Obsidian Ore Obsidian Ore

Detail tab: Obsidian Ore Obsidian Ore
Trade: No

Reward — The percentage of loss

The People of the Mountain 350 35 %
Mountain Labyrinth 300 35 %
The People of the Mountain 200 65 %
Mountain Labyrinth 180 65 %
Unknown Regions 165 100 %
At the Foot of the Mountain 150 100 %
A Giant Battle 1 100 %


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Nord Residence
Epic Items
Obsidian Ore x 3950 A classic residence of the nords.
Epic Items
Obsidian Ore x 5950 A smokery in the style of the Nords. Smokes fish to produce a tasty buff.
Epic Items
Obsidian Ore x 7950 Celebrate like the Nords. A festival hall to start various zone wide effects.
Epic Items
Obsidian Ore x 9950 Let your troops participate in harsh environmental training with the mountain clan.
Oil Mill
Epic Items
Obsidian Ore x 24950 After years of research and refinement, finally a building has been invented that is capable of producing a wide range of oils for all needs — the Oil Mill! From oiling tools, weapons and oil stones, to improving the performance and longevity of machinery, the oil mill has every settler covered. And yes, it can even help with preparing food and feeding livestock! You’ve never seen horses with such soft fur…
Obsidian Horseshoes
Epic Items
26+ Obsidian Ore x 245 These horseshoes are made of dark glass, but they’re at least as hard as steel somehow! Have you ever seen anything like it?
I got these crates from a Nord merchant, but even she couldn’t explain where it came from.
Fruits of Hardship
Epic Items
65+ Obsidian Ore x 495 The experience of long, hard fights against the Jötnar will help your workers boost their productivity.