Blacktree (gold)Blacktree (gold)

Detail tab: Blacktree (gold)
A tree as black as night. Once the pride and center of a witches’ dance, it mysteriously found its way onto your island. It looks like the tree is swallowing the light around it, in return emitting a diffuse golden light.
To reposition buildings: Yes
Hitpoints: 1000
Trade: No
Size: 2 x 2
Level: 0
Level Building upgrades To reposition buildings
Blacktree (gold) Level 1 Hardwood Planks x 2000
Coins x 500
Blacktree (gold) Level 2 2 m Pumpkins x 1500
Exotic Wood Planks x 500
Hardwood Planks x 3000
Coins x 750
Blacktree (gold) Level 3 2 m Pumpkins x 1750
Exotic Wood Planks x 1000
Hardwood Planks x 4000
Coins x 1000
Blacktree (gold) Level 4 2 m Pumpkins x 2000
Exotic Wood Planks x 1500
Hardwood Planks x 5000
Coins x 1250
Blacktree (gold) Level 5 2 m Pumpkins x 2250
Exotic Wood Planks x 2000
Hardwood Planks x 6000
Coins x 1500
Blacktree (gold) Level 6 2 m Pumpkins x 2500
Exotic Wood Planks x 2500
Hardwood Planks x 7000
Coins x 1750
Blacktree (gold) Level 7 2 m Pumpkins x 2750
Exotic Wood Planks x 3000
Hardwood Planks x 8000
Coins x 2000


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Blacktree Seed (gold)
Halloween Event 2017
15+ Pumpkins x 4500 A seed that lets you plant a tree as black as night. Once the pride and center of a witch’s dance, this seed mysteriously found its way into your hands. The tree that springs from this seed will swallow the light surrounding it, and in return emit a diffuse, arcane golden light.
Just standing beside such a tree, you can feel its arcane power permeate through you. You feel a strong urge to get as many of these trees on your island as possible, and wonder if this is part of its magic.

Productivity Buffs — Blacktree (gold)

Delete Item Trade Buff Effect Duration Objective
No No Zone-wide buffs Zone-wide buffs