Fairy FireFairy Fire

Detail tab: Zone effect Highlights all collectibles on your home island with blue arrows
Duration 5 minutes.
Duration: 5 m — User
Objective: Home Island: Zone-wide buffs
Delete Item: No
Trade: Yes
Type: Zone-wide buffs

Reward — Achievements


Available Level Cost Detail tab
Celebratory Bundle
Add content to any deposit + 5000
Anniversary Event 2018
Gems x 14999 A bundle to celebrate the jubilee!
3x buildings, 3x specialists and over 50 buffs!
Worth more than 3 times its gem value!
Don’t miss out on this amazing time-limited offer!
Joyous Bundle
Add content to any deposit + 5000
Black Market
Gems x 3999 A must-have for every settler. Worth 3 times its gem value!
Check out the glorious content!
Fairy Fire
Black Market
16+ Gems x 9 If you have trouble finding that elusive rare collectible that keeps popping-up on your island, some magical creatures can help make things easier.
Delicious Treat
Add content to any deposit + 5000
Iron x 1000
Saltpeter x 1000
Titanium x 1000
Granite x 1000
Grout x 1000
Halloween Event 2017
13+ Gems x 7999 Treat yourself with this delicious little package to make your settling life a bit easier. It won’t hurt if you spoil yourself a little bit with this tasty, time-limited delicacy.
Where else do you get a delicacy that costs 3x less than the ingredients normally would? Yum!