Gold Gold

Detail tab: Gold Gold
Trade: Yes


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Endless Gold Mine
1+ Gems x 25000 By finding a vein of gold that runs so deep it’ll last for several generations, the mine will appear all but endless. Just don´t let the gold fever get a grip on you!
Golden Lantern
1+ Gems x 45 A golden lantern looks so good when placed next to your precious gilded bench.
Gilded Bench
1+ Gems x 45 With this decadent seating furniture you will show all your visitors the prosperity of your population.
Golden Bench
1+ Gems x 65 This beautiful bench could be the new centerpiece of your town. It’s almost too beautiful to take a seat on.
Enhanced Gold Pickaxe
Deposit: Gold Ore + 5000
23+ Gems x 750 With this pickaxe your settlers can mine gold ore more effectively than ever. Simply use it on the mine and be amazed how much gold ore one mine can have.
Golden Parrot
Deposit: Gold Ore + 500
23+ Gems x 75 This parrot has been trained by pirates to find gold. If you feed it enough crackers it will lead your workers to new gold reserves deep in the mountains.
Gold-hearted Geologist
Easter Event 2018
15+ Stripy Easter Egg x 1495 A geologist with a heart of gold. It seems as if the gods want to reward her kindness and hard-working nature.
Gold Tower
Epic Items
48+ Magic Beanstalk x 6300 Rumpelstiltskin has enchanted this tower so any settler can spin straw into pure gold here!
Blacktree Seed (gold)
Halloween Event 2017
15+ Pumpkins x 4500 A seed that lets you plant a tree as black as night. Once the pride and center of a witch’s dance, this seed mysteriously found its way into your hands. The tree that springs from this seed will swallow the light surrounding it, and in return emit a diffuse, arcane golden light.
Just standing beside such a tree, you can feel its arcane power permeate through you. You feel a strong urge to get as many of these trees on your island as possible, and wonder if this is part of its magic.
Gold Ore
Gold Ore x 500
Limited Offers
24+ Gems x 245 A pirate crew wants to sell you a «treasure of gold». When you open one of the chests to reveal gold ore instead of the expected coins, they just shrug.

Reward — Explorer

Treasure search (prolonged) Treasure search (prolonged) 150 13.3 % 54 +
Rarity search Rarity search 25 14.28 % 42 +


Duration Cost Reward
Golden StatueA statue made of pure gold. Looks like some sort of award, although it 9 m Gold x 200 Golden Statue x 1
SpyglassA tube of metal with a lens at the end, used to spot objects that are very far away. Never to be used to spy on your neighbors!

Use it on the mayor 3 m Gold x 150
Steel x 100
Spyglass x 1
Normal PotionCures Mayan Shamans of infection. 
Required to solve some quests in the "Epidemic" weekly challenge. 2 m Water x 225
Gold x 8
Normal Potion x 1
Philosopher 6 h Gold x 100 Iron x 100
Christmas Market Buff Level 4Christmas Market Buff Level 4
Area Effect +300% output, 11x11 area. 
Target Workyard
Duration 12 hours Exotic Wood Planks x 500
Gold x 500
Extravagant Sugar GlueEffect +200% production speed
Target Regular Bookbinder
Duration 16 hours (24 hours on a friend/guild member)
An extraordinary sugar glue from a generations old recipe that can even be used for bookbinding. Although the risk of books getting eaten will increase proportionally... 1 d 12 h Gold x 100
Intermediate Paper x 500
Extravagant Sugar Glue x 1
More oil from oil and goldCombines oil and gold to make more oil 25 m Oil x 2
Gold x 3
Oil x 4
UnknownUnknown Gold x 60 Balloons x 30
UnknownUnknown Water x 225
Gold x 8
Normal Potion x 1
UnknownUnknown Gold x 100
Intermediate Paper x 500
Extravagant Sugar Glue x 1


Name Level Reward
Attractive prices 40 -42 300 Coins
200 Bronze
200 Iron
100 Gold