Champion AnslemChampion Anslem

Detail tabDetail tab: A monk from the land of Anteria. His lightning magic blinds his opponents, reducing their accuracy.
Move General is traveling: x 2
Army Army: 150
Damage Damage: 1000 — 1500
Hitpoints Hitpoints: 150
Accuracy% Accuracy: 50 %
Skills + Initiative Skills + Initiative: Is specialist — Is specialist
Splash damage — Splash damage
Flanking — Flanking
Dazzle — Reduces the accuracy of enemy units to 0%.
Garrison Champion Anslem: Garrison Champion Anslem


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Champion Anslem
Black Market
13+ Gems x 6999 An auspicious champion from the Lands of Anteria. Former member of the Frostbeard Tribes.
Proof of Love
Valentine’s Event 2019
13+ Gems x 8099 Sometimes even the friendliest, loveliest and most kindhearted of all Settlers gets forgotten, and doesn’t get the gift of a Valentine. So, this is your chance to get that Settler a real token of love. Who is that Setller, you ask?
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