Obsidian Ore Obsidian Ore

Detail tab: Obsidian Ore Obsidian Ore
Trade: No

Reward — The percentage of loss

The People of the Mountain 350 35 %
Mountain Labyrinth 300 35 %
The People of the Mountain 200 65 %
Mountain Labyrinth 180 65 %
Unknown Regions 165 100 %
At the Foot of the Mountain 150 100 %
A Giant Battle 1 100 %


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Nord Residence
Epic Items
Obsidian Ore x 3950 A classic residence of the nords.
Epic Items
Obsidian Ore x 5950 A smokery in the style of the Nords. Smokes fish to produce a tasty buff.
Epic Items
Obsidian Ore x 7950 Celebrate like the Nords. A festival hall to start various zone wide effects.
Epic Items
Obsidian Ore x 9950 Let your troops participate in harsh environmental training with the mountain clan.
Obsidian Horseshoes
Epic Items
26+ Obsidian Ore x 245 These horseshoes are made of dark glass, but they’re at least as hard as steel somehow! Have you ever seen anything like it?
I got these crates from a Nord merchant, but even she couldn’t explain where it came from.
Fruits of Hardship
Epic Items
65+ Obsidian Ore x 495 The experience of long, hard fights against the Jötnar will help your workers boost their productivity.