General Mary ChristmasGeneral Mary Christmas

Detail tabDetail tab: The tales of Santa’s wife, Mary’s kindness are not exaggerated — she donates an extra point of XP for every one she earns.
Move General is traveling: x 2
Army Army: 200
Damage Damage: 125 — 250
Hitpoints Hitpoints: 100
Accuracy% Accuracy: 80 %
Skills + Initiative Skills + Initiative: Is specialist — Is specialist
Platinum Horseshoes
Platinum Horseshoes — Zone effect +20% movement speed
Target Generals on an adventure
Duration 4 hours
Note This buff affects only a single adventure.
Mary’s Garrison: Mary


Available Level Cost Detail tab
General Mary Christmas
Christmas Event 2017
13+ Presents x 995 Mary, Santa’s wife, has grown bored of sitting around at the North Pole all year. She promises to bake you some cookies if you let her beat up some bad guys.