Detail tab: Zone Effect Doubles the effect of all single production buffs
Target Workyards
Duration 2 hours (3 hours on friends)
The doubling of buff effects does not stack with other buffs of this kind, and does not apply to epic workyards.
Duration: 2 h — User
3 h — Friends
Objective: Home Island: Buildings
Delete Item: No
Trade: Yes
Type: Zone-wide buffs

Reward — Achievements

Is it love?Is it love? 1 100 %
IdolizedIdolized 1 100 %
Flower LoverFlower Lover 1 100 %
Flower GrowerFlower Grower 1 100 %


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Valentine’s Event 2019
1+ Valentine Flowers x 399 People crazy in love will do everything better if they can infuse their love into it.