Add military units  - SoldierAdd military units — Soldier

Detail tab: Additional military units for adventures.
Target Garrison on an adventure island
Effect Assign military units to garrison
Attention Units will be hired for only one adventure and will not be transferred to your home zone after the adventure.
Objective: Adventure: Buildings
Delete Item: No
Trade: Yes
Type: Zone-wide buffs


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Mercenary Soldiers
Epic Items
45+ Star Coins x 1000 You do not have enough left units to complete the adventure in time? You want to have some units on stock for an emergency case but you have no free settlers left? These stalwart soldiers would love to enter your service. Against a certain payment, of course!
Mercenary Soldiers
Limited Offers
27+ Gems x 345 The frontlines can be such a busy place — good thing there are these supportive fellows. Alleviate a stressful workday by renting some helping iron-gloved hands.