Grim Reaper GeneralGrim Reaper General

Detail tabDetail tab: A ghastly sight on any battlefield, this general finishes most tasks with a supernatural speed.
Move General is traveling: x 2
Army Army: 200
Damage Damage: 120 — 120
Hitpoints Hitpoints: 1
Accuracy% Accuracy: 80 %
Skills + Initiative Skills + Initiative: Is specialist — Is specialist
Garrison: Garrison


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Lord Dracul
Black Market
13+ Gems x 3499 The sinister nobleman introduces himself as Lord Dracul. Thirsty for… battle, he is willing to lead your troops. It seems he does not care for which side he fights; some pumpkins will be all it takes to bring him to you.
Grim Reaper General
Black Market
13+ Gems x 2499 It is Halloween and the Grim Reaper is visiting you. He wants to make an offer he will lead your army, and in turn only wants a few pumpkins… and your soul.