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Detail tab: Effect +100% production speed
Target Bookbinder
Duration 24 hours
Duration: 24 h — User
1 d 12 h — Friends
Objective: Home Island: Buildings
Delete Item: No
Trade: Yes
Type: Productivity Buffs

Reward — The percentage of loss

Return to the Bandit's Nest 1 35 %
Tomb Raiders 1 32 %
The Whirlwind 1 32 %
Pirate Life 1 15 %

Reward — Miscellaneous


Available Level Cost Detail tab
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Black Market
15+ Gems x 145 Normally our settlers bind the books, but with this glue our settlers can create books twice as fast. However, keep in mind that your settlers only have a limited amount of time to use the glue after opening before it dries up!