Oil RefineryOil Refinery

Detail tab: Oil Refinery
Produces more oil by combining oil with additional resources.
To reposition buildings: Yes
Hitpoints: 500
Trade: No
Level: 0


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Anniversary Premium Bundle 1
Balloons x 5000
Oil x 250
Anniversary Event 2018
Gems x 14199 To celebrate the anniversary with all of you wonderful people, we put together a couple of premium bundles with some of the latest content, all wrapped up with an amazing discount on top. The all-new bundles will exclusively be available throughout the anniversary event.
Oil Refinery
Anniversary Event 2018
Gems x 10999 Your settlers have worked hard, and succeeded in understanding the process of refining oil, enabling several new options for its production. From now on, you’ll even be able to make oil out of fish! Can you imagine? The only thing you’ll need to start producing oil is a teensy-weensy single unit of oil itself. If you haven’t had access to oil yet, why not ask a friend or guild member, or go to the trade market? Now, everyone can produce oil!
Christmas Premium Bundle
Presents x 1000
Oil x 250
Christmas Event 2017
16+ Gems x 27299 The Christmas Premium Bundle contains highly valuable buildings, a ton of useful buffs, and a nice amount of event resources for you to spend!

Productivity Buffs — Oil Refinery

Delete Item Trade Buff Effect Duration Objective
No No Zone-wide buffs Zone-wide buffs