Detail tab: Sickbay
By using a decades-old recovered recipe, you can now make medipacks!
To reposition buildings: Yes
Hitpoints: 1000
Trade: No
Size: 1 x 1
Level: 0


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Old Era Bundle
Anniversary Event 2018
Gems x 8499 Recently, one of your settlers found some dusty old blueprints in his attic. These buildings look intriguingly familiar, don’t they?

With this awesome bundle you’ll get all 3 of them at once.

Anniversary Event 2018
Gems x 2199 Sometimes, the old recipes outshine the new ones. By mixing and preparing some basic materials, and adding a little extra sauce, you can create something truly special. No-one even thought it was possible, but now medipacks can be produced just like in the old days.

Productivity Buffs — Sickbay

Delete Item Trade Buff Effect Duration Objective
No No Zone-wide buffs Zone-wide buffs