Elastic Spring Elastic Spring

Detail tab: Elastic Spring Elastic Spring
Trade: Yes


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Elastic Spring x 10
Soccer 2018
1+ Gems x 10 Feeling underprepared for your tournament game? Use these resources to produce the missing tactical items.

Reward — Miscellaneous


Duration Cost Reward
HeaderA well-placed and powerful header can overcome even the tallest goalkeeper or defender.

Efficient against
1. High jumper
2. Zone Defense

Should an opposing player have several skills a tactical item can be used against, they will be countered in the order shown above. 3 m Helmet x 7
Elastic Spring x 4
Header x 1
UnknownUnknown Twister x 6
Elastic Spring x 9
Bicycle Kick x 1
UnknownUnknown Helmet x 7
Elastic Spring x 4
Header x 1