Wood Cutting GuideWood Cutting Guide

Detail tab: This guide will teach your settlers how to handle wood production more efficiently.

Zone Effect +200% output
Target Forester (Wood, Hardwood, Exotic Wood), Wood Cutter (Wood, Hardwood, Exotic Wood), Sawmill (Wood, Hardwood, Exotic Wood, Mahogany Wood), Exotic Wood Tree Nursery, Epic Woodyard (Pinewood Forester, Hardwood Forester, Sawmill, Hardwood Sawmill, Exotic Wood Sawmill)
Duration 4 hours (6 hours on friend/guild member)

Buff Effect: 300%
Duration: 4 h — User
6 h — Friends
Objective: Home Island: Buildings
Delete Item: Yes
Trade: Yes
Type: Zone-wide buffs

Reward — Miscellaneous

Short Letter (Excelsior) Short Letter (Excelsior) 1 16.66 %


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Celebratory Bundle
Add content to any deposit + 5000
Anniversary Event 2018
Gems x 14999 A bundle to celebrate the jubilee!
3x buildings, 3x specialists and over 50 buffs!
Worth more than 3 times its gem value!
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Small Celebratory Bundle
Anniversary Event 2018
Gems x 5999 A small but powerful time-limited bundle with a great discount, only available during the anniversary. Check out the cool content below!