Adventure Tale Adventure Tale

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Duration Cost Reward
Short Adventure StoryShort, and often funny anecdotes from soldiers about happenings during adventures. 24 h Simple Paper x 590
Nib x 470
Coins x 24
Adventure Tale x 10
Manuscript x 1
Medium-Length Adventure StorySeveral short stories of mixed genres and themes, as told by elite troops, are bundled together in this beauty. 2 d Intermediate Paper x 605
Printing Press Letter x 415
Coins x 48
Adventure Tale x 20
Tome x 1
Long Adventure StoryEpic tales regularly recited by your generals, these stories hold a lasting appeal, and are guaranteed to captivate every listener. 4 d Advanced Paper x 560
Book Fitting x 400
Coins x 72
Adventure Tale x 40
Codex x 1