7 Premium days7 Premium days

Detail tab: With this item you can add 7 days to your Premium time. When Premium is active, you will receive multiple benefits. As soon as your Premium time is over, the benefits will become inactive again until you add more Premium time.

+ 50% XP from adventures
+ 50% resources and buffs from adventures
+ 1 additional building queue slot
+ 10% buff time on friend zones
+ 1 additional daily quest per day

Objective: Home Island: Zone-wide buffs
Delete Item: No
Trade: No
Type: Instant Upgrade


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Black Market
13+ Gems x 12999 A supernatural general accompanied by two cunning explorers? What more could you want! And don’t forget the 30 days premium time.
Specialist Christmas Bundle
Christmas Event 2017
16+ Presents x 3333 With the Specialist Christmas Bundle, you’ll get 3 powerful specialists, many useful military buffs and a number of premium days.
Halloween Elite Pack
Halloween Event 2017
18+ Gems x 25999 A scarily magnificient bundle. An elite troop of generals with some equally elite housing.
Event limited bundle with an insane 50% discount! Get it now or fear the consequences! Muahahaha!
7 Premium days
1+ Gems x 800 With this item you can add 7 days to your Premium time. Active Premium Time gives you multiple benefits. These will be granted as soon as the item is used from the star menu.