Small River HouseSmall River House

Detail tab: Small River House
Increases the population limit.
+40 Population. Upgrades will increase the population limit further.
To reposition buildings: Yes
Hitpoints: 1000
Trade: Yes
Level: 0
Level Building upgrades To reposition buildings Produces population.
Small River House Level 1 10 m Hardwood Planks x 100
Marble x 100
Small River House Level 2 24 h Tokens x 11 50
Small River House Level 3 2 d Tokens x 14 60
Small River House Level 4 3 d Tokens x 17 70


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Grand All-in-One Package
Oil x 1000
Black Market
13+ Gems x 49999 This overwhelming, time-limited, luxurious package leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s everything you could ever want in one enormous bundle, with an incredible 66% new year’s discount! Get it while you still can!
3 powerful generals, 2 mighty explorers, 2 outstanding geologists, 2 endless mines, 3 special buildings, and so much more in this one bundle to rule them all!
Marvelous All-in-One Package
Oil x 500
Black Market
13+ Gems x 25999 This time-limited mega-bundle offers everything you need with an outstanding 66% new year’s discount! Get it while you can!
Includes Vargus, one of the best generals in the game, an endless iron mine, oil mill, adventure bookbinder and much more!
Small River House
Christmas Event 2017
13+ Presents x 495 Ever fancied living a secluded and peaceful life on the water, yet still being close to land? This small river house has got you covered! Although it might get cramped if you invite too many people…
Proof of Love
Valentine’s Event 2019
13+ Valentine Flowers x 16999 Sometimes even the friendliest, loveliest and most kindhearted of all Settlers gets forgotten, and doesn’t get the gift of a Valentine. So, this is your chance to get that Settler a real token of love. Who is that Setller, you ask?
Well, it’s you!
Get this event-exclusive bundle to prove your love to — ahem — yourself.
Large River House
Valentine’s Event 2019
7+ Valentine Flowers x 1495 An upgrade for those who love the river life, but aren’t quite so keen on standing shoulder to shoulder with everyone at dinner. The most snugly house that was ever built on water.
Water Mansion
Valentine’s Event 2019
7+ Valentine Flowers x 2249 The snugly, but much fancier way to live the Settler life in peace and harmony.