Armored MarksmanArmored Marksman ()

Detail tabDetail tab: An expensive elite unit specialized for offense. It flanks units with the lowest HP, but its high AD makes it valuable against strong targets too. However, it does have low HP.
Cost Cost: Settlers x 1 Brew x 50 Arquebuse x 1 Platinum Sword x 1
Damage Damage: 100 — 200
Hitpoints Hitpoints: 50
Accuracy% Accuracy: 90 %
Skills + Initiative Skills + Initiative: Flanking — Flanking


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Mercenary Armored Marksmen
Limited Offers
56+ Gems x 999 These bold mercenaries brag about being adept both at taking out weak targets, and focusing down tough enemies. Will you contract them to see if they can back up their claims?