Weak Point PotionWeak Point Potion

Detail tab: This potion detects one randomly chosen unit type’s weak point and destroys it at the chosen camp.
Objective: Home Island: Buildings
Delete Item: No
Trade: No
Type: Instant Upgrade


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Anniversary Premium Bundle 2
Balloons x 5000
Anniversary Event 2018
Gems x 12399 To celebrate the anniversary with all of you wonderful people, we put together a couple of premium bundles with some of the latest content, all wrapped up with an amazing discount on top. The all-new bundles will exclusively be available throughout the anniversary event.
Venture Bundle II
Black Market
13+ Gems x 4999 This is the package for experienced adventurers that want to mentor others about to embark upon a great journey. After all this time, it might be nice just to listen to others who’ve explored unknown lands.
Black Market
13+ Gems x 195 Hire this assassin to remove a randomly chosen unit type from the camp completely.
Christmas Premium Bundle
Presents x 1000
Oil x 250
Christmas Event 2017
16+ Gems x 27299 The Christmas Premium Bundle contains highly valuable buildings, a ton of useful buffs, and a nice amount of event resources for you to spend!
Easter 2021 - Specialists Bundle
Easter Event 2018
7+ Gems x 5999 This is our springtime specialist bundle. Get it now and take advantage of some sweet premium time, along with 4 great specialists to make spring really special. This bundle is event-exclusive!
Epic Items
45+ Star Coins x 180 Hire this assassin to remove a randomly chosen unit type from the camp completely.
Military Bundle
Valentine’s Event 2019
13+ Gems x 18199 Your island’s foes never sleep, whether it’s Valentine’s or not. With this bundle, you can help reinforce your island’s defenses with a sizable military boost.