Detail tab: Chocolatier
Many sweet things can be made from chocolate.
To reposition buildings: Yes
Hitpoints: 1000
Trade: No
Size: 2 x 2
Level: 0
Level Building upgrades To reposition buildings
Chocolatier Level 1 Hardwood Planks x 6000
Marble x 6000
Chocolatier Level 2 2 m 30 s Valentine Flowers x 2000
Tools x 1000
Marble x 6000
Coins x 1000
Chocolatier Level 3 2 m 30 s Valentine Flowers x 3000
Marble x 5000
Marble x 6000
Coins x 2000


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Valentine’s Event 2019
7+ Valentine Flowers x 3295 You’d be surprised at the sweet, useful things a chocolatier can create.

Productivity Buffs — Chocolatier

Delete Item Trade Buff Effect Duration Objective
No No Zone-wide buffs Zone-wide buffs