Iron Swords Iron Swords

Detail tab: Iron Swords Iron Swords
Trade: Yes

Total production time

Iron x 2 + Coal x 8 Iron Swords x 1
12 m

Reward — The percentage of loss

The End Of The World 400 25 %
The End Of The World 400 25 %


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Limited Offers 21 + Gems x 295 Basic swords, the likes of which are generally handed out to militia in times of need. They can be efficiently wielded with little to no training.


Duration Cost Reward
Scaffold RodsIron rods from some old scaffolding. Given some treatment these rods could very well be used as weapons. They may not be very adequate for a real soldier but will surely come in handy.

Effect Use on Mayor 15 m Bronze Swords x 500 Iron Swords x 10