BesiegerBesieger ()

Detail tabDetail tab: An expensive elite unit that attacks last, but with devastating effect. It has exceptional AD, which it can divide among multiple targets, and deals double damage when tearing a camp down. Its HP is mediocre, however.
Cost Cost: Settlers x 1 Brew x 50 Mortar x 1
Damage Damage: 100 – 200
Hitpoints Hitpoints: 80
Accuracy% Accuracy: 90 %
Skills + Initiative Skills + Initiative: Demolition – Demolition
Last strike – Last strike
Splash damage – Splash damage


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Limited Offers 57 + Gems x 999 Does your army need more offensive power? These besiegers’ mortars can demolish large targets or groups of enemies equally well. They are a little slow, however, so make sure to protect them until they are ready to fire.