Bronze Swords Bronze Swords

Detail tab: Bronze Swords Bronze Swords
Trade: Yes

Total production time

Bronze x 1 + Coal x 2 Bronze Swords x 1
6 m


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Bronze Swords
Bronze Swords x 4000
Limited Offers
14+ Gems x 95 The perfect weapons for new recruits. While useful in combat, these swords are designed to help their wielders adjust to the weight of a blade before transitioning to more powerful ones.

Reward — Level

Level 15 Bronze Swords x 100 100 %


Duration Cost Reward
Ancient Brass Sword ReplicaThis sword should never be used in combat, but it makes a good ornament!

Use it on the mayor 5 m Bronze Swords x 100
Iron x 100
Ancient Brass Sword Replica x 1
Tundra MarchingEffect +500% recruitment speed
Target Combat Academy
Duration 4 hours 24 h Brew x 21000
Bronze Swords x 6500
Coins x 450
Tundra Marching x 1
Scaffold RodsIron rods from some old scaffolding. Given some treatment these rods could very well be used as weapons. They may not be very adequate for a real soldier but will surely come in handy.

Effect Use on Mayor 15 m Bronze Swords x 500 Iron Swords x 10
Bronze Sword ConversionConverts bronze swords into balloons. 1 m 40 s Bronze Swords x 80 Balloons x 20