blacktree Pollen
Area Effect +300% output, but +100% input required, 7×7 area.
Target Workyard
Duration 24 hours

Flour x 1500
Sausages x 1200
Blacktree Pollen x 1 23 h 30 m Gems x 599
Blackened Titanium Horseshoe
Zone effect +25% movement speed
Target Generals on an adventure
Duration 6 hours
Note This buff only affects a single adventure.

Titanium x 100
Coal x 1500
Blackened Titanium Horseshoe x 1 18 h Gems x 175
Witches’ Grout
Correctly mixed ingredients, when put in a barrel under the tree, transform into a gooey substance that hardens when in contact with air.

Effect Use on the mayor’s house to get

Marble x 30
Granite x 20
Brew x 50
Grout x 2 40 m Gems x 12
Blacktree Blossoms
The anomalous scent of the rare black blossoms
Effect +300% output
Target Epic Workyard
Duration 24 hours (36 hours on friend/guild member)

Oilseed x 2200
Water x 3500
Marble x 2500
Blacktree Blossoms x 1 1 d 23 h 30 m Gems x 225
Black Vortex
Black Vortex
Zone Effect Reduces travel time for generals by 35%, stacks with other buffs of the same type
Target Adventures
Duration 3 hours
Note The buff only works for adventures started while the buff is active.
Once activated, the buff will remain applied to the adventure even if the initial buff on your home zone is no longer active.

Map Fragment x 50
Intermediate Paper x 1000
Adventure Tale x 10
Black Vortex x 1 3 d Gems x 299
Arcane Crystallization
The dark energy that flows between a blacktree’s roots is capable of creating incredible effects.
Hopefully these effects don’t turn against you.

Effect Use on the mayor’s house to get

Granite x 20
Oilseed x 150
Brew x 100
Crystal Shard x 1 3 h 30 m Gems x 5
Blacktree Arrow
A single magical arrow that hits multiple targets. A number of random units in the camp will be defeated and removed.

Defeats fewer units than other arrow types, but its use on enemy camps is not limited.

Exotic Wood Planks x 500
Book Fitting x 200
Saltpeter x 50
Blacktree Arrow x 1 1 d 12 h Gems x 115