Food Cart Food Cart

Detail tab: Food Cart Food Cart
Trade: Yes

Reward — Miscellaneous


Duration Cost Reward
Harvest RitualEffect +300% output
Target Farm, Improved Farm, Silo, Improved Silo
Duration 12 hours (18 hours on friend/guild member) 10 m Herbs x 20
Food Cart x 12
Harvest Ritual x 1
Drill Sergeant SkunkTeeen-hut!! Drill Sergeant Skunk really knows how to push the recruits.

Effect +200% recruitment speed
Target Barracks, Elite Barracks
Duration 12 hours 20 m Scarecrow x 25
Food Cart x 6
Kettle x 6
Banner x 15
Drill Sergeant Skunk x 1
A Sip from the KettleThese legendary feasts gather new settlers from the farthest corners of the region.

Effect +200% population growth
Target Mayor 30 m Scarecrow x 15
Food Cart x 10
Kettle x 14
Banner x 8
A Sip from the Kettle x 1
Potion of Endless EnergyEffect +200% output
Target Workyard
Duration 12 hours (18 hours on friend/guild member) 30 m Herbs x 40
Scarecrow x 10
Food Cart x 12
Bronze Cauldron x 6
Potion of Endless Energy x 1