Water MansionWater Mansion

Detail tab: Water Mansion
Increases the population limit.
+85 population. Upgrades will increase the population limit further.
To reposition buildings: Yes
Hitpoints: 1000
Trade: Yes
Level: 0
Level Building upgrades To reposition buildings Produces population.
Water Mansion Level 1 13 m 20 s Hardwood Planks x 300
Marble x 300
Water Mansion Level 2 24 h Tokens x 14 95
Water Mansion Level 3 2 d Tokens x 17 115
Water Mansion Level 4 3 d Tokens x 20 135


Available Level Cost Detail tab
All Round Package
Soccer 2018
16+ Soccer Balls x 11999 This well-rounded package gives you everything you could ever need right now!
Water Mansion
Valentine’s Event 2019
7+ Valentine Flowers x 2249 The snugly, but much fancier way to live the Settler life in peace and harmony.