Mounted MarksmanMounted Marksman ()

Detail tabDetail tab: An elite unit specialized in fighting large groups of weak enemies. It attacks first, and can divide its high AD between multiple targets, although it does have low HP.
Cost Cost: Settlers x 1 Brew x 50 Arquebuse x 2 Battle Horse x 2
Damage Damage: 50 — 100
Hitpoints Hitpoints: 50
Accuracy% Accuracy: 90 %
Skills + Initiative Skills + Initiative: First strike — First strike
Splash damage — Splash damage


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Mercenary Mounted Marksmen
Limited Offers
56+ Gems x 899 While you watch these mounted marksman practice, you cannot help but wonder how well their horses must be trained to not shy from the loud noise. Indeed, as you watch on you confirm that that both riders and horses are at peak capacity.