General Tremble BeardGeneral Tremble Beard

Detail tabDetail tab: Travels twice as quickly to adventures.
Recovers twice as quickly from defeat. Can lead 150 units.
Move General is traveling: x 2
Army Army: 160
Damage Damage: 375 — 425
Hitpoints Hitpoints: 1
Accuracy% Accuracy: 90 %
Skills + Initiative Skills + Initiative: Is specialist — Is specialist
First strike — First strike
Flanking — Flanking
Splash damage — Splash damage
Garrison General Tremble Beard: Garrison General Tremble Beard


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Anniversary Premium Bundle 2
Balloons x 5000
Anniversary Event 2018
Gems x 12399 To celebrate the anniversary with all of you wonderful people, we put together a couple of premium bundles with some of the latest content, all wrapped up with an amazing discount on top. The all-new bundles will exclusively be available throughout the anniversary event.
General Tremble Beard
Anniversary Event 2018
1+ Gems x 4599 As wise as his beard is long. He’s never been the bravest or strongest among the ranks of the generals, but makes up for it with his extraordinary sageness.
Military Bundle
Valentine’s Event 2019
13+ Gems x 18199 Your island’s foes never sleep, whether it’s Valentine’s or not. With this bundle, you can help reinforce your island’s defenses with a sizable military boost.