Flour Flour

Detail tab: Flour Flour
Trade: Yes

Total production time

Wheat x 1 Flour x 1
6 m
Flour x 1 + Water x 2 Bread x 1
3 m
Wheat x 1 Flour x 1
2 m
Flour x 1 + Water x 2 Bread x 1
1 m
+ 1 Flour
5 m


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Flour x 500
Limited Offers
16+ Gems x 72 A good dozen sacks of wheat flour. As fine and pure as it seems to be, you cannot wait to try whatever amazing bread your bakers will make from it!


Duration Cost Reward
Small GlueA small batch of glue that can really help our bookbinder stick to his job. Use it on the bookbinder to speed up production by 20% for 12 hours. 6 m Bronze Cauldron x 5
Water x 100
Flour x 50
Small Glue x 1
GlueSticky glue that 1 m Water x 100
Flour x 100
Glue x 1
Wedding CakeIMPORTANT NOTE This item has no effect unless the quest "Cake for Hundreds" is active!

An enormous wedding cake crafted by the finest bakers in the land. It looks both flashy AND delicious.

Effect Use it on the mayor 1 m Flour x 3000
Gold Ore x 250
Wedding Cake x 1
Mr. Croix Sant 24 m Flour x 250
Stripy Easter Egg x 1
Mr. Croix Sant's Ultimate Treat x 1
Makeshift Gunpowder"Close enough."

Effect Use on the mayor 6 h Flour x 1000 Gunpowder x 10
Flour conversionConverts flour into balloons. 1 m 40 s Flour x 80 Balloons x 20
GlueSticky glue that 5 m Water x 100
Flour x 100
Glue x 1