Diligent GeologistDiligent Geologist

Detail tabDetail tab: Needs 6 times as long for most searches, but has a chance to find two great treasures along the way.
Any deposits found are 50% bigger on most searches.

Chance to find a bonus on search

Marble 25%
Iron 35%
Coal 50%
Gold Ore 50%
Titanium 75%
Saltpetre 75%
Granite 75%

If treasure is found, there’ll always be two minerals in it.

Move General is traveling: x 1
Skills + Initiative Skills + Initiative: Is specialist — Is specialist


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Anniversary Premium Bundle 1
Balloons x 5000
Oil x 250
Anniversary Event 2018
Gems x 14199 To celebrate the anniversary with all of you wonderful people, we put together a couple of premium bundles with some of the latest content, all wrapped up with an amazing discount on top. The all-new bundles will exclusively be available throughout the anniversary event.
Diligent Geologist
Anniversary Event 2018
1+ Gems x 1599 Carefully looking in every nook and cranny, the Diligent Geologist can find even the best-hidden treasures. Her passion began as a child when she accompanied her father on treasure hunts at the beach. She sure takes her time though, and enjoys the search more than her findings. She still remembers her father saying «If you’re lucky once, you’re always lucky twice».
Oil x 250
Valentine’s Event 2019
13+ Valentine Flowers x 3499 Explorers and geologists don’t always see eye to eye, but some do have the endearing custom of coming together for some well spent quality time during Valentine’s. At least, those who don’t already have a significant other to bewitch…